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We are now looking for a lover, love is not like the parents of the generation of people, now is the era of free love, whether men or women have the right to pursue their own happiness, the pursuit of their favourite people.
Now the girl’s view of love is also harsher, too “honest” men, not very popular with girls, especially when the first meeting, your opening statement is particularly important, if you make a mouth to let the girl think you are a boring person, then she will not want to know you.
So what kind of opening statement will make girls feel about you? Boys learn this!

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-boys use these opening lines when they’re dating”
I feel you are very special
When you say to a girl, “I feel you are very special” this sentence, let the girl feel in your heart, she and other girls are not the same, let the woman think you are more concerned about her, will be so serious observation of her.
She’s going to ask you, what’s so special about it?
This time you can praise her, say her good words, say she is beautiful, temperament and so on.
So you can have a good exchange.
I dreamed of you last night because I miss you so much
When you say to the girl “because I miss you too much, I dreamed of you last night”, this sentence, the girl will be touched in the heart, she will feel that this man misses her all the time, even the dream is her, she will have a kind of inexplicable good feeling for you.
She’ll wonder what she’s like in your dream. Want to know the details of the dream, will provoke her curiosity, this time you can use this dream to start your next conversation. She will also be interested in this chat, I hope you have a good chat!

3. Very earthy words, or small jokes
The love of soiling scum! It’s obviously some old-fashioned love words that make people sound meaty and bored.
Some people think that saying such a thing seems too earthy, will make girls feel that they are a good old-timer, in fact, otherwise, such local words, small jokes will make her think you are a sense of humour, in fact, girls also want to hear some such local words.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-boys use these opening lines when they’re dating”
4.XX Street opened a new dessert shop, the taste is particularly good, I’ll take you there
Most girls can’t refuse dessert, they like to eat sweet things. If you tell her where she likes dessert, take her and make her think you care about her and think about yourself all the time.
That said, she will naturally be interested in you and want to continue to communicate with you. You can get to know each other better and communicate better.
Small catalogue: in communication with women, the first impression is very important, you say the first sentence is also particularly important, so the girl’s opening statement must be interesting, let her interested.

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