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What traits do women have that make men more like them?

The answer is: not to be recessive.

Because the human heart will be unable to get things, full of control and possession.

What is unconcerned?

Refers to the male and female in the process of communication, can not be easily dominated by the other side, access to, possession of a characteristic.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–such a woman, the more men chase more like”

That is to say, you are not on his call, not by his complete control of the eating order, nor is he want you to do what you immediately honestly do, because everyone, will only cherish his hard-won things, including people.

Men are born with a desire to conquer, and the harder they are to handle, the more fascinated they become. And attractive women must have a certain “unavailable nature”. 

The unstable sex on the one hand can fully mobilize the man’s curiosity and conquering desire for women, on the other hand, it also means that women are rare.

Rarely means persistence and loyalty, and this quality is the key to triggering a man’s long-term choice of mate.

Such unstoppable nature is a woman’s nature, but also to attract men’s quality.

So how do you ensure your “unstoppableness” in a long-term relationship?

First, the pursuit of the stage: don’t let him catch up too quickly.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–such a woman, the more men chase more like”


The rhythm of love, that is, the process of seduction-rejection-approaching. Less pushing and rejecting the process, men will be less conquering, you will also lack attraction and charm.

Therefore, men in the pursuit, to the other side to pursue you a little more difficult, let him increase your emotional pay, will let the other side think you are interesting, more heart to you.

It’s like playing a game, if it’s easy to clear customs, you’ll still love the game?

This time there will be little girl worried, I increase the difficulty of the other side quickly gave up how to do?

You know, if a man chases you for days, ten days to give up, that really loves you? Even if you roar away he won’t prolong your long-term relationship.

So, you can occasionally release your progress bar during this time, but don’t let men catch up with you too soon. If there is no pursuit of the process, men will feel that they have not paid any sunk costs.

Here you can master the “368 Principles”:

1 After three months of understanding, the relationship is formally established;

2 To know for six months, that is, to determine the relationship after three months, before you can go to bed to have a relationship;

3 Recognize for eight months, two months after the relationship, and then start to stop stocking heterosexual resources.

You know, scum men have one commonality, that is, no patience, can’t afford the time.

The simplest test for identifying whether a man wants to cheat a gun is time. The scum man can’t afford the time, and the cost of time is too valuable for them because he can get to know a lot of girls during this time.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–such a woman, the more men chase more like”

Second, ambiguous stage: three push and one pull, increase uncertainty

Three push and one pull, also known as three steps and one look back.

That is every three times to let the other person have control of your feelings, there is a time to let the other side feel that you can always get rid of the other side’s feelings of control. Let him produce a kind of: you seem to like him, but can not be completely sure of the repeated thinking doubt, in the get and can not get the uncertainty of “suffering.” ”

For example, you can subjectively express your feelings and interests in men through language, such as praising men, expressing appreciation, releasing sweetness, satisfying men’s sense of accomplishment and vanity, but occasionally using behaviour to distance them.

Like what:

1. Call, you don’t necessarily answer every time

You won’t explain why you didn’t reply to his message in time

He asks you out, you don’t necessarily have time

You have many friends of the opposite sex besides him

Often a lot of men are in this “she seems to like me, but not completely sure” process of continuous emotional input, more and more deeply…

Especially when the other person feels a trace of your good feelings, found that you or the heart, are not completely in him. To him, you have unconscionability.

One more thing to note: Never let the other person think you’ve identified him as your boyfriend.

In this way, he will only enjoy the right to be a boyfriend, and will not fulfill his obligations as a boyfriend.

You need to let him know that if he doesn’t treat you as a girlfriend you can terminate his treatment at any time.

Only when you are not in demand, he does not pay you do not give him back, he will consider whether to be nice to you.

Only if you make him think that if he doesn’t be your boyfriend, someone else might be your boyfriend, he can promise you.

Increase the unstoppability, give the other person a sense of urgency, and let him re-examine your values.

Third, the stage of love and marriage: based on a man’s dependence on you, away from his favourite type, increase accountability

Women often lose self-awareness after falling in love, give up their circles, and wait for men to call every day. Men tend to be enthusiastic at the beginning and slowly cool after getting it.

You become more and more dependent, he is more and more into-free, so you have a poor psychological position. Men will also feel that they have eaten you.

How to reverse it?

1. Get out of the type that a man likes and make him fall in love with you again.

A man who likes a certain type of woman again will one day get tired of it. You know, men will always have an uninterrupted pursuit of freshness, when men like the type of woman unchanged, but want to pursue freshness, what will be done? If you don’t change the type, you’ll change people.

So the core of twisting is to keep him falling in love with you again, you have to change, you have to have uncontestedness, which is why I say women are like a book.

When a man doesn’t know where the story is going, he keeps curious about you and flips through it every day, and you become a woman he can’t control.

He’s not a necessity for you.

For example, the toilet at home is broken, you call your boyfriend, and he says something’s wrong and he can’t come. So you start to get angry, even angry, and finally, a quarrel ends.

What is the best solution for such a time?

You call your boyfriend first, and if he says he’s not available, you can call the other boys for help.

That is, when you are in trouble, the first thing that comes to mind is to ask him for help, because he is a boyfriend, but if your help is not reached here, there are other ways to do it.

He refused that you could ask someone else for help, and he would think:

“So you can do it without me.” You’re still independent, he’s still at risk of being dumped, you value him, you need him, but it’s not just him, he’s not a necessity for you. ”

So, at any time, don’t be too identified as a certain boy. When the boy finds out that you are completely identified with him, his desire to conquer will be greatly reduced.

It’s not about asking you to have a lot of spare tires, it’s about you being yourself at all times, not his accessories. In fact, even if entered into a marriage, one can not fully identify a person.

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