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We interact with others, will take the initiative to find good character, emotional information high people deeply.

Because they don’t just stand in our way, they don’t embarrass us.

And a woman emotional security high, good character, not only will meet similar people, people around are the same people.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–a woman of good character has four characteristics” 


Respond to messages in a timely manner

Now, whether it’s work or life, no longer write letters and make phone calls as before.

More is to use chat software to contact others, through chat to solve a variety of problems.

Some people always see the message, point directly back, never reply, let people wait in vain.


Know how to listen

Hemingway once said that it took us two years to learn to speak, but sixty years to learn to shut up.

Deeply believe that everyone’s center is only their own, will also say to everyone what they want to say, rarely calm down to listen to other people’s words.

““Most attractive qualities in a woman—–a woman of good character has four characteristics”

You and your husband have a habit of listening to each other half an hour before bed every night.

Because the two have to work during the day, only at night this small time together.

Before bed, they listen to each other’s stories, unresolved problems at work, relationships with colleagues, and so on.

After the love and husband formed this habit, their feelings are getting better and better.

Therefore, don’t always pay attention to yourself, just think of yourself to talk to someone, and don’t listen to other people’s troubles.

By listening to other people’s troubles, you will not only know each other’s ideas, but also pull the distance between two people.

And listening represents a person’s cultivation and pattern.


Don’t talk casually

In life, many people speak under the banner of “straight-talking”, thinking that it doesn’t matter, I don’t know, your words have long been hurt by others.

Unmanned few words, not only to others to cause trouble, but also to cause disgust.

Don’t make fun of others easily, grasp the scale, will not close the relationship, will only destroy feelings.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–a woman of good character has four characteristics”


Be patient with your parents

As we age and experience, we need to do more and more.

And parents are beginning to grow old, memory is worse, always can’t remember things, to you over and over again nagging.

And we are always impatient with them, always with a very bad attitude, to respond to them.

Too many people give the best attitude to outsiders, but always treat their parents with impatient.

At any time, we should leave our patience to our parents.

When our parents are there, we can be children forever, but when our parents are gone, we will become real people and face the world alone.

Take advantage of now, treat parents well, don’t wait until there is no chance, just know regret, regret for life.

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