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1. Meet the heart should take the initiative.

2. Boys don’t take the initiative and don’t necessarily dislike you.

After reading the answer, I think you can put your heart down first, right? But you may be wondering since he likes why he doesn’t take the initiative? How am I going to take the initiative?

To give you more confidence and motivation to take the initiative, I think it’s easier and rougher to start with the second answer.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–should girls take the initiative in love? If a boy doesn’t take the initiative, does it mean he doesn’t like you?”

A. Why didn’t he take the initiative?

Before there has been a very hot word: only scum men will sweet tongue slip you, really good men mostly need you to take the initiative to come. I think this sentence is very straight-talking, but the truth is full.

We consider in two aspects, first of all, if this boy is really very good, Yan ZhengdoKin is still up, then you think that by his attraction, he also needs to take the initiative to go close to the girl? He just needs to pick and choose between them. And the other aspect is that if this boy love experience is very little, around the female friends are also less, contact channels are less, such boys although enough security, but this environment determines his lack of experience with girls, not to mention sister-in-law, may even talk to girls will sweat, such boys you still hope he will take the initiative to approach girls?

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–should girls take the initiative in love? If a boy doesn’t take the initiative, does it mean he doesn’t like you?”

We often say that boys are more rational than girls, one of the great manifestations is that boys will fully manage costs before making choices.

A good boy we imagine, the minimum requirement is that he has high-hearted, has a stable job, knows how to care for his family, these conditions are not excessive? Most boys with such conditions are more sensible, and they may find it more attractive to work and try to add value to themselves than to fall in love.

Especially in these first-tier cities, where the pressure of work is beyond imagination, recreational activities are just as rich as you don’t believe. Working days overtime into the night, the rest of the day or about three or five friends play the game duel to dawn or play after the sea three Litton, if a little health you can also read books at home to cook, the time has a variety of options crowded, in contrast, love does not seem to be a necessary option.

Now back to the subject: Wouldn’t he take the initiative if he didn’t like it? No! Only when he feels hope is hope will he not take the initiative! We have done a very interesting survey, found that many boys are not as many girls imagine, as long as girls look good on the rush up. For more boys, their primary concern is not attraction, but access, that is, before the active pursuit of the girl will be assessed whether it will be difficult to catch up, if found that they do not have much hope of success, they would rather choose to give up, they will fully consider the active pursuit of the cost and opportunity costs.

To put it simply and forthrightly: Since my success rate is so low, why should I put so much thought into you, I might as well put into the work, into the value-added themselves, into entertainment?

Now the emotional public number is also used to selling anxiety, you have no car, no house monthly salary of 35, 000, can you still afford to fall in love? Although there is no material basis for love like a dish of loose sand, from the data, most people do not have material to this extent? Willing to accompany you step by step footprints from the start of the people still have ah! It’s just a pity that most of the boys have been snared by these public numbers, and don’t say they can take the initiative against the girls they like, and they may even have a little inferiority.

B. How to take the initiative

One big direction is: I’m special to you!

Girls have always been the stubborn side, want them to suddenly take the initiative not only their own will not be used to, and boys will feel very strange, since this, the girl will have to change direction, let boys know you are not the same to him and others, you would like to get the attention of this boy.

1. I can pick up your chat

Boys straight to the way of thinking are really difficult to chat well, although you said cold jokes I have heard, you said the horror story I have heard three years old, you tell me the topic each is boring to no, but I can still catch your chat, let the boys themselves feel as if they say good look, then you have successfully broken through. Boys in the chat this aspect really do not like to move the brain, before meeting you, he may have been already sealed by the girl chat king’s title, he himself may have eaten a lot of girls behind closed doors.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–should girls take the initiative in love? If a boy doesn’t take the initiative, does it mean he doesn’t like you?”

But you’re not the same, you can take it, you can talk to him for a long time, then the boys will start to think you’re a little different from the other girls, and he’ll think, “Yeah?” It’s like talking to this girl in a special game! “You’ve made a different impression on him than any other girl, you’ve given him the pleasure of chatting again, and you’ve given him confidence that he’ll be more willing to come to you.”

2. You are also willing to share your daily routine with him

Small to usually meet interesting things, big to the office or honey all kinds of gossip. Sharing some interesting things is to make boys feel like you’re remembering him in your day-to-day life, and sharing gossip and other more private questions is about making boys feel the trust you have in him.

Over time, boys will have this responsibility to resolve bad emotions for you or share your happiness, when boys are also used to chatting with you, they will slowly imitate you, and you say some things about their own encounters, you will also find that this boy is not actually as boring as you think, once two people chat can open their hearts, then boys will also indulge in getting along with you.


3. Always free for him

Maybe you’re a busy person in the eyes of others, and sometimes even the information doesn’t have to come back. But you’ll take his offer very seriously, and while you can’t say you can do it every time, you can have a legitimate reason when you reject him, not the unimportant reasons why you don’t want to wash your hair and don’t want to match your clothes. In this case, even if he has not been asked to succeed, he will feel that your heart is attached to him. Chat is the same reason, although not every second back, at least you will return to him, and you are serious about his message and reply, but also explained to him why then he will not feel that his message is in vain.

Appropriate expression of access

It seems a little difficult for a girl to say “I like you” on her own initiative. Then we will change the way: in fact, my ideal object is like you!

You’ve been with him for so long, how can you find some of his places of particularly high sensitivity? Lighter you can express admiration or admiration for him, and a little more important you can tell him directly that you especially hope that future objects will be like him.

It’s easy to tell the success rate of pursuing you when a boy with normal intelligence hears this and combines it with the feeling of being with you all the time. Coupled with their own also spent so much thought to cultivate feelings with you, naturally will be eager to reverse the gun to take the initiative, after all, in the minds of most responsible boys, to say that this matter is better for themselves.

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