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Boys put down, usually calms.

They are not like girls as big a publicity, after the heart to show the world, but also fitness is learning, with extraordinary positive to cover up the pain of breaking up, to inform everyone in a way, to suggest that they want to “normal life.”

“Breakups hurt—-what are the performances of boys really putting down after breaking up?”

One of the most obvious characteristics of boys who really put down a person is that they are not affected.

Should eat, should play; they will not because of this loss of love and temperament changes, will not secretly leave themselves with some of the life characteristics affected by the ex-girlfriend, not for the ex-girlfriend and suddenly up or feel negative.

What it used to be, what it used to be like now. Ex-girlfriends go through a journey after appearing at best in life;

But because you put it down, you don’t have a little impact on the present because you remember her.

This is reflected in:

1, no longer pay attention to your various software

This is one of the most striking features.

But compared with the past, this “not concerned” is no longer forced not to pay attention to themselves, but lazy to pay attention.

He once felt that after breaking up, he shouldn’t look at the social software of adulterers every day. But out of curiosity and nostalgia, there is always a moment can not help but slip, point in to see.

But really put down, may one night lying in bed, suddenly remembered that has not paid attention to your various developments for a long time – perhaps it is time to go in to see, but found that they are already not interested, also lazy to find.

2. No more displays of “old love”

This is broad. In particular: of all his social software, you can hardly see a person hiding in his heart.

He no longer shares words about love, no more sad spring and autumn, no more ambiguous paragraphs of emotion, even shaking praise, there is no more about emotion.

3, return to normal life

Generally speaking, when boys are still under the illusion of old love, it is easiest for them to stay away.

They hide in the network every day, watching the dynamics of old love, looking for sad common feelings, there are expectations and fantasies, for fear of missing any chance to reconciliate.

It’s harder to get back to life normally, because they can’t completely focus on the minutiae of life – the opposite is true, and when they have the ability to focus on their own lives, they don’t expect anything from you.

“Breakups hurt—-what are the performances of boys really putting down after breaking up?”


4, set new goals

Next, they begin to set new goals in their lives.

More precisely, whether it’s career or life moving forward, it’s because they want to be better themselves – and they want to be better themselves, because they’re looking forward to a better life, and the next person.

5, but do not care about the side of your traces

Compared to those who parted hands to throw away the ex-girlfriend’s things all the boys, can safely stay, but blind to the boys are actually really put down.

Throw away, escape, are because touch the memories of the past make him miserable, old love in his heart is still a bump, can only be solved by “eyes do not see as net”;

And blind, and even can objectively measure the old love of the “relics” left behind the value, is completely put down.

Because the object in front of him no longer attachs any emotions and memories, let it does not cause him any fluctuations – when he sees the object, the first reaction to the heart is the use, not the past.

6. Even if you have contact, you will not have any emotional reaction

You will obviously find that the boy who really loves you will always take your words and deeds seriously.

Will be really angry with you, really jealous, really sad, really happy – the same, a boy who does not love you, do not want to waste their emotions on you.

Thus, he tried not to involve the field of feelings, involved is also obviously alienated, light clouds.

You can no longer feel his anger after the break-up, argument, even if you have enough energy to him, hurt his heart, he will not have a little strong emotion.

7. Does his circle of friends generally know the fact that you have broken up?

But where there is a little possible and good, boys will not inform friends of the fact that “has broken up.”

When he realizes that he’s really put it down and really decides to start a new life, he’ll no doubt inform his friends that you’ve broken up.

Unlike the girl’s notice – the girl’s “break-up notice” to honey is more emotional catharsis.

Perhaps ten days and a half months will inform the honey two sides have broken up, every two days and good, but the boys have omitted these steps, as long as they think that the two sides can have a little chance and good, will not be revealed in advance.

It’s only when his friends generally know that the two have broken up, or that he’s “not in love” – but most likely he really doesn’t. And his notice, will not seek help or sympathy, but a simple notice of his love life, if there is a new person can start to introduce him. 

8, delete your honey friend, no longer interested in your message

Generally speaking, men and women in love out of friendship and convenience, will always add a few good friends.

When the boy deletes all your contact information (note, it’s everything, you can’t make any software interoperability and contact) and then clears all of your related friends, he actually has a “total disappearance” attitude.

He won’t know your news through any channel, and it’s hard to bear to do it if people don’t really put it down.

9, break up more than three months, basically is completely put down

Don’t look down on these three months.

Typically, these three months boys go through several stages of “freedom – nostalgia – self-doubt – pain”, and in the three stages of “nostalgia, self-doubt, pain”, it is easiest to find the predecessor compound.

But when he all held on, it showed that he would rather be miserable than repeat it, and when all the processes developed naturally and gradually leveled off, he no longer wanted to compound.

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