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I’m sure no girl is willing to refuse such a boy.

1. Mouth sweetheart cold

Mouth a heart and liver baby, coaxed the girl moving, can be involved in principle or health problems, immediately cold heart, never show affection. For example, no matter how petite your girlfriend is, you are not allowed to eat ice cream during your aunt’s time

2. Mouth is right and wrong

Mouth said what bee waist hips big long legs are standard girlfriend selection, in fact, there are only two requirements inside: female, live.

3. Never casually promise girls

Remember, don’t make a girl laugh, be in a state of mind, everything is “good and good”.

Before promising girls, first, measure their own strength, if not fully sure, kill do not promise, would rather reject the goddess for a while, rather than the strength of the face by the goddess look down

4. Mature with a little childish, the heart lives a little boy.

In a serious situation, mature like three was father, the first step planning is what, the second step process is what … The logic of the organization is very clear, as the social elite looks.

But in his spare time, he became a lazy child, will deliberately in front of the girl he likes to mess around with, send some lovely small gifts, the most real and pure side to show.

5. Bring your own humour aura, occasionally not correct.

Brother walking in front of the terrier machine, from time to time throw out a terrier to make people laugh, but once faced with girls, immediately become good, moving red heartbeat accelerated, then anyone else is right.

6. Careful mind, proper detail control.

He usually hip-hop haha, think three-five thick, but can inadvertently capture some small details, to girls considerate care. For example, when you cough silently handed over paper towels, heavy rain to the umbrella tends to you and so on, the observation is strong until Sherlock Holmes wants to accept him as an apprentice.

Such boys, always just right to bring warmth, but also good at discovering daily small details, such as know double-click screen tips, mostly very popular with girls

7. Be generous and confident in your bones.

He will insist on doing what he likes, will not be disturbed by outside voices, for example, chasing goddesses is not good enough to be laughed at, on-stage performance is laughed at shame …

He has a scale in his heart, understands that in pursuit of favourite things, will certainly pay some price, but even so, he is still far ahead, even if failed but also calmly failed.

This kind of frankness, regardless of the appearance of the family situation, only depends on self-confidence and a strong heart, no matter what the way forward the wind frost, will still stand up straight, do not flinch.

8. The elusive mystery.

What drives you to chase girls is the desire to challenge and conquer, but what attracts girls to chase you is curiosity and mystery.

When one day, the girls around you suddenly curious about you, what you ate today, what you generally do at home, what kind of girls you like, that means that the big probability is that you are attracted to

9. Start “fast and hard” and don’t miss the opportunity

Want to hook up with WeChat, swallow and vomit indecision, the result turned to others gone;

Want to ask the goddess to eat, cringe and shrink probe the brain, it is not easy to say a few words or was declined …

In front of the goddess, don’t tiptoe! Want to do what is generous to do, and not against the law, if everything is scruples, life has any sense of cool

10. Occasional sense of purity

I guess no boy would hate a girl who is seventeen or eighteen years old, with a sweet smile and a pure and lovely smile?

In the same way, the temperament of clean sunshine teenagers, but also very can cause girls’ good feelings, because this is the vast majority of girls for the first time heart-tinging look.

This is the difference between the greasy feeling of the middle-aged and elderly belly poop.

Therefore, even if we become mature and stable, we can also show the appropriate sense of youth, such as a clean smile in the sun, a refreshing dress and so on, as long as there is a trace of the shadow of the juvenile, it is possible to impress them.

11. There are poetry books in the belly.

Reading won’t change a person’s appearance, but it will completely affect your temperament.

The eyes of watching an action movie for three years are very different from the eyes of three years of famous works. The more books you read, the more calm and confident you will be as a whole, and the more you put your hands up and your feet are in high spirits, just like the handsome son of Mei Changsu in the List

Moreover, reading can also quickly increase your knowledge reserves, over time, the horizon, patterns have changed no small.

If you want to read and do not know what to read, you can pay attention to my public number “Iron Wood Jun”, I have accumulated over the years 3000 books covering daily life, interpersonal communication, psychology and other aspects of high-quality good books are shared with you so that you quickly break down the barriers to thinking, the opposite sex quickly soared

12. Responsibility will not be shirked

Promised other people’s things, in case it really did not do, it will be like a sloped eggplant, silly and lovely to apologize to you, rather than looking for all kinds of reasons to excuse themselves.

For example, he promised you to eat after work, but a temporary meeting ruined his contract, and he would never say anything like, “You can’t blame me, you can’t blame work”, but sincerely and pathetically apologize to you.

