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Women need to know, with a man in love to marry or recover, do not be too emotional, know that if you do not let a man in the process of contact with you constantly raise costs, invest in you. It’s more expensive to separate him from you. It’s hard for him to leave you. Because men are still relatively difficult to control than women, they love freedom more and rely on the heart is weaker. So it’s easier to get rid of a relationship they don’t need for the time being. So there’s no way to do that? Nor, people who pursue freedom again have a few points that can be broken. According to koi I long-term analysis of various emotional problems experience found that many girls, in the break-up of some confused men’s feelings.

“Breakups hurt—-after breaking up, how long will the boy miss his ex, or even take the initiative to find his ex to get back together?”

True to your good, in fact, there is more of his purpose, but is caught up in this kind of lie of men and women. will feel that the other side is really true. There are people, emotional security low can not speak, there is no sense of security dare not pay, always make people angry, but not necessarily do not love you. At that time will feel that the other side’s likes are not true, but after the break-up to experience a few more feelings, you will know that the feelings of the other side at that time may not be true. So it is very important to know how to distinguish between a person’s good and bad for you and not to take the current event as the sole criterion of judgment. Today to tell you in detail, how often will boys miss you as a predecessor after the break-up? First of all, I stand in your point of view to guess your psychology and worry, what kind of break-up state do you think, foreshadowing that the other party has really died for you, will not think of you again?

1) The other person is extremely rational and decisive when breaking up, and the calmer the tone, the less emotion he can feel.

2) You had a lot of quarrels before you broke up, and the other person was already very tired and very resistant to hearing you speak.

3) The other party deletes all your contact details and doesn’t want to pay attention to any developments or even no messages about you.

4) In your common circle of friends or social platforms to publicly break up the fact, feel that has been iron heart ready not to look back. Many of the girls who were broken up encountered the above four conditions will be an emotional breakdown, feel that this relationship has no compound possibility, think to want to let each other think you, it is heaven and earth. But koi I want to tell you is, according to my many years of experience, as long as you deal with the break-up is still the right way, and the other side and you have more than six months, more than a year of dating time, he actually will not take long to start thinking about your good. I say this on two bases; A; First of all, the relationship time is not short, which means that the other person with you again in the process, must have paid you time, energy, or time. To tell you the truth, people who break up the most can not put down, or their own in a relationship between the pay and investment. Sink into this big, can afford it is not easy to put down. B; Second, I don’t believe you have many advantages, if you don’t have any advantages, the other person won’t be attracted to you in the first place, and you’re in love. It’s just that the current attraction is overshadowed by a brief contradiction. But the negative perceptions and emotions caused by contradictions will pass over time, but attraction can persist.

“Breakups hurt—-after breaking up, how long will the boy miss his ex, or even take the initiative to find his ex to get back together?”


Your “strong emotional needs”, and the other side of the “demands state” formed a clear opposition First, generally, in this demand-free state of break-up boys, emotions do not produce great fluctuations, this is why? For at this moment, his heart does not have much need and dependence on you and your relationship. This time if you just expose your strong sense of need, that is, our common bitter begging ah, dead and beaten ah, will only get from the other side of the ruthless and cold. Psychologically, strong demand is the demand of disguise. Because your density and his reason are completely on the opposite side, what he needs now is not your concern and the love you show, he wants more personal space from me to digest and deal with your emotional problems, or their own negative emotional problems. You think about yourself on it, would not want to talk, for the time being, you let the other side feel, they do not even break up, there is no way to decide for themselves, he does not resist that is really strange.

