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Read the man’s heart

After the break-up, you can’t control think of him, has not believed that he doesn’t love you, once the Sea Oath Mountain League is deceptive? When you’re afraid of being alone, you always want to know what he’s doing now. What are you doing? The later into the night, the more uneasy you feel that you don’t do anything with each other and be with others.

“How men deal with breakups—-tired Breakup: the truth that men didn’t say is in this recovery strategy”

In fact, the break-up has the difference between false and true, false break-up is a small play, a decision made under one breath, a lot of times, is the girl proposed, emotional break-up, but after all, or a party concessions, soon from the good. And the true break-up is mostly boys put forward, is he aged for a long time, really left, head also do not return.

So want to save, first to read the man’s heart, in fact, the man is very simple, on the one hand, want you to respect him, including the decision to break up, on the other hand, he also needs your understanding, is not unreasonable and entangled.

The wrong way to recover is that a woman tries to pull him out of single life, which in turn stirs up his dark side and hits you hard, which is a manifestation of not knowing the man’s heart.

“How men deal with breakups—-tired Breakup: the truth that men didn’t say is in this recovery strategy”


Crack the man’s breakup trap and regain sovereignty

What you’ve been wondering is that he would coax you no matter how you lost your temper, and he didn’t take it seriously when you mentioned a breakup a few times, but when he mentioned a break-up, he really split it up.

In fact, different and women’s emotional break-up, the man’s break-up “trap” lies in his break-up, give you a very sudden feeling, yesterday also hugged you to see a movie, kiss hugging, today suddenly and you chatted about this topic. 

In fact, he began to sweet talk to you, after the saddle horse, psychologically but silently give you a score, your “bad temper”, your “imperfection”, your “unconscionable” gradually accumulated, from 1 to 10, and finally enough 9 points, men will leave the last point of love decision to themselves, so they proposed to break up, not overnight, but a long-term backlog of negative emotions.

At this moment to crack his break-up trap, it is necessary to change “passive” to “active”, you unilaterally actively cut off his contact and create a consent to break up the illusion, that is, “break-up”, while learning to change position thinking, from the way you speak to dress style are beginning to change, when you promote your golden age, let him feel that you are not a disaster, realize that leaving you is a wrong decision, is the real master of sovereignty.

“How men deal with breakups—-tired Breakup: the truth that men didn’t say is in this recovery strategy”


Mental adjustment, security is their own

After you break up, will check his position, monitor his where, or constantly suspect, his friend circle dynamics are any signs, even if you share a song, you will feel that the lyrics are singing you, so you occasionally refresh the mood in the circle of friends, but also wrote a long-term awareness, want to go back to the past, did not expect, he did not reply, but also blacked you, that moment, your self-confidence completely disintegrated.

In the final analysis, the adjustment of mentality comes from the adjustment of your mind, you have to accept the fact that you have broken up, have to realize that you have lost him, this time you can keep an emotional diary, written down in black and white, to both examine their own thinking process, but also break their own past mindset.

Between you and him is not love, but your insecurity, let him very tired. What a man needs is trust and support, the most not afraid is the threat, he should not be responsible for your sense of security, like: “He is gone again, is not and that group of fox friends and dogs confused?” “”How could there be another woman’s voice on his phone, and did she cheat?” The first half is the truth, the second half is your imagination. Therefore, it is not others who can give yourself a sense of security, but yourself.


Let him see your change, to win the ticket

A lot of women finally asked him to meet, can’t wait to talk about feelings, want to talk to him about each other’s problems, say how they love him, how can not leave him, and then very eager to mention and, in fact, this is the big taboo: boys will feel that this is your humble request, and just because you love him, the initiative to send the door to save his heart?

The root cause depends on the root cause of your conflict. Has a bad temper changed before? Have those previous real problems been solved? And the best way is to let him see your growth, your break into a butterfly-like metamorphosis, so as to reduce the other side’s defensive psychology, for your compound to bring hope, reverse the situation.

In fact, recovery is not a difficult thing, we love deep enough, but also true enough. Originally, we think that love is a permanent balance, in fact, love is a kind of ability, good love needs constant repair and maintenance, need professional guidance and learning, only master the heart of the man, many difficult problems solved.

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