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Most boys are not really low EQ, nor enough to love their girlfriend, more or have a deviation in mentality and cognition. As I used to think, I could give my life to protect my girlfriend, but I didn’t have to talk to her every day because I didn’t think it was necessary. Later, after some thinking, I realized the shortcomings of this idea.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to be a good boyfriend?”

1、 The basic attitude of love once, like many ignorant boys, I found that girls are difficult to understand and understand what they are thinking. You can’t ask directly, so you can’t ask. You can’t guess it. You are so tired that you will die. You will give up at last. You think “it’s just like this for girls. Just leave it alone for a few days.”. This stereotype of gender is particularly harmful to mutual understanding and communication. The difference between people is not so big, girls will have a very rational side, boys will have very fragile moments. The negative effect of stereotype is that men are easy to give up communication, either cold treatment, or express their dissatisfaction, and try to make each other quiet simply and rudely, and don’t find things. Such a result is often greater contradictions and resentment, leading to conflict escalation.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to be a good boyfriend?”

Girls will feel that boys don’t love themselves that much. Most people think that after formal relationship is established, they will enter the life stage. Living together or marrying is fine. Even if the task is completed, they don’t realize that this is the beginning of everything. No longer willing to give for each other, not willing to compromise and tolerance, lazy to maintain feelings, let alone from time to time to create some romantic and surprise. Take me for example, in the pursuit of girls, there will be many things to do, such as: looking at all the friends of the other party, the information left by social network, collecting each other’s various information (such as preferences, habits) to understand. Develop detailed dating plans, improve the whole process, time and options of appointment, such as wearing canvas shoes and walking.

My girlfriend often protested and complained about it, but I always think it is a peculiar kind of female attitude. Later I thought about it myself, and it was wrong to think so. As a food, I have always been extremely tired of two people eating together, the other party is absent-minded play mobile phones. Think about change of position, is not my girlfriend’s protest the same as my disgust? Why can I be upright and disgusted with her playing mobile phones, she complained that I play games every day and don’t care about her become unreasonable? So I think that when I love, I still need to be upright. You think this woman can’t deserve your pay, so she can get together and scatter. If she is worth it, she will get along with her. Seriousness, initiative, respect and equality are the most basic attitudes in love relations, which is the premise of all.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how to be a good boyfriend?”

2、 I have a strong temper in the treatment of quarrel. I like to hurt people especially when quarreling. I never stop the other party to leave. If you really love me, you will not go. What is the point of stopping you since you are going to go? Once, I was very angry, and I started to prepare for the break-up. In a few minutes, she sent a message to sit in the park at the door of her home.

I can’t slap myself a few ears. She rushed down, she saw me and cried wrongly, especially heartache. Let their women sad tears, is what a man ah. Later I discussed with her several rules on quarrel:

1. Don’t say break up any more angry.

2. As a “safety word”, no matter how angry, just say the word, who is angry and who is the dog.

3. Quarrel not overnight, no matter who is right or wrong, the next day to eat a big meal to relax.

Seeing her poor appearance, everything was gone, so they sat down quietly to discuss what to eat. “I know you have a bad memory, you will forget what you ate at noon, forget what I said to you, you will forget a lot of things, but I remember, you never said goodbye to me. “She wrote it in a book that she sent me, and I had forgotten the contents of the book, but I remember it all the time. It is not difficult to deal with the quarrel. It is difficult to quarrel. You can also get out of control with your emotions. This is a problem.

My experience is: 1. The most noteworthy thing to be noticed in the calculation of physiological period is that girls will have a more grumpy temper and often lose their temper inexplicably. Usually, the gentle and lovely girl will suddenly become a vicious little monster. If you don’t get ready in advance, it’s easy to get caught up and out of control. My solution is to calculate the physiological period of my girlfriend. It is not necessary to calculate it by week. Set up the reminder function in the mobile phone calendar. When the physiological period of the girlfriend is approaching, she can prepare in advance, so that she can not irritate you, but you can also take the initiative to appease her. 2. Don’t let her run if your girlfriend likes to fall on the door, you must stop her, leaving the green mountain in the woods. She resists the fierce you also don’t fear, this is normal phenomenon, let her scold vent, will be much better.