A well-thought-out result, by your infinite negation and blow, will produce a strong anti-psychology. So save what they need: push the boat down the water, not up against the current. This also leads to the first step to recovery: adjust the anxiety mentality, dissect the nature of the break-up. One of the clearest questions you should be able to figure out at this time should be: Why does the other person want to leave you? In fact, the answer is not difficult, but you have been letting your emotions vent, and ignore and escape this essential problem. To be fair, because you no longer hold the right side of the magnetic field, the other side can not see your value, also can not feel the comfort of communicating with you, so you can not bring interest and further development of the motivation. Just as C has been in a state of high investment and high pay in his feelings, he has first broken the balance in the relationship between the sexes. High pay doesn’t think it’s a good thing, because if there is no mentality-based, method-assisted high pay sense, it means that you expect higher expectations of the other side, higher expectations mean that even if the other side does not do a little good, will be your infinite amplification, the problem is magnified, you will inevitably move more emotions to deal with. This is what I wrote at the beginning, love is not dead, Huiji will hurt. Psychology affects the “Veblen effect”, refers to the degree of consumer demand for a commodity because of its higher price increase, that is, the higher the price of goods, but the more consumers can get favour, so it is said that “the same style and clothing, a discount when no one buys, price increases are rushed.” Feelings are the same, say the simplest, many girls are in good condition and very good, with their boyfriends getting better and better, male friends are more and more do not love themselves or even cheat. Why ah, is not a lyric “can not get forever in turmoil”, the more not, the more he wants, the more easily can have, the less he cherishes. So what I’ve been saying is that a woman in love needs to bring a lot of hard work, improve her wisdom and wrists, and reduce her sincerity and density. Secondly, is C break up emotional capricious, to the other side to exert too much psychological pressure, love should be a happy thing, say a bad word, with you all day unhappy, depressed mood, who would like to stay with you? Neither of your parents will accept it. What about outsiders? Your negative energy makes it difficult for the other person to communicate and communicate with you normally, how can the other person be willing to compound with you?

“Breakups hurt—-after breaking up, how long will the boy miss his ex, or even take the initiative to find his ex to get back together?”

1. If most of the things you do during your relationship are not stupid, too much, but only recently do something that makes the other person uncomfortable, then your base value is certainly greater than 5 points

2. If the period of love, love the period of three months, you began to frequently “hair” each other, pay too much or too little, the value is too low, etc., your base value is certainly less than 5 points.

3. The same treatment method at the time of the break-up, if the treatment is too cold or too extreme, then the base value is greater than 5

4. If the treatment is obtained, the base value is less than 5 points. The final approximate score, basically determines the probability of the other half a year to think of you, why to say six months, because men break up, will go through four periods; The first period; the cheering period (happy for finally having an independent space) – the second period; the calming of it (no break-up, the mentality is very Buddhist) – the third period; the repetition period (starting with the correctness of the break-up, starting to re-establish the need for emotion, this period is the beginning of the period of miss you) – the fourth period; Decision period (start persuading yourself to put it down completely and start over or start preparing to compound with you)

Here are some of the solutions I’ve given for similar emotional problems: 1). Face up to the fact of breaking up, jump out of the vicious circle of mentality As long as after the break-up your emotions can be effectively controlled, will not be the reckless release of intense anxiety and negative emotions, this time your recovery has basically been successful 50%! What I want you to understand is that every piece of compounding is a foundation for feelings without positive emotions. Here are a lot of girls troubled by the problem, but also caused by their mood swings relatively large problem: men broke up after encountering a new happy how to do? Let’s take a look at the normal break-up process vicious circle diagram: see clearly? Break-up intention s private space s state collapse s expectations burst, break-up intention≠ don’t like s fall in love with others Most men leave you not because they don’t love or change their hearts, but they desperately need to get out of this already uninsured relationship, so the bell also has to ring people, as long as you can jump out of the vicious circle, the chances of compounding are very large.

