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1. A harmonious sex life must be worth marrying back. When two people fall in love on the movement of disharmony, do not marry – this thing is really important and affect feelings, you believe me.

2. It took you half a day to recover, coaxed for a long time to promise to marry you girls are not worth marrying, you can not in a relationship in a lifetime. Each other like each other, personality is equal to each other, in the feelings of understanding and understanding of your girl is worth marrying.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–how to know whether a woman is worth marrying?”

3. It is very rare for a girl who can talk to her parents and have a good relationship with her brothers and sisters must marry home.

4. Really past to accompany you to eat bitter sin, accompany you from nothing to have a girl, do not marry her you will regret a lifetime. From the beginning to enjoy your development results, did not get through with you what difficulties, the former planted trees after the cool girl, not so worth marrying. 

5. Having her own thoughts and opinions, and living according to her own ideas, shows that this girl not only has a personal idea but also the idea is useful, well worth marrying back, she can help you get a lot of ideas, you can grow up together.

6. Marrying a good person is the most precious quality. But remember to know clearly what is called goodness, what is the Virgin, marry a Virgin into the door, most ordinary people can not afford.

7. In the past, when you have a conflict between you, often do not move and you say break up do not marry, because marriage than love to encounter more complex problems, love is not moving to say to break up, married how to do?

On the contrary, even if you encounter a lot of difficulties in love but still use communication to solve the problem, it is worth marrying, because we are looking for a partner who can spend a lifetime together and discuss problem-solving.

8. Girls with family conditions similar to yours are worth marrying, and girls with very different family conditions and you really do not recommend marrying:

Family conditions are too good, and conflicts may often break out between you because of self-esteem problems;

9. It doesn’t matter if there are any brothers, the girl’s parents mustn’t be a son-in-law.

If the parents of girls are son-in-law, can not marry, because in their eyes to marry a daughter is to sell your daughter to you, they want to do everything possible to get the proceeds from you back;

10. Idealistic, girls with unrealistically good fantasies about feelings and marriage cannot marry, because such a person, although it may seem particularly simple and lovely, is very easy to be particularly disappointed in your marriage or even to yourself;

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–how to know whether a woman is worth marrying?”

11. People who appreciate and recognize you from the start are worth marrying, and those who always treat you with the idea of “you can get better” are not worth marrying: let’s be honest, most men don’t grow much after they get married. What you used to look like, married or what you were like, you might as well start by looking for someone who thinks you’re good now.

12. It is worth marrying someone who agrees with the marriage itself, and even those who have expectations of married life. It is afraid of marriage and child-breeding, in your comfort and encouragement to agree to marry people, is not worth marrying.

13. In the exchange can take a part of each other’s money first to try to discuss how to spend, financial and consumption concepts are consistent or even better than you people are worth marrying, you know that the dead spend so much money people have no savings, not worth marrying.

14. You really like, really appreciate people, worth marrying. You’re not worth marrying because you’re old enough to find someone to live with.

15. A girl who can take care of herself is worth marrying, all counting on you to take care of her, and a girl who can’t leave you is not worth marrying.

16. On several important issues, girls who share your views are worth marrying. And your three views actually have no small difference, your relationship did not collapse simply because those problems have not yet appeared in the girls, not worth marrying.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–how to know whether a woman is worth marrying?”

17. The people around her were happy and harmonious, and most of the girls who had a positive attitude towards feelings and marriage were worth marrying;

18. You can show her the above answers, most of them agree that girls are worth marrying.

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