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James, an American psychologist, said, “The most fervent need in human nature is the desire to be affirmed.” Affirmation and praise will make the parties feel needed, is to obtain a sense of value, satisfaction, belonging and identity in an effective way.

And in the intimate relationship between the sexes, praise, the praise of the role is even more unexpected, I call it “spring weathering rain”, that is, in a good interaction bit by bit on the spouse has a positive, positive effect, let him get better, let you benefit, let each other’s feelings heat up. 

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

First, why sweet mouth, praise will enhance intimacy?

1. Self-esteem and affirmation Self-esteem is an emotional experience that individuals generate and form based on self-evaluation, self-respect, self-respect, and respect from others, groups, and society. To put it simply, how you and others feel and evaluate your self-worth. High self-esteem people, usually very sunny self-confidence, good at expressing their ideas, more able to be close to people, low self-esteem people are negative depression, Veneno, full of doubt about the world, always feel that life is too tired, it is difficult to be affirmed by the world. According to social psychology, the two ways for human beings to establish self-esteem are to let individuals have their own successful experience in controlling the environment and to give others a positive evaluation of themselves. You boast about your boyfriend, he’ll feel like you’re affirming him, respecting him, and he’ll be more motivated in this relationship.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

2. Making a lover’s expectations come true There is a phenomenon called the Pygmalion effect, which refers to the expectations or prophecies that people form based on the perception of a situation, which can have an effect of adapting to that expectation or prophecy. That is, people’s feelings, ideas and behaviours, will be affected to varying degrees by other people’s subconscious. It serves as a psychological revelation that your praise, praise, and desire become a psychological cue that the desired person, thympeded by an invisible force, will do what you expect. It’s a subtle force that can effectively play its active role and make the other half what you want it to be.

3, value recognition, to meet the needs

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, people have five levels of need, physiological needs, security needs, emotional needs, respect needs and self-fulfilling needs.

Second, emotional, how to properly boast about each other? Since we all know the benefits of praise, how can we just right “praise”, not only can let the other side feel your sincerity and love, but also can invisibly encourage him to become that gentle and considerate warm man?

1, praise to be sincere, content to be true, time to be timely. Qua boyfriend/husband to boast on the idea, do not boast hard, size also wants to take the pinch right. Everyone has advantages, so find out his advantages, grasp the time of praise, you can play the charm of praise, for example, will get better and better! This is an invisible spiritual encouragement, both praise the other side for your action, but also inspire the other person to play to their potential, the future more attentive to you.

2, euphemistically express blame no one in the relationship is perfect, two people want to become a circle, need constantly run-in, tolerance and change. For example, your lover is very bad, do not like to bathe, if you shout and scold him “you are a lazy pig, too dirty.” “Anyone who listens is very angry, perhaps also angered him more and more.” Tell him in another way, “Honey, you’ve always been a gentleman in my heart. ”

Ask your boyfriend to say, “Honey, you can do XX for me, I love you so much.” All in all, I surveyed a lot of men who had almost zero resistance to “I love you”.

3, intimate physical contact Many people say that two people together for a long time, good feelings are difficult to say easily, and then a little sentimental, that will not say can do it. For example, hugging, kissing, holding hands and other body movements, whether it is a farewell hug before going out in the morning, or a good night kiss before bed, it is to the other side to release an “I cherish you, love you, affirm you” signal, is also invisible praise.

4, the worship of the eyes is now popular one way of saying that women look at their favourite, worship, admire the man will reveal the “star eye”, this star eye is looking at each other’s eyes there is light, with eyes to give each other affirmation and appreciation.

Finally, the brother gave the girls three things to note: 1, not flattering, is appreciation, respect

Remember, two people in love are equal, “kwa” is based on mutual appreciation.

2, to have their own career and life’s center of gravity, do not lose self-confidence. Therefore, before boasting, you should also learn to boast about yourself, find your favourite career and hobbies, so that self-worth is realized first.

3, do not blindly praise, there are principles and bottom-line praise does not blind, there must be principles and bottom line when the other side does have problems, you can euphemistically express their attitude, let the party know your ideas. If it is small things and contradictions, it is best not to quarrel directly, especially the other side belongs to the impulsive personality of fascism, eager to vent their dissatisfaction, often stimulate greater disputes and contradictions. You can soothe your other half’s emotions, give them understanding, and then find a way to express your feelings and grievances to him. Of course, if it is some touching principles, the bottom line of the big problem, girls should first think clearly about their position and attitude, learn to stop the loss in time, can not be overly indulgent. The sweet-mouthed girl is lovely, so in love to take the initiative to learn some smart, intelligent practices, not only can let the other half of you die but also let your feelings intimate, happy sweet. Remember, because of love, will praise, because praise, will be more deeply loved.

