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In fact, no matter what you do when you break up, he will think of you.

Want to be divided into two kinds, one is to think, the other is to miss.

The first thought, as long as he does not lose memory, will certainly think of you at some point. But think like this, just think about it, it doesn’t contain anything. Like we happen to think of a relationship is not close to a friend, although will think, the heart is calm, can not stimulate anything.

The second kind of miss, as long as he did not lose memory, as long as you together to pay each other sincerely, he will also miss you more and more with time. In such a miss, the feelings contained will also become more and more intense with the flow of time.

“Breakups hurt—-when you break up, don’t make noise and don’t tangle, will your ex think of you?”

1, just broke up when I think of more is your bad

Just broke up, this time he thought of you, more actually “think”, rather than “miss”, because you have just separated, there is not enough time to play the “miss” effect. And when he thinks of you, he thinks more about what you look like when you break up.

Two people naturally because of certain contradictions and conflicts and break up, in contradictions and conflicts between the two people, to give each other the impression will inevitably be a little not very good. For example, if you think he’s not close, he thinks you’re hysterical. When they just break up, they will think of more is the break-up time left the impression of the other side, and he remembers you are more of your bad things.

The “near-cause effect” can also support this, that is, when people remember a series of things, the memory of the end part of the optimal effect phenomenon. There is also an effect called the “first cause-effect”, that is, people’s first impressions are most well remembered.

The difference between the two effects is that the first effect plays a greater role in dealing with strangers, i.e. the first impression is particularly important when you meet a stranger, and the near-cause effect is even more important when dealing with a familiar person, i.e. the way you end up in contact will make him remember better.

So, at the beginning of the breakup, he thinks of you more often than the way you show up in the conflicts and conflicts of the breakup. But if you break up without making noise or entanglement, it will give you a lot of points, will also remind him of you, reduce a lot of negative perceptions.

2, calm down between good and bad

When two people just break up, the concentration of conflict is greater than the concentration of good feelings, and your bad is greater than your good, but when he calms down, the concentration of conflict also gradually decreased, your bad will fade over time, he will more and more think of your good. But the bad things that hurt each other remain.

There is an ambivalence in this period, when he thinks you are actually very good, he may have compound ideas, but when those bad memories emerge, he will feel that even if the compound is just a repeat of the past.

“Breakups hurt—-when you break up, don’t make noise and don’t tangle, will your ex think of you?”

In this ambivalence, some people may be in contact with the predecessor, browse each other’s home page, friends circle comment praise or direct chat, but in the process of contact, you can feel him suddenly close, cold and hot. Behind this behaviour, in fact, he himself is also in conflict. (We should pay attention to exclude the act of cheating guns)

This situation, if you also want to compound, in fact, is a test of the mind. Some people will follow such a sudden cold and hot and seven up and eight, such a state is very grinding, as if there is no hope, and there seems to be a bl thing of hope, let people forward is not, back is not;

When you can’t stand a showdown with the other side, there are two kinds of results, one is his decision to rule out all difficulties and you try again, and the other is forced to make the decision not to compound.

In fact, it is better to try to change their own problems leading to break-up, constantly enhance the attractiveness, let him be attracted to you, and let him know that the past break-up problems are solvable, you will not repeat the same mistakes so that he will dare to step up to you.

3, a few months later to think of more is your good

This time is not necessarily, depending on everyone’s situation. Some people’s conflict is not serious, two or three months is good enough to make people forget the pain, and some people take a year and a half to recover to forget the pain of the past. 

For example, I, it is about half a year to completely forget the shortcomings of the predecessor, the past of those quarrels cold war is almost all cleared out of memory, trying to recall also can not remember why the noise was so fierce;

In this bad process of forgetting, if you take the initiative to find him, then his process of forgetting may be lengthened. Of course, it’s mainly about how you look for him, which doesn’t make much difference if you’re calm and restrained, but if you’re emotionally demanding, the forgetting process is naturally lengthy.

“Breakups hurt—-when you break up, don’t make noise and don’t tangle, will your ex think of you?”

This is also often mentioned in the recovery of the disconnect. Buffer the conflict between two people by not connecting and downplay his negative impression of you. And when he thinks more about your goodness after the break, it’s best to save it.

We’re trying to get him attracted to you again and like you again. At this time, he, the mind of your negative perception is the lowest, the best impression is the highest, on this basis, through good performance in contact, it is easiest to re-attract him.

And if you break up without noise or entanglement, the effect is better for the recovery, because your quarrel at the breakup will undoubtedly only reduce your impression in his heart;

After a breakup, we always think of our predecessors, and your cool performance not only adds points but also contributes to each other’s inner drama. For example, he will think, why you will be so calm, is not you actually want to break up, is not you have found a good home, is not you actually do not like him and so on.

Our feelings for a person, in fact, the more investment, like the deeper, the more difficult it is to give up. And investment can be measured by time, money, emotion.

Emotion is undoubtedly the most important part, and when he thinks a lot about you, he invests more and more emotion in you. Invisibly, his sense of need for you will increase. And if you always pester him after the break-up, he has everything in your hands, then he will not spend so much thought on you, naturally, there is no sense of need.

So, no matter what you do when you break up, he will think of you, but if you break up without making any noise or entanglement, not only can make him think of him, but also let him miss you more quickly.

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