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1, offer to help him shave

2, just woke up the child’s tone shouting husband

No matter how late, wait for him to come home

4, a face of the right touch his throat knot asked what is

5. Cross the road and cling tightly to the corner of his clothes

6, forehead paste forehead to help him take the temperature

7, deliberately sprayed perfume around his neck and then approached him

8, drink a little wine together and stare at him

9, apply lip balm in advance to moisturize his dry lips

10. Lying in his arms watching movies, he looked up from time to time to kiss

11, gently holding his back against his back

12. Kiss him and pretend it’s okay when there’s no one in the elevator

13. Snuggling up to an umbrella in his arms on a rainy day 

“How to keep a boyfriend—-teach you a few moves to make your boyfriend super stick to you, love has always been fresh”

14. In the morning, I can’t get up in bed and ask him to dress you

15, tiptoeing and groping his head

16. Gently help him clean his hair and clothes before he goes out

17, don’t meet again just met and fell into his arms

18, busy cooking for him

19, when he was tired, gently held him in his arms

20, summer together with a spoon to dig watermelon to eat

21. Bring him souvenirs on a trip/business trip

22. Care about his body and keep him healthy

23, give him independent space don’t be too sticky

24, after washing his head to seriously help him skincare

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