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Have you ever been bothered about what topics you’re talking about on a date, or are you afraid that dating isn’t attractive enough for girls, and today’s super-practical dating opening line is always the time you need?

These opening statements are especially suitable for boys who don’t have dating experience, and if you feel you can’t hold the dating atmosphere, these dating topics may help you. So in the first meeting with girls, two people are not very understanding, do not know each other’s hobbies, then how to drive the atmosphere, so that dating will not be awkward cold?

For the following topics, please take notes.

1 “Today’s weather is perfect for a walk”

If you’re dating, you’re still asking girls, “What do you want to eat,” “What do you usually like to eat” and so on, these boring openings, it’s definitely boring. It’s better to start with the girls about the recent weather conditions and you’ll find that it can lead to a deeper discussion between you.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-let you easily deal with the four opening points of your date”

If the weather happens to be fine today, then you can invite each other “It’s a nice day today, we have a good meal just around, just as I know there is a square we can go there.” “Naturally say your appointment arrangements and ask for advice.

2 “Which constellation are you from”

Constellations are always a topic of dating because girls are interested in what they can find out about. If the other side is exactly a girl who loves to see constellations, then you can chat smoothly while understanding each other’s character, if the other side usually does not like to see constellations, may know nothing about constellations, then this is your opportunity, enthusiastic introduction to her, constellation-related knowledge, show your rich experience, but also show their own oral skills, two in one go. 

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-let you easily deal with the four opening points of your date”

3 “Have you seen the latest movie”

Try to avoid boring and serious topics. You can talk about the latest movie, you can say which star you like, which movie you like. Of course, you can’t just talk to yourself, but ask her what she thinks of these films. At this time, you can talk about the previous classic movies, so it is easy to say that you all like the movies, so that you have found a common interest.

If you’re talking about a movie she hasn’t seen, you can introduce the film’s merits and then invite her to a private theatre so you can make a romantic date.

4 “Where do you work”

If the previous relaxed topic has made the atmosphere between you more relaxed, familiar, then you can properly ask the other person’s work situation, care about the other side. However, avoid mentioning each other’s wages and treatment at the beginning of the topic, so that the other side is easy to be wary and misunderstood. Take a look at his or her work environment, place, occupation, and so on.

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