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Is it okay to recognize reality?!

When he breaks up with you, he doesn’t love you or doesn’t love you so much.

Don’t fool yourself, he still loves you so much.

What is it like to really love someone? You’ve been in love, what did he do to you when you were in love? Is not held in the hand afraid of falling in the mouth afraid, things for you to consider, thoughtful and thoughtful, hate can not be the world’s gentleness and love to you, who let you be wronged, he can be desperate for you that kind.

“How men deal with breakups”

If he still loves you this way, will he break up with you? No, it won’t! He must have wanted to marry you quickly, to announce your relationship to the world, to tie you together, not to break up with you.

Reality is always naked and hard to accept, but still, have to face it bravely. 

He broke up with you, which means he doesn’t love you anymore, he doesn’t love you so much. No matter how nice the words in his mouth are, “I really love you, but we really don’t fit”, “You’re fine, I love you too much, but we’re too tired together”, these nice words reflect not “he doesn’t love so much”? It’s just that we’re all kind, always showing it in a way that’s easy for each other to accept, and instead, we can’t read the subtext behind the words.

Just remember one thing: he really loves him so much that he won’t break up. Let’s think about it differently, you love a man so much that even if you know there are a lot of problems between two people, do you really give up the scorer? Afraid of knowing the sea of knife fire, but also to jump in.

Even so, it is still recoverable. Because feelings are fluid, do not love can still become love. Moreover, it is difficult for relationships between lovers to disappear without a trace. Two people will be together, indicating that you are attracted to each other. Even after a period of freezing, it’s easy to be attracted to seeing each other again.

Since not love can become love, then we want to save the need to think is, how the original love into love. Find out how love disappears, and we’re right about the disease.

In fact, it’s about figuring out how you broke up.

its own value is reduced

Two people who can stay together for a long time, the conditions are basically matched, or similar. And if with the added weight of getting along, one side gets higher and higher, the other side is still in place. Over time, the two men didn’t deserve it. The high side will naturally slowly give birth to a sense of rejection, the low side will also have low self-esteem, suspicion of dark ghosts, the break-up has become inevitable.

“How men deal with breakups”

So, with that kind of recovery, you have to make yourself the one who matches the other person. If you can’t, don’t save it. Even if you cry pear blossoms with rain, I see still a pity, still can not save the defeat.

I don’t get along well

The problem of getting along with each couple has its own performance. Some people are too noisy to make the other side go, some people are not good at communication, problems in the heart, can not stop the direct break-up without room, some people are the daily cold war, no one wants to bow.

The problem of getting along with each other is accumulated over time and the contradictions that form in the accumulation of time form. This kind of recovery, after breaking up must change their own shortcomings, learn a better way of getting along, and then with the appropriate way to recover.

Freshness drops

Two people together for a long time, just like the left-hand touch the right hand, lost the passion of love. Over time, some people will be attracted to others outside the relationship and revitalized.

Such break-ups are usually accompanied by cheating. Do you want to save the look at the individual? It is not a shame that the other party cheats and chooses to forgive, it is a personal decision that others have no right to interfere with and blame. But when choosing to forgive or redeem yourself, make it clear that you can really forgive yourself, rather than using this matter as a way to get along in the future, which will only hurt feelings.

“How men deal with breakups”

Real problems

Because of the reality of the problem and break up, can not say that two people just do not love, but the feelings are really can not cross the gap between reality. In such cases, it is not recommended to recover unless the problem can be solved.

Therefore, after the break-up does not hold the “he clearly loves me” illusion to confuse themselves since he broke up with you, it means that he does not love you so much; Well, please recognize the reality first, and then take medicine to save the disease.

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