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Let’s talk about the golden rules you need to master when dating.

1 first date

An initial date is the first time the two parties meet, often on the Internet or dating the opposite sex.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-before a date, read the rules”

Generally speaking, this time the two sides have more or less chatted about the day, have a preliminary impression of each other, can come out to meet also shows that there is a willingness to explore the possibility of further development.

But a lot of times before the first meeting, our impression of each other only stays on the network, a reality compared to, there will be a variety of problems.

For example, some people’s photos are much better than my own, or another performance value is very high, but a meeting found that the gap is very large.

For example, some people are more sultry, chat on the network is quiet at home, a variety of value display is still in place, but a meeting on all kinds of restraints can not be opened, dating experience is very poor. And then caused all kinds of light death.

In general, the central purpose of a first date is to create a sense of security, then to create a realistic initial attraction and to lay the stage for subsequent chats.

Dating compared to online chat, every word of every action does not have much time to think, more test of the individual’s ability to adapt.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-before a date, read the rules”

There are a few nodes that are more important for an initial appointment:

1. At first sight: According to the first-factor effect, the first meeting largely determines the other person’s impression.

The first time we met the two sides will be somewhat nervous, this time can break the deadlock of the people, in this relationship is in the upper hand.

Therefore, it is necessary to guide the other party to establish a sense of familiarity and be generous. You can make fun of each other and talk about some of your previous topics.

Think of each other like an old friend who has known each other for many years, this natural state is easy to infect the other side, forming a good atmosphere of communication, on the one hand, can also leave a good impression on the other side.

“How long should you talk to someone before dating—-before a date, read the rules”

2. Activities: General dating will have specific activity items as support, such as eating, such as watching movies.

Specifically deep into this activity, try to enjoy the activity, do not show too strong purpose, the first chat is not recommended to talk about some particularly in-depth topics (except in particularly good circumstances).

Chat as far as possible or objective environment-oriented, joking. The cost of another date is calculated in terms of the head of a boy and a small head of a girl.

For example, if the other party invites you to the movies, you can invite him to eat popcorn, he invites you to dinner, you invite him to have a drink.

If there is only a single fee, suggest and the other side to mention, or we AA bar, if the other side refused, also do not have to insist.

3. End: If you feel good about the other person and have the will to continue to develop, the other person offered to send you home, don’t refuse.

Thank you and then send a message to the other person after you get home for a while, remember not to show too much of your sense of need (don’t talk too passionately) and lose your attraction.

But if you have no good feelings for the other side, do not want to continue to develop, do not let the other side send you home, find a reason to withdraw, so as not to misunderstanding each other.

2 Subsequent appointments

As the number of appointments increases, you can start trying to learn more during subsequent appointments.

At this time the topic can slowly deepen, you can tell their own experience or ask some questions to guide the other side to speak, to judge the fit between the two sides on the three views.

During subsequent appointments, some experienced boys will also start trying to make physical contact.

This time as long as the other side does not go too far also does not need to escape, naturally, a little acceptance is good.

Some boys are more wooden, you can even take the initiative to try to do some physical touch.

For example, when chatting in a high mood patting each other, walking side by side to each other, and pretend that nothing happened, so that the other side to guess your true thoughts, it is easy to form an attraction.

Another important point of follow-up dating is to build a constant attraction, some people in the first two dates are more attention, but once familiar with the original.

In the process of contact began a variety of non-attention, so that the originally established image discount, so that the relationship is diluted.

Therefore, we also do not recommend that at the first date to show all their value, can be followed by gradually revealed, thus forming a continuous attraction. 

3 group dates

Compared to individual dating, group dating refers to a party with a target in a multi-person environment, with more or fewer friends and even relatives present.

In this case, they are not only participants in the activity, but also judges of your relationship.

Also, the integration of the circle of friends plays a vital role in a healthy long-term relationship, so you must take care of everyone during the dating process and try to make a good impression on everyone.

In this case, avoid the purpose is too strong, do not target everything to each other, as long as the performance is a little closer than ordinary friends. The course of the event as natural as possible, enjoy the activity itself, polite and generous. 

Appointment Summary:

1. Control the frequency of appointments, do not promise the next time, before the appointment must dress up more themselves, to maintain good condition. 2. The keyword that women follow in dating is “guidance”. Want to let the other person say anything, want the other side to do anything, do not take the initiative to pick and break, through language or action to guide the other side to guess your intentions.

3. When buying the order to control the proportion of both sides, let the other side occupy the majority, but also do not say anything, try to control in the three or seven proportions or so.

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