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Now when men and women get along, both men and women will judge whether this woman and their three views match. Men, in particular, care more about whether this woman has the funny soul she likes. Although they also care about a woman’s appearance, interesting souls are more interesting than a beautiful appearance.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–6 behaviors that are the most demented in men’s eyes”
So most men pick a woman’s qualities when they pick a woman. We all say that behaviour habits are difficult to change, because many times, it is caused by environmental factors, resulting in everyone is difficult to change such habits, and a person’s quality is even more so.
If a woman does not have a good quality, it is difficult to attract the attention of men, in fact, he and you together will look down on you from the bottom of my heart. Some women look bright, always think that they are a million fans, in fact, in the eyes of men, they are just playthings, men did not put her in the heart.
Because for men, such a low-quality woman, is a worthless woman, not to be respected and loved by men.
So what behaviour habits and qualities do women have in life that make a man feel low? What about despising her from the bottom of my heart?

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–6 behaviors that are the most demented in men’s eyes”

1.make mischief woman
Most men hate women who are unattractive to them, and when they find out that a woman has such qualities, they despise her from the bottom of their hearts, look down on her, and even stay away from her.
Because men are most afraid of right and wrong, they are afraid of trouble, do not like to deal with these things. And some women are naturally fond of and good at make mischief, will make a man feel very bored, do not know what they do is the meaning of what is, when a man see through a woman’s body has such characteristics, they will despise her from the heart, and even find a way to leave her.

2 Women who like out for small advantages
It has to be said that the pattern of people is very important, some people are short-sighted, they can see the immediate interests, even some very small interests, they will for these small interests, and to destroy a chance to make a lot of money, which makes men feel very speechless.
And women sometimes at this time of smugness, feel that they do this is a big bargain, in fact, such behaviour in the eyes of men is very low.
They like these women, and even have a feeling of contempt for them, if a woman has such a habit, is not respected and loved by men.
3. Self-centered, self-serving woman
It is not difficult to see such a woman in life, they are always self-centred, but also hope that men are self-centred. And this kind of woman is always selfish, they never think about others, just like to stand in their own perspective to see things, always feel that it should be no big deal, she felt that all people think so.
Such a woman too self-centred to do too much will make men feel that such a woman is not worthy of love.
4 is that there is no bottom line like dead women
There is always a woman in life who puts down her face and self-esteem for what she wants. To get what they want, at all costs, in fact, pull down their faces, do a dead woman.
Especially after the end of a relationship, men want to break up, and women are reluctant, they will use a crying two-three hanging way, to retain this man, I do not know such a way will only make men feel very bored.
If you break up with him or have a deep chat with him, I think he may respect you more from the heart, or even change his mind, but if you use the way to keep him, he will only more and more despise you, even if you can keep him in this way for a while, but also can not keep him for a while, keep a person can not keep his heart, one day he will try to leave you.
5Vain vanity girl’s woman
A proper Vain vanity girl is good for everyone, but some women lose their minds about the special Vain vanity girl, which is her goal in life, even to satisfy her desires.
Everyone has their own happiness, but some women Vain vanity girl, can only see what others have and do not see what they have, they always like to compare with others, always want to have other people’s happiness, she has never made efforts, will only blame the man has no ability, can not give her want to live.
A woman of Vain vanity girl is a low woman in the eyes of a man.

6. A woman who abandons herself when she is in trouble
In life we are not difficult to see such a woman, once encountering difficulties, it is easy to give up, will not firm their beliefs to strive to progress, overcome difficulties.
Self-deprecating, how to encourage her is useless, and such people are always depressed, they will also affect the people around them to like this melancholy life.
A self-deprecating woman, in front of men, is also an inferior woman, in fact, men most admire the woman, is a woman like a man who has been humble to overcome difficulties.

“Most attractive qualities in a woman—–6 behaviors that are the most demented in men’s eyes”

Because such women can let them admire, they can even do a lot of things that men can not do, so much a woman in the eyes of men is the high price.
Some women in the relationship with men, do not understand why a man hates themselves, do not know why men suddenly break up with themselves, their attitude has changed greatly. At this point, you should review yourself to see if you’ve become the woman you hate the most, the cheapest woman.
If a woman occupies more than two, no man will like to be with such a woman, even if reluctantly with you, he will not love you with all his heart. So if you are such a woman, must not let yourself have these points reduction behaviour, women should live a sense of hierarchy, live out a woman’s unique pride and noble.

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