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1. Whether the age of marriage is appropriate. If your boyfriend is not married at the age of marriage (about 22-30), then how he expresses his want to marry you, is painting cake, there is no credibility.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how can I see if a boyfriend really wants to marry you?”

Because man will change, he may really love you today to die alive, also does not prevent him from hate to kill you tomorrow.

You said I had money to marry you, but if I had money he would think you didn’t deserve him at all.

So: Anyone who tries to exchange what you might have tomorrow for what you already have is a liar! (Take a chestnut: my family has promised to buy me a house, and when I buy it I will marry you, you sleep with me I will certainly live up to you)

2. Whether there are any plans to get married. He had no plans to get married, whether the family urged him to marry, whether he was preparing for marriage.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how can I see if a boyfriend really wants to marry you?”

One day I hang my wedding on my lips, but where does marriage live? How do you maintain your life after marriage? Do you want children? What’s the attitude of the parents on both sides? These questions never mention people who never think about solving them, and don’t really want to get married. 

A person who wants to stay with you, love life, not only indulge in today’s ear grinding, children love the world of two people, but also look forward to and yearn for the future than wings fly together, white-headed old happy life, if he just takes into account the present and you and me, never imagine and plan for the future, then he may not have considered life with you.

“How to keep a boyfriend—-how can I see if a boyfriend really wants to marry you?”

3. There are no material conditions for marriage. Marriage is not a guest to dinner, not just to get a certificate on everything, marriage is not the result of love, marriage is only the beginning of the problem.

A man who has nothing, can’t even get the money to take a wedding photo, what’s the marriage? Grow your own roots j8?

A plan to marry you, will certainly plan to prepare the basic material conditions, even if naked marriage, but also to be able to do the procedure down? Do you want no car, no room, no wedding ceremony, no three gold, no wedding photos? What would a man who loves you do to you?

4. Whether to walk into both families. Marriage is a matter for two families, and good marriages want the affirmation and blessing of both families. Want to marry you, will lay the mat ahead of time, do parental work in advance, to win the support of both parents.

If your boyfriend wants to grow old with your ‘hands of the deacon’, he will take you into his circle of life and his family, and also hope to walk into your family and friends, in the two people’s double-amphibious, in the shadow, enjoy the love to bring their own sweetness and happiness, but also to the public and admit that you are his future ‘lover’!

At this time, the other family member’s attitude towards you is also very important, the other family member’s attitude towards you, basically reflects his true attitude towards you!

Whether his feelings for you are firm or not.

One is to concentrate on your feelings. To your single-hearted, firm-willed, dedicated to their own all love, care of the heart, care, will not show differences of opinion, the opposite sex other than you, the behaviour of Qin Twichu, you have a deep love, love than Jinjian love.

The second is to love you all. Really like and love a person, will love you all, like your advantages inclusive of your weaknesses, not just appreciate your powdered face, and love skin such as grease body, but also care about the harmony of the Qinser, happiness sweet, even branches together, loyalty.

Third, love house and Wu. If the boyfriend really loves you, wants to and you do not abandon, white-headed old, love you at the same time, will also care and love the people around you, because this can reflect the common between you, love all. If he doesn’t want to see anyone but you, he doesn’t want to go into your world at all, he doesn’t want to live with you for the rest of his life.

Four is to show you the courage to cover your liver, open and honest. Like and love a person, want to spend this life with you hand in hand, you will show the courage to cover the liver, open and honest, heart-to-heart, interest and common. If the boyfriend not only does not want to know you but also do not want to open their hearts, when you ask and care about some things about him, he always flashed words, avoid weight, gives you a confusing feeling, I am afraid he will not give you a lifetime of happiness.

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