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Wanting boyfriends to love you more and more is something that many girls think about and really want to know.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

Don’t worry, here’s the secret.

Don’t love him too much.

If you want him to love you more and more, you can’t show special love for him in the first place.

Many girls will complain, feel that their boyfriend chasing their own time, are after the saddle horse, say what is basically satisfied, most of the time will give enough care and love, information phone seconds back to answer, and almost always, good attitude.

However, how to catch up with the hand, but feel that the whole person is beginning to appear ‘dull’ state.

The original thing to you first, can now wrong your thing, to meet friends;

Before the information seconds back, now may be a long time to reply;

There used to be basically binge-seeking, now if there is really no time, will also tell you directly, ‘Sorry, baby, may have to temporarily change the plan, I suddenly have to work overtime, can not go.’ ’

Human nature is cheap, get will naturally not cherish it, that’s what happened.

Sometimes, it is not entirely not cherished, and sometimes because it has been ‘got’, there is no such urgent need to meet. So the ‘needs’ of the relationship can be put a place.

But the forms of the two are very similar.

Girls and boys are different, boys are from the beginning will be fully committed, not get, but also for the relationship is full of fantasy and freshness and conquering desire. And girls tend to study first, get along, and then slowly enter the state.

Wait until the relationship is established, confirm that this man is like himself, worth paying, will choose ‘consent’, start formal pay and input.

Therefore, it is not boys who have changed, but men and women who have different ‘rhythms of input’.

Like slow-moving people, cautious, just starting to put in, fast-paced people, feelings have begun to go downhill. But he’s still in it, don’t forget his enthusiasm for you at first.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

Girls who want to enter the relationship can first maintain a mental premise.

That is, one cannot be good to you all the time.

At this point, even parents who truly love you selflessly may be negligent in how you feel because they are busy at work, not to say boyfriends.

Don’t be too your boyfriend in this respect.

Even if the moment of neglect and treatment is not as normal as before, after all, chasing you is not a person’s normal, need you to change roles and mentality to accept, rather than still use the previous standards to measure him, they will inevitably produce a feeling of disappointment, hurt the relationship.

After the change of mentality, the advice to girls is, do not “rest assured” the beginning of full commitment.

Some girls who are ‘hot and cold, flattering, and eager to be loved’ often have a problem:

At first due to lack of security, began to a very stubborn inspection of boys, to boys all kinds of tests, set up levels;

In doing so, you will fully expose the sense of need, the focus of life is all on him, scare him away at the same time;

If you show that you care more about and don’t give up than he does, then you lose. Love is a game of relationships, he ate you. Especially in the eyes of men who don’t know the goods, you’re self-descising.

You can put in, but after stabilizing, a little bit of slow input, slowly good for him.

Also, when interacting, you should release some of your own shortcomings appropriately.

‘Appropriate’ means, can not be less, let him feel that you are perfect, when you see your shortcomings will be difficult to accept the rejection of you; You want a little bit of display, and he’ll accept it a little bit.

Relationship development should be slow. This is one of them.

Love him and give him a better you.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to get along with your boyfriend to make him love you more and more?”

Instead of thinking about how to give, give him a particularly delicate lover.

Boys are good-faced, everyone wants their own women to take the shot, take it out, bring it back. ‘Up the hall, down the kitchen’, the real human ideal, not just talk.

And some girls will start to burn out after the relationship is determined for their own external and internal decoration, began to use the name of ‘good to you’ for their boyfriend all-round pay.

But the effect of doing so can only be poor returns. Once the freshness had passed, his attention began to shift, exposing his shortcomings, and he naturally began to become somewhat difficult to accommodate.

Love yourself a little more, in the relationship can not relax.

Two people get along, he loves you on the premise that you are good enough to make him like.

Get along for a long time, may not be as fresh as in the past, but still, maintain a 30% sense of mystery. Make him feel like you’ve always been attractive. This is the inner part.

Let him discover from time to time that you have new skills that he hasn’t unlocked, and that you have areas where he’s good at things he doesn’t know. When you can wait alone, he’ll want to find out more about you.

After unlocking, remember to make up for the mystery Oh, this is the key to charm.

Besides, running your own business here needs to mention ‘gentle and understandable’. This requires girls to practice their own EQ, know how to communicate and emotional control, do not over-emotional and self-centred, gentle treatment of their own men.

Men like gentle, feminine women.

These two aspects, including sexual attraction, attention, demand, mystery, communication, at this point, good for themselves, is good for the relationship.

Relationship development and management require two people to work together. But running yourself is always the core theme.

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