(2) He will spoil you more if he knows how to be petite. But in the eyes of some girls, indestructible women are more representative of the new era of women, and petite seems to be the same as pretending, too much, they can do things why do not have to find boys to help? The consultation found that similar ideas of girls are very common, do not want to petite, and even feel that in the boyfriend reluctantly petting is a very humiliating thing.

In fact, this is a thinking misunderstanding, because petting is not the same as a weak wind, but a feeling of small wisdom, can enhance intimacy, remind men of the natural desire to protect so that the sexes have a good interaction. Which man doesn’t like cute, petite female friends?

First, why “petite” in love have an unexpected chemical effect? 1 lovely, causing men’s desire for protection “outside cold internal heat” girl is not bad, but the appearance is too strong, easy to give men can not get close to the impression, and your too independent will make men feel that you do not need me, nature can not stimulate their desire to protect. Men have a desire to conquer, but also the pursuit of a sense of accomplishment, subconsciously, they want to be looked up to and appreciated by the other half, and will be petite women take the initiative to show their soft side, reduce the self-protection mechanism, let the other side feel that you need me, rely on me, so unconsciously want to take care of and care for her, and will produce a sense of well-being.

Psychologically, the act of “petting” is interpreted as “de-lying”, which is a child-like way of doing things. Use the child’s point of view to affirm the other person’s position of power, with the child’s identity to meet their own desires. Children petite will get the candy of the elders, that woman petite will also get the man’s care, because of your cuteness and help, let him immediately play masculinity, this is a kind of Jokgang.

The use of the pain of the weak, cause the love of the strength between the sexes the most difficult is not to understand, but let the other side understand you, even if the husband and wife who have been together for many years, there will be conflicts, the heart of the gap.

You’re going to spoil me. Using a back-and-forth argument to step back, will achieve unexpected results.

Second, how to petite to just make him love you more? Petite is a kind of ability and art, not everyone has, especially just the right petite, is not a low-level work, nor is it humble flattery, not to be an incompetence claim. High-level petite is naturally comfortable, is measured on the occasion, is both know how to show weakness nor give up strong. You know, being in love is nothing more than making good use of a woman’s own qualities and making gentleness a force.

Here are three ways to pay attention to three methods: (1) Smile method: love to laugh girl, luck is not too bad all day, love to laugh girl always good luck, and one of the essential skills is smile. Love to laugh, on behalf of the girl’s character open enthusiasm, affinity, get along with people comfortable.

(2) Praise: Learn to praise and give each other affirmation

In addition to playing childish, soft sweet words, there is a very effective use, that is, to praise each other in a petite way. Then buy super cooking for Zhang Jiaxuan to eat, she immediately praises, sweetly said: “is the taste of Western food, great!” “You meet the other half’s need to be loved and respected with a little petite affirmation and praise, and he will blow up the shed and be more protective of you.”

(3) Showing weakness: know how to show weakness, let him take the initiative to love you Men have a heroic plot, want to be the hero to save the world, want to be the great husband to protect the lover. At this time the girl from time to time to show weakness, show their weaknesses and needs, can stimulate him to protect you, care for you, love your impulse.

(1) Pay attention to the occasion, used in key places This occasion is very private, is one-on-one, petting will make two people more intimate, but if there is a friend present, petting is not easy to turn into a trick, when the other side is working, socializing, busy with the right thing, you endlessly pretend to love, it is easy to give people a special understanding, selfish wear feeling.

(2) grasp the number of times, appropriate petite will indeed make men love, but endless petting is a bit unreasonable, as the saying goes, petite frequency is too high, will make the other half bored and paralyzed, lost freshness. Psychology has a phenomenon called the over-limit effect, which refers to the psychological phenomenon of stimulating too much, too much or acting too long, thus causing extreme impatience or inverses. So even if the intimate relationship enhances the petite skills, but also to have a limit, the occasional petite called small women, endless pettiness is a splash of way.

Petite can be exchanged for a moment of luck, but can not guarantee the happiness of your life, and really can make you happy forever is your own, including your ability to make yourself and let each other happy. A woman can charm forever, is not empty and brainless petite, at home to do petite wife, outside to be a big woman, have independent thinking and economic ability, life with her husband petite is flirting, the workplace and life is the ability to be aggressive. Petite is indeed a door to learning, and strive to get the essence of the line, improve themselves, practice more and learn more thinking.

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