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Everyone’s form of love is different, love can not expect the partner like you love him love you, it is said that you love a person three points, he loves you seven points; So how do you tell if your boyfriend really loves you?

One: will introduce you to your friends and family

When you fall in love, if you have the opportunity, he will introduce you to his friends and family, introduce you to new friends, always gently around your waist, let you into his world. 

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to judge if your boyfriend really loves you? 5 tips to understand your boyfriend’s heart”

Two: willing to spend money for you

Those who are willing to spend money for you don’t necessarily love you, but I don’t love you most of the money I’m willing to spend for you. But be aware of where the money is spent. Assuming that men’s economic income is not very good, it must be unwise to spend money on high-end luxury goods.

Three: willing to accompany you

Whether a person loves you or not is reflected in how much time you take over him. In addition to working time and rest time, everyone’s rest of the day is not much, if he is willing to spare some time each day to chat with your nagging, then you must occupy a high position in his heart.

Four: will not go too close to the opposite sex

If a man really loves you, he’ll keep his distance from the other opposite sex, and if he really needs to, he’ll talk to you and let you know about him. Because he needs only you alone, and he knows that if he is close to the other opposite sex you will feel bad.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to judge if your boyfriend really loves you? 5 tips to understand your boyfriend’s heart”

V: Start with action, not talk

Chinese feelings are more subtle, many men are not good at saying love you. But he will show from the little bit of life that he loves your actions. He will remember what you like, go out to dinner will pack you your favourite food, work busy words will also give you information so you don’t have to worry about and so on.

Time can prove that a person’s love does not love you, every man expresses their love is not the same, if you are together, please do not guess that the other side does not love you, the basis of feelings is trust, rational treatment of your love.

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