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Women want to find a man who treats themselves as first love, most men in the pursuit of women hormones are the most vigorous, once the relationship is determined will still let him in the love period to spend energy on you, soft grinding hard bubbles, dead and hard to stick to you every day.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to keep a sense of mystery? Keep men curious about you?”

But when your relationship stabilizes and you get it completely, the curve of the equilibrium hormone plummets, so why? Because both of you are in a state of complete understanding, he has no curiosity about you.

A charming woman will always maintain their own sense of mystery, a woman is born beautiful, has always had a mysterious feeling that can not say what taste. A woman’s mystery is an attraction to a man, and it’s a man’s inseminate.

To satisfy their curiosity, men will be happy to explore the secret of discovering mysterious women, to attract their own men’s attention, women should learn to cultivate their own mystery.

Men are like natural hunters, for things familiar with the heart often can not mention interest, on the other hand, the more mysterious the more uncontrollable things, often have a strong desire to conquer and control.

So get along with men you have to understand his psychology, men are hunters you run his own will catch up, men like mysterious women this is related to nature because there is a strong curiosity. Mystery – Attraction

Advice to women: in front of men do not reveal all their own 100 percent to men, a person if eating too full will have anorexia, maintain some mystery will let the other side mindless, especially in guiding men to pay attention to you, trigger curiosity stage, but also to seize this psychology, increase this curiosity, the greater the curiosity of the greater the desire to conquer.

It’s actually like playing a game, making your relationship more interesting, setting up one level after another, getting a little reward after passing step by step, and enjoying it. In the process of continuous breakthrough, on your time and emotional pay. And thus slowly involuntarily addicted to you. Like you’re playing a game?

Smart women always only say 70 percent, leaving 30 percent to let each other speculate and reverie, leaving room for the other side to be elusive

Yesterday a private letter asked me how I could remain mysterious in front of the male god. I asked her, “What do you think of mystery?” She replied, “It’s half the talk, the chat is gone, don’t tell him what he really thinks, or create the illusion of misleading the other person, making the other person feel elusive.”

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to keep a sense of mystery? Keep men curious about you?”

It’s not exactly called “mystery.”

1 Mystery First layer: visual shock

It can be your face value, it can be a sexy figure, it can also be your style of all kinds of hands and feet. Maybe you will feel the above face value, body, you do not have, is not any chance? In fact, ordinary people are also very easy to have these degrees of mystery, as long as you take the initiative a little bit, such as you take the initiative to see a man, look a few more eyes, look at him, he will go to chat with you. For example, you said to the man at the next table in the restaurant, handsome guy, is your dessert delicious? I want to eat, too. The other side will invite you to eat nine out of ten. Because girls who dare to talk to strangers can easily feel different, and men like to show their kindness in front of strange women.

But either way, the mystery is short-lived. Because of the mystery that comes with not understanding, most of the reasons are because there is a lot of room for imagination. If there is no follow-up support, when the real presentation, with the understanding, will produce a drop, disillusionment, feeling disappeared.

As you develop, you need to add visual effects if you want to arouse curiosity.

2 Mystery Layer 2: Making Impossible

In the film “28-year-old minor” 28-year-old Cool Xia and 30-year-old Mao Liang love for ten years. The hostess is looking forward to entering the marriage every day, dare not slack to keep herself beautiful. Getting up early with makeup to make breakfast for your boyfriend, and even forcing a marriage at a sister’s wedding, all failed.

Why do men only want to keep falling in love and refuse marriage? A lot of girls think I’ve taken good care of my boyfriend, why didn’t he marry me? Because the boy has enjoyed all the conveniences of marriage, already has a cook, a babysitter, a bed friend, does not need to pay anything, so he would not want to get married.

In this case, change your love patterns and create unconscionability so that he can’t really get you. 

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to keep a sense of mystery? Keep men curious about you?”

Girls should remember never to reveal the emotion of “I only have you, I think you, I am your man”

Don’t be too sure of a man at any time, and when a man finds out that you’ve identified him, his desire to conquer will be greatly reduced. Don’t think I’m your man after you’ve completely surrendered yourself, remember that you’re who you are and not an accessory to anyone. Even when you’re in a marriage, don’t feel like you belong to someone, keep it mysterious.

3 Mystery Layer 3: Arouse the desire to explore

Show some wonderful information, can be your understanding and love of some common interest before you, life experience, unique insights and research in a certain field, you bring him new horizons and new perspectives, you show the information presented multi-faceted, or fascinating, or suddenly cheerful, or complement each other. It Will make the other person feel that you are attractive, constantly want to know more about you.

Some people may think that if I talk a lot, he knows me, will there be no mystery? People who dare not show themselves are not self-confident performance, feel that they are not attractive hope to do nothing do not show each other feel her mystery, is dangerous to cover their ears to steal the bell. The greater the fear, the more restless the gas field, and the more mysterious it is.

Each of us has its own flashpoint, the excellent point, only accept the true self, can explore our own advantages and potential. The mystery is not everything that can be displayed, nor is it all exported to a brain at a glance, there are exposed and hidden talent is the most attractive. So all you have to do is take it back for a little bit, take it back for a little bit. As for how to do it? In fact, it is also very simple, with reservations and updates.

In your long flow of water, constantly find new flashpoints, new skills, bit by bit to show, seep out.

For example, at first, do not say what you will do, occasionally go to sing K to find that you sing a particularly tasteful, such as did not mention that they can cook, occasionally cook only to find that the original your cooking is so good.

In summary, when you first get along, don’t throw yourself all at each other, a little penetration, let each other little by little to find.


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