2. Change the relationship, the window of the re-link opens by you “What on earth should I do to make the other person notice my existence?” This is a lot of girls in the process of recovery tangled problems, I tell you this psychology is a big mistake, in you can not bring each other a new attraction, let the boys look at you, all the attention, are self-digging graves, only will cause his exclusion and disgust, increase the difficulty of recovery. But I’m not letting you play completely away. Never show up in front of each other again, you know? What you have to do is to give the other person a signal of a change of relationship, showing your low or even no need, eliminating the other side’s vigilance and resistance, to save the complex open a reasonable window. At this time your identity can no longer be a poor predecessor but should be a charming woman. For example, you can say to the other person: “Actually, I thought carefully about the relationship between the two of us.” I found that being a lover may be really inappropriate place, suitable and happy may really be my emotional to think, this is two completely different things, I have actually put down also want to understand a lot, if you can also put down, I think we do a distance of ordinary friends, this time I respect your choice but also hope you can give me a small step. In fact, after the break-up of the boy’s inner rejection and alertness mainly comes from your uncertainty. He doesn’t want to continue to pay for you as he did in love, and he doesn’t want to accept all the demands you made after you broke up, so your request for a replacement relationship is to meet his psychological expectations, and naturally, he won’t object.

3. To enhance your hard value, strengthen the attraction point, no matter how you need to appreciate yourself above I have mentioned above, the fundamental reason for the break-up is because you have not attracted him for the time being, that is, by the short-term contradictions and negative emotions covered up, especially as the feelings continue to develop, quarrels and contradictions continue to occur, to a large extent weaken your flash point and once attractive, the other side can not be as attracted to you as you love, so the negative impression of you is deepening. That’s why I often emphasize “value-added attraction” in my recovery. For example, if at the beginning, the other side is attracted by your generous and gentle appearance, but you have been together for a long time, you have become a whole day around him around the “yellow-faced woman”, then now you have to do is to buy two new clothes, regain make-up, dress more glorious than before, so that you appear in front of him again, he can not feel a bright? Here also give you some tips to show attractive channels, after all, your changes, you need to let the other side find: 1) and mutual friends to reach a consensus, through a circle of mutual friends or message to let him know your changes. Directly speaking appears to mean, at this time the third party’s discourse is more authoritative. 2) Show yourself through friend circle microblogs or spaces, but remember not to do it too often. Because the person who really puts it down doesn’t put too much effort into his circle of friends. 3) Use everyday encounters to show off your external changes and remember not to have too much emotion in your eyes when you meet. If the other person doesn’t take the initiative to say hello, you’ll do your own thing. Once you’ve completed the above emotional control, changing relationships, and increasing your attractiveness, you’re ready for the final step. Here you should pay attention to, the complex must not be too deliberate, at the beginning must be paved with foreplay. For example, you can choose topics that the other person is good at or interested in as an entry point, and at the same time publish in advance in the circle of friends, creating a feeling that you really need to solve the problem. This way, when the other person receives your re-linking topic, you will not feel that your sudden contact with a too strong a purpose. Second, after the topic opened, try to avoid emotional topics, because the first contact when the other side is suspicious of you, this time to mention feelings will stimulate the other side’s vigilance, grass snake.

From the beginning, you say more than the other side, slowly transition to less than the other side said. From the beginning, the other person ends the topic first, becomes you end the topic first. Take the simplest example, ah, for example, the other side for electronic products quite research, then you can use the topic of want to change mobile phones as an entry point, first published in advance in the circle of friends, creating a kind of you want to charge mobile phones, but do not understand the insider, very tangled feeling. However, after looking for him to re-link, consult mobile phone-related matters, remember not to talk about others, only talk about mobile phones, and then in the process of chatting moderate appreciation of the party, such as “you all understand, quite strong”, to meet his psychological needs. Change your cell phone and say thank you to each other in time, you can try to invite him to dinner next time, to create a meeting opportunity. You can repeat this process over and over again in the complex, gradually removing the sensitivity of the other person and gradually getting closer to you. Also, you can use the method of recovery to try to move some tips, such as unneeded to reveal that someone recently released to you good feelings or you feel that certain opposite sex around you is good, so that he has a certain sense of urgency and crisis, as long as the method is enough, the heart is strong enough, even if the original said to you completely dead, will still fall in love with you again. Love is not life, there is no wisdom and wrist love, Huiji must hurt, is everything is willing to take into account the loss of Huiji.

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