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I. Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand the man?

1) As if we have a little more bad men around us?

Do you think that when men chased you, they were super-careful:

You can see his message when you open your eyes in the morning, and then you can talk all day as if there’s something you can’t say. And he, even if he talks to you all day, doesn’t feel tired.

But this situation, not a few months after you decided on a relationship, changed.

Most of the time it becomes you send him a message, you take the initiative to find the topic, you always chase him and ask “what are you doing.” Because he always replies very slowly, the words are also poor, looks careless.

Do you have? You say no! Anyway, I’ve had it before!!

Say good will love me all my life, the result of a hand after the joy of old and new, the beginning and end abandoned! Say good to shield me from the wind and rain, as a result, all my storms are not brought by him?

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

Until later, I found out that I always felt like I had met a “bad man”, probably because I had been brainwashed by the prevailing arguments in today’s society and had a misunderstanding of men.

2) He really catches up and doesn’t love you?

There has always been an argument on the Internet that “he loves you and you’ll be with you”.

The idea is that if he loves you, he must give up his hobbies, rest time, in addition to making money at work is around you, even at work, as long as you send him a message, he will have to seconds back.

It’s a “new PUA” for men, but the problem is that almost all girls in love believe it, and they flock to it as a criterion for judging boyfriends:

Why didn’t you reply to my message for so long, you used to come back in seconds!

“Just a few words back, would you like to be a little more perfunctory?” Well, you really don’t love me anymore…”

Some sisters are more exaggerated, they every four or five seconds on the bow to brush the mobile phone WeChat, to see if there is any new news, a whole day in addition to brushing the mobile phone nothing else can do…

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

In the past, I was also a member of the “PUA Army” above, which made my husband unhappy, and I was not happy.

So! Right now! I want to solemnly tell you (serious face): listen to my advice, the kind of poison chicken soup on the Internet after don’t drink.

In fact, in men’s place, chat, companionship and love do not love you really do not have half a dime relationship.

He never thought he’d have to show loyalty by “turning around you”.

In other words, if he doesn’t return your message, it’s a pain in the ass for you, but he doesn’t feel it himself. On the other hand, if you don’t reply to his message, you’re here to steal the fun, and he doesn’t have any perception or even a little dark.

Seeing this, ladies, did you think of it too:

Perhaps you are aware that “men after you, do not love you so much”, may not be right.

The truth is that the hunter, after catching up with you, relaxes his guard and returns to the most relaxed state, and your desires are aroused by the time he chases you.

You get used to his company, you want more, and he is too tired to rest. In this, unknowingly there are contradictions and conflicts.

Second, confidants know each other, to “Jokgang”

1) What exactly does the man want?

Ladies we have to admit as if we are always used to being on our own.

Because girls themselves have “to be cared for, to be cared for, to be accompanied, to be included” these four needs, so we should be able to be men the same.

So desperately hush cold ask warm, cooking to send food, but also from time to time mature hugged his big head shouted him “little fool.”

All this moved not to, but a long time, men should be tired of boredom, the estrangement.

Why is that?

Because you love the wrong way! That’s not how men love!

Let’s put it this way, men aren’t the subs you think they are

The above you give to the man, can indeed meet his physiological needs, let him feel comfortable in a rational state, but still can not meet his spiritual needs, let him in an emotional state feel that “no one in this world can replace you.”

I simply translate it, no! Go! Heart! Ah! You!

(You used to think that the heart, not really the heart, this feeling is not a little painful, hhhhhh

In fact, the four major needs of men are “respected, needed, worshipped, understood”.

If you hold on to the essence of these 12 words, satisfy their desire to be engraved in the bone.

Well, let men from morning to night remember to talk to you, as soon as you are free to run to see the stars with you to see the moon to talk about life, it is not a dream!

2), let’s re-understand the four needs of men!

The first thing to put first is to be respected.

This is mainly reflected in the difference of opinion with a man, we can not express his views of affirmation and approval.

Of course, it’s not really about what happens to you, and you agree with him unconditionally, but in terms of communication skills, smart ladies we’d better say this:

“I think what you said is also reasonable, you think this must be for xxxxx reasons, did not expect you to be able to consider so well.” But I still think xxxxxx, don’t you think? ”

The essence of this sentence is to give the man face first, take care of his self-esteem.

When a man’s face problem is not a problem, your needs/suggestions are no longer a problem.

For example, if you want him to take you shopping after work and he refuses because it’s too late, you can try to say:

“Husband you’re right, it’s like seven or eight o’clock in the past shopping mall is a little late Oh. I know you must be worried that coming home too late will affect my sleep, you think so for me, I am so moved ah. But people still want to go shopping, there are a few things especially want to buy if you can’t buy it will really lose sleep, the husband will take me, okay? ”

Believe me, your boyfriend must have lost his temper in an instant.

The man’s second just need is, “needed”.

“Needed” here refers in particular to the affirmation you give him in time when he has done something you want him to do.

Continue with the above “he took you shopping after work” case, intelligent women will remember on the way home from shopping, holding his hand happy to say:

“Husband, why are you so good, I want to come shopping at night, you really brought me here, tonight I am so happy!”

As a result, he will be more willing to work hard to meet your small needs.

Because men pay for women, essentially want to get their sense of self-worth from the emotional value that women give.

Men have such an ethos in their hearts: women give positive feedback, their own pay meaningful, their own value is affirmed.

A man’s third need is to be worshipped.

Ladies, you’re certainly no stranger to this, I’m just worried that you don’t have to remember in your daily life.

So promise me, read this answer today, remember! It’s okay, be sure to boast about the man in your house!

Especially when he comes to show off to you, you can seize the opportunity to praise him and recognize him.

The only trick is to pay attention to authenticity, detail, specificity!!

For example:

Husband, the dishes you’ve cooked are getting better and better lately.

“Husband, recently you made more and more delicious dishes, today this sugar and vinegar ribs outside the crispy Linen, should be the fire waiting to master well, I drop old swan, how do you do it?”

The effect of these two compliments is not the same! 

The last man’s need is to be “understood”.

I put it last because, when there is no conflict, we don’t use the “understanding” technique.

After all, “understanding men” usually only occurs when your needs are completely rejected by men, even when men take the initiative to attack you (i.e., quarrel).

So how do we express our understanding of him at this critical time?

It’s not hard, as long as we quickly find out why he’s feeling negative, and then use words to help him express his grievances or anger and to acknowledge and understand his current emotions and behaviour.

By this time, with a good chance, his breath had been lost in half. For the rest, you give him a little time to be alone.

For example, I won’t cite it, after all, it’s all too extreme.

It’s just that you have to remember that smart women can use “understanding” to defuse men’s “aggressiveness”, which is the most magical “Ekgang” in the world.

Third, write at the end

Yang Yang Sprinkle wrote for five or six hours, finally finished writing!

Although sitting all afternoon a little tired, but if you can help demystify, it is worth it!

At the same time also thank you for double-clicking on the screen, give me encouragement and affirmation!

Yes, knowing men and respecting them is the only positive solution that makes him love you more and more.

Because this is the foundation of human nature.

In intimate relationships, the easiest but most efficient way is to follow human nature.

You don’t think about changing your life against the sky, and you don’t think about how different you and your man are

This is my love for many years, and into the marriage for several years, the deepest feeling of a sentence.

I hope you’ll always be the funny and mysterious girl who “just cares about him and doesn’t want to just leave him on the sidelines.”

And I hope you will always be the wise and calm woman who knows what you want and how to give and ask for from him.

And he, in love with you, had not been cut, only thicker.

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