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Here are 15 “reasons to break up” and how to define the life experience of a deal-breaker.

1. Try to fantasize about the married life with the other side, but find that there is no euphoria as if to see themselves a person tired of life, in the chores of life is about to suffocate the figure, and the other side is still leisurely self-deal breaker should be, aware that they did not have the courage to live with each other. live a “bachelor” life. Imagination is the only way to feel that feeling of despair.

“Breakups hurt—-why did you think you had to break up with each other?”

2. Now in the break-up or not on the bone-eye, as moderate depression, once my emotions hit, every time I get along with that fine cake of their own time, he will quietly disappear, absent in my every trough. Although this is my disease, although morally he has no obligation, I think that the true lover, will not only accept your happy side.

My ex-boyfriend raised me as a daughter and spoiled me, but only if I had to be as obedient as a little underage girl. In fact, I didn’t need such suffocating bondage, so I chose to break up. I feel like I know what I don’t want when I’m in love a few more times. I felt like I had made the best choice at the time.

“Breakups hurt—-why did you think you had to break up with each other?”

4. Face, it’s really nice and practical for me… Falling in love is a life-long thing, why toss yourself. After a long time will slowly find that the original thought that those things can be tolerated is actually unbearable, then no matter how should not be embarrassed by their own. Otherwise, you feel bad about yourself, and the other side will suffer in your avoidance and hurt yourself. It’s better to split.

5. We go out to dinner he always takes his friends, break up the night three people eat together, he and his friends hand a menu, has been discussing with each other what to eat, ten minutes of orders did not ask me a word, I pretended to go out to answer a phone call, home on WeChat to tell him to break up. My deal-breaker is a person who always neglects to think of you and is not worth your time.

6. My own break-up experience told me that the deal-breaker was the disappearance of his confiding and began to feel that “it didn’t seem necessary to talk to him” and that everything had since faded. 7. When I began to feel resistant to intimate contact with him, such as kissing, I realized that the body was not deceiving.

8. Feel under control. I’ve been asked for a long time to say, “You can’t do xxx just don’t love me” “You xxx I will love you.” Whenever you express your thoughts, you are thrown cold water. I think breaking up is perfectly right, just trying to control you is weakening you. 

9. Character, I used to work as a waiter so I understand. You can be extremely rude to those service students, one day you will use the same attitude towards me, people are fable animals, you can not like but please do not hurt.

10. Deal breaker is the price of the other person’s feelings and I am not the same. I am the cause and feelings side by side first, if the other side because of the cause and ignore me, I will withdraw.

11. My dear breaker should be constantly destroyed by self-confidence. My ex-boyfriend has always liked to crush and demean me, saying that I look inferior, bad temper, immersed in their own small world do not know how to deal with the outside world, so that throughout the university period, I never went to the boys’ dormitory near the canteen to eat, for fear of letting his friends point the finger at him afraid of losing face.

“Breakups hurt—-why did you think you had to break up with each other?”

12. I’ve thought about it many times, and for me, a relationship is a relationship of emotional indifference. My father was an emotionally indifferent man. In the past, I’ve been fascinated by pleasing people who are not very interested in me, which has not allowed me to build an ideal intimacy, and after painful adjustments, I feel like I’m slowly improving, and it’s clear that it’s a deal breaker.

13. For me, to be clear about my own deal-breaker is to stop fooling yourself, the more self-deception will be the more painful it will be. It’s simple and it’s hard. After all, not everyone has the courage to accept that they are no longer loved, or that love is too light to support the relationship. But when you really accept it, leaving the other person seems to be no longer such a painful choice. 14. How to make it clear that I can consider something I can’t accept when I’m with a friend. If you can’t accept it every day, don’t expect the so-called “love passion” to change your mind over the years.

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