3. If boys say more than girls when they talk less and quarrel less, the end is mostly tragic. I asked the women around me. In the state of quarrel, girls hate their boyfriend’s wheezing and chattering. At this time, they try to talk less, let alone long-term reasoning.

4. Distract

5. Killer mace! When a girlfriend is angry, she often talks about anything, that is, she deliberately chooses the words that are particularly hurtful. This is a very obvious common feature. Once you find this, you’ll realize that you’re in the second stage! Breathe deeply, calm down, hold her tightly, stare into her eyes, and say “I love you so much. “Your girlfriend will probably enter a state of ignorance. You will kiss her and stick your tongue in boldly. (must kiss, the effect is the best) girlfriend will naturally close the eyes, plus a deep kiss, will really be cured in a moment. If there is any sign of resistance, kiss it all the time, the longer the kiss, the better. This is really a killer mace. Try to be a hundred people. If the other party loves you, it will work

Some boys believe it, they really leave her alone. And not to hold, and not to go, what? You sit quietly beside her. She hates you, just sit a little farther. This behavior is releasing two important signals: first, you respect her, and the second is that you will not leave her. Both of these are important for girls. Then you look at her calmly, don’t talk, avoid being out of control. Calm down your girlfriend and you’ll come close to her. And then you can use the killer mace. Hold her tight. Kiss her. Rub her chest. Tear off her clothes.

7. If she is really sad about this kind of time, don’t kiss strongly. Hold her in her arms quietly, let her cry as much as possible. Life is not easy, who has no pressure, sad, depressed, sad time.

3、 To turn romance into a habit of busy work, it is too exaggerated to say that everyday life is the same as Valentine’s day, and it will not be so affectable to live in ordinary times. But many times through habit, can better promote the two people’s feelings. For example:

1. When you go out and go home every day, you should embrace.

2. Before going to bed, go to bed 20 minutes in advance, and two people hold together to chat for a day.

3. If you can drive to and from work together along the road, you can talk on the road.

4. Massage each other (really super comfortable…)

5. Go to the market together and buy food and cook

6. Every few days, send flowers to my wife. (especially to hostel / company of girlfriend, effect Explosion)

7. Don’t mean to say “I love you.” girls will never get tired of it.

8. Record the good moments, take photos and videos. Occasionally, the two people come back together, especially warm.

9. Develop some common hobbies. These tips are not complete, if you have a heart, listen to others or see it online, you can record them down, try them a little bit, and you will always meet the way for two people.

4、 The moment I remember sleeping, I got up and planned to turn off the light, saw my ex dazed with his eyes open, and kissed her with a smile. She suddenly hugged me with great strength, hoping to continue to kiss. I was a little confused and told her to turn off the light. But she grabbed me dead and dead, as if I would disappear in a while.

Why can’t boys have that inexplicable moment? When she ties her hair up, sleeps in a muddle, concentrates on work, shy, pours into your arms And so many years, I was impressed that she would be spoiled after bathing before. Please help her blow her hair. I stood behind her, holding up my long hair and helping her dry a little bit. She shook her head, closed her eyes, and they talked about something. She would feel very cute at this time, and couldn’t help kissing her forehead. I realized that she felt it, and I could feel the same. But I thought it was not important and forgot them selectively. That casual kiss, let me begin to understand gradually, girls’ desire for love, attachment to embrace, not out of certain gender stereotypes or their vulnerability, but human instinct. It is human nature to desire love. But how to love yourself and love others really needs the ability to learn constantly. It’s not a kind of pretence or immaturity. Life pressure is big and the rhythm is fast. We have been used to repressing our feelings, not to express ourselves actively, and not to maintain hard. Work very busy, early to go out, where has so much time and energy to enjoy life and love? But at the same time, are we ignoring the real important things? Wish every boy a good boyfriend.

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