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For the first date of two people is a very important topic, the previous first date skills are best mastered, as long as two people chat will not be embarrassed.In fact, sometimes many people are very nervous about the first date, this is also a normal phenomenon because do not know each other do not know how to chat with each other, always afraid to say the wrong thing, sometimes the more afraid things will happen, so when they want to long, often say the wrong thing, This time it is best to imagine before the date and the other person to meet what to say, in fact, chat when it is best not to talk about his topic, such as the other’s predecessor, this is the two people on the date when the most taboo point because there are many people break up because of some things, these things must be bad, so the date when the last mention of the predecessor.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-humorous topic of first date”

First, first date tips

1, two people dating, do not know what to talk about, can chat about each other’s brothers and sisters, can let him rank first at home, or ask each other and which brothers and sisters of the best relationship, so that the other side may take the initiative to chat with themselves, sometimes the other side will put down all their very private things to tell you.

2, if this month like to travel, this time you can talk about some of their travel experience, I just say that I want to travel somewhere, if the other side wants a better place to travel, this time he will share with you, while two people exchange some of their own feelings about which place. 

3, sometimes girls are more interested in food, so this time you can chat about some of the more special food you have eaten, and students can also pay attention to each other, like those things, the next date you can adjust the other person’s favourite food points so that the other side will think you are a more caring person.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-humorous topic of first date”

Second, the humorous topic of the first date

1, two people on the first date can chat about some of the topics that are more interested in each other, as long as two people chat will not be very awkward, if two people are talking about the topic of interest, is this time can add some humorous statements, which also shows that there is a fate between two people, but the topic between two people so many things, there will be no embarrassing scene.

2, you can chat with each other about their childhood anecdotes, generally tell their childhood anecdotes when they always give people a sense of humour, childhood things are generally more fun, as long as two people dating atmosphere should be more active.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-humorous topic of first date”


For two people on a first date, be sure to master some tricks

Two people dating is the first time words or two people have no experience, then this time need to find some topics to chat, these topics are more important, so there is a first date skill, when mastering the first date skills, two people chat, there will be no awkward scenes, in fact, sometimes two people chat, generally choose in restaurants or cafes and other places, in these places will encounter food, so you can talk about some of the food they have eaten, Some of their own views on food can be shared, the same person will express some of their views on food when two people share this food knowledge, the atmosphere will not be so awkward, in the process of chatting, they can also humour, which can increase the atmosphere of two people chat.

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