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Many people think that boys are visual animals, as long as they look good they like, in fact, wrong, boys really do not think so superficial, good-looking is a short time to attract boys right. Good-looking appearance may be a plus, but boys in the feelings of the most attention are actually two words: comfortable.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–what qualities attract boys most to girls?”

And you exchange comfortable, and you get along comfortably, after all, boys than girls a lot of reason, in the girl for the emotional head, they will only think, if you want to live with this person for a lifetime, I can always live comfortably?

So a lot of girls feel that boys carry points inexplicably, it is only because they feel uncomfortable with you together, think of with you together for a lifetime, to often quarrel, to coax you all the time, to lose your freedom completely, to be scared every day and so on, think about the fear of death, not hasten to break up to save your life? 

Therefore, to attract boys for a long time, the most important thing must be to make them feel comfortable, and let boys feel comfortable in the quality, there are the following:

1. Emotional stability

If asking me what value is most important to girls, my answer must be emotional stability.

In the final analysis, emotional instability is in fact not satisfied with the status quo but there is no way to solve it, the whole person lives is particularly sober, and the emotional stability of the girl, clearly know what they want, know how to get what they want, live sober and restrained, and emotional stability of the girl to get along, there will be a feeling like the spring breeze.

Imagine if you had an emotionally unstable person around you, who would be particularly happy, who would suddenly fall, and who would not know where to make her angry, would you feel comfortable?

It’s not just boys, anyone doesn’t want to spend long periods of time with people who are emotionally unstable because it affects their consumption.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–what qualities attract boys most to girls?”

The so-called emotional stability is not to say that will not be happy will not be sad will not be angry, but know how to restrain their emotions, happy time do not let themselves into a beautiful fantasy, sad time will not say extreme words to do extreme things, angry time will not let themselves out of control irrational.

Emotionally stable girls tend to be better valued, easier to communicate with each other, can be said to be the first choice of male mates.

2. Independent ideas

The so-called independent idea is not to love as the whole of life, life has a certain goal, and strive for it.

Some girls say that they can’t find a boyfriend while living every day, work perfunctory, start eating and sleeping at home to play games, do not want to promote themselves, do not know what to do in the future, but also famous for living in the now, fantasy fate to nature will have a geese hero with colourful clouds to marry themselves.

Excuse me, would you like a boy who is as murky as himself and has no idea and no goal to mix with every day? If the answer is no, I’ll tell you, boys think the same way.

There are some girls, single when very independent and very thoughtful, love is like a completely changed person, they want to do things do not do, friends are not about, work also has no ambition, every day the mind is what boyfriend is doing today? Did he miss me? You’re not going to talk to any other girls, are you? Over time, the charm of the original big will also be eliminated.

Men are strong again, the essence is female nurturing, so what they need in their bones is not a person who depends on themselves in every way, but will appreciate those who are truly independent, intelligent, thoughtful girls.

3. Self-esteem and self-love

This is definitely not female virtue education, because I said self-esteem self-love, not to let girls must hold, to sexual repression, but the true sense of respect for themselves, love themselves.

First of all, in their own pay, absolutely can not be stingy, in their own ability range, try to choose relatively good for themselves, give themselves a higher quality of life, not to spread waste, but to say not to feel that they are only worth the cheap money.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–what qualities attract boys most to girls?”

Second, in the spirit, to constantly fill themselves, and then tell yourself that you deserve everything good, worth meeting good enough people, this is not chicken soup, not like some girls to brainwash themselves, feel that they are particularly precious especially high, provided that you are really precious, really worth it.

In addition to materially do not be too wronged themselves, more important is to constantly improve they’re own inner, read more, more to broaden their horizons, more to learn new things, and strive to make money, rather than make a mess of their own lives.

Self-esteem is to love yourself as a princess, but only if you have those qualities that the princess has.

A very simple sentence, lovers must first love themselves, if you do not respect love yourself, and how to guide others to respect and love you? People are guided, only self-respecting girls can let boys unconsciously give respect and love, just like the same items, you throw it away at will, others will think it is garbage, but if you treat it as a treasure good collection, others will naturally subconsciously feel it is valuable.

4. High emotional security

All relationships require emotional security, and relationships between men and women are a form of relationship.

The so-called high emotional security, in fact, is to communicate, know how to make both people happy.

For example, when two people angry in conflict, emotional security is not high enough girls will only vent their emotions, want to prevail, may let the boys bow their heads for a while, the surface looks like girls won, but in fact let two people are not happy.

Otherwise, you ask yourself, every quarrel won, the boy bowed his head, you really feel happy and comfortable? Solving the problem in this way will only create an estrangement between two people, whoever wins will not be happy.

And what do girls with high emotional security do? They will certainly not occupy a momentary upper hand, if it is their own fault, on a petite service soft, boys will not be angry again on the line, if it is the other side’s fault, will certainly not let go, there is no perfect person in the world, is that people will make mistakes, the important thing is not to vent their emotions, but to communicate well, to solve the problem.

Boys and girls are the same, their attitude is determined by the attitude of the other side, you speak well and communicate well, the other side can naturally and you solve the problem rationally, the problem is resolved peacefully, to really make both people comfortable.

Emotional information high girls know how to use the most comfortable way to solve the problem, do not let boys emotional head so that boys feel with her not too much mood swings, very comfortable, naturally reluctant to leave.

In general, girls want to rely on, and boys want is a comrade-in-arms, they want two people in an equal position, equal strength, mutual understanding, can be together to enjoy the moon, can also fight side by side, but also temporarily separate independent walk.

Dependence, bondage, change are their exclusion, can let them comfortably do their own, and in the feelings of pleasure, is what boys really want.

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