13. Emotional stability, will not move and growl quarrel

Even if very angry, he can hold the irritable heart, with a relatively calm tone to communicate with you, first rational solution to the problem, and then find their own no one to adjust the mood.

14. Be clear-headed and understand what you want

Not because of the voice of the outside world to doubt themselves, identify people and things will be firmly believed in the end, often in his body to see the youth’s momentum and reclining.

Seems a little out of line, in fact, just very clear about what they want, such as:

The roommate slept until noon, but he ran to the library early to study;

Roommates play game K songs three days and two days, and he only occasionally participates in cutting off unnecessary socializing.

This quality of boys, often than boys of the same age to see farther, but also more attractive to the same excellent girls

15. Often encourage and praise other people’s boys, most emotional security is very gentlemanly, so very attractive to girls, just like now spend 1s praise you. 

16. Have the ability to make money.

Girls decide whether to be with you, in addition to appearance and other external factors, there are some potential factors, such as your social status, economic strength, future potential and so on.

This is not to say that girls worship gold material, but girls for you to wash their hands, children and daughters, pay too much effort, time, energy, she must be here to achieve the same value of the security, to ensure her quality of life, will not be reduced after being with you.

And economic strength is the direct standard to ensure the quality of life, but also girls the lack a thorough understanding of their character can seize the only thing to give themselves a sense of security.

17. Pick up the bar. Trying to make money alone is not enough, but more important is to keep it.

The best way to keep money is to learn to manage money, to make money, to make money. Essentially, money management is your passive money-making machine, and when it exceeds your daily expenses, it’s financial freedom for you.

If you want to learn financial management and do not know where to start, you can pay attention to my public number “Iron Wood Jun”, I spent tens of thousands of financial tycoons to learn the financial experience to share with you, absorb internalization, can let you quickly break down economic barriers, as soon as possible to achieve economic independence

18. Dare to show off one of your strengths

Whether it’s painting, photography, or playing ball, as long as you’re good at it, don’t miss the opportunity to show it in front of the goddess.

Almost all girls can not refuse the “handsome” boys, then you first do not be depressed, “handsome” meaning is very broad, handsome face is a point, personality charm is the root cause of making girls feel handsome.

When a person does something he is good at, he or she unconsciously becomes focused and confident, and the state that is displayed at that time is simply shining the light.

In particular, this specialty is that girls know very little, more able to cause girls to looking and heart

19. The blunt force of “knife and gun do not enter”.

Often people think about it and fall into a state of “ideological reflexes” without moving, such as:

Others look at themselves a few more times and wonder what they have done wrong;

After making a mistake, the process of making a mistake is repeated in the mind.

That’s not going to work! This is sensitive> the performance of blunt force, a long time, it is likely to let the original sunshine self-confident handsome guy, into a small social fear of inferiority and timidity, charm and attraction are greatly reduced.

20. Responsibility will not be shirked

Promised other people’s things, in case it really did not do, it will be like a sloped eggplant, silly and lovely to apologize to you, rather than looking for all kinds of reasons to excuse themselves.

For example, he promised you to eat after work, but a temporary meeting ruined his contract, and he would never say anything like, “You can’t blame me, you can’t blame work”, but sincerely and pathetically apologize to you.

21. Show “stupidity” from time to time

Put the knife down first, brother, not the kind of stupidity you think, but smart and clever to everyone, only in front of her occasionally “stupid.”

This kind of stupidity is not really silly, but you are willing to open up in front of her, exposing the outside mainstream is inconsistent with real positive thinking.

For example, others are clever, and you are very disdainful, would rather eat more bitter, but also rely on strength to succeed.

Because of good girls in the selection of objects, more inclined to look solid excellent boys, rather than a look at the green around the scum male.

So, the best way is to show your wit, occasionally show once or twice “silly”, a huge contrast, but will make her think you are very real and lovely.

22. Good heart, although life is very cruel, there is still a warm heart, willing to do their best to help others. For example, to give up their seats to the elderly, spend 1s to compliment this article, good people are often very popular

The above quality or ability, is I in the campus, society to observe for a long time, only to find that the heterosexuality around the quality of the boys, not you have to meet all the requirements, only the most attractive girls.

If you win more than 5, you do not say, I know that the girl who secretly loves you must be a lot of – if you have not met the heart-tinging girl, remember to comment on the message, don’t miss any opportunity to show their own.

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