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After the break-up of most men’s true thoughts: break-up is definitely not loved, but do not want to love!

Why do you say that?

First of all, I would like to say that no matter how long you have been in love after the break-up, there will certainly be traces of special love between you, because Hegel said that existence is reasonable.

When the break-up man must have said to you: “I don’t love you anymore”, “I hate you”, “please get out of here”, “we are impossible” and so on, as if the break-up is particularly decisive, in your opinion he is so desperate, no human nature.

‘’How men deal with breakups—-theory tells you: what most men really think and do after breaking up”

However, I want to tell you not to be deceived by a man’s big words, silly to think that I really have no possibility, he denied us all before, he never loved me ah.

In fact, the man is not loving, but at this moment he does not want to love, in other words, he does not know how to go on, he must encounter a particularly difficult problem to solve, their own handling is not good, can only choose to escape.

Keywords: Not loving doesn’t mean you don’t want to love.

Draw the point here do not love and do not want to love can not draw an equal sign!

What’s the difference?

Not loving means that you have no attraction to him at all, let him have no interest in you at all, he even has no emotion for you, not even want to sleep with you.

Don’t want to love, the school president felt that any emotional break-up is not want to love, such as the break-up of the special decision, the predecessor blacked out the current, or after the break-up of the predecessor also came to find the predecessor.

Don’t want to love, when does a man don’t want to love? Either you’re hurt or you’re too tired!

‘’How men deal with breakups—-theory tells you: what most men really think and do after breaking up”

This shows that in this relationship there are a lot of problems in women, so that men are difficult to get along with her, to men very bad experience.

But this does not mean that the boy does not love her, the woman’s own value and attraction or some, but at this moment the man does not want to love, he is tired and hurt. 

For example, you have a strong possessive desire, always suffer from loss, you always ignore the self-esteem of men often complains about men, or you are relatively strong so that men do not experience as a man’s control, a long time, men are tired, tired.

Keywords: At this moment, does not mean never want to love.

Feelings are fluid, a person does not love you, can increase their own value, increase the attraction so that he from the new love you, then a person does not want to love is more targeted, the possibility of recovery is greater! Not wanting to love at this moment doesn’t mean wanting to love, you can pass it on to your predecessor through your own changes and make the ex want to love you again.

The predecessor did not want to love, to prove that he has a knot, heart knot can not open, you certainly think he is very desperate, you certainly feel very difficult to recover, the heart is reversible, once found the right way, it is easy to save.

‘’How men deal with breakups—-theory tells you: what most men really think and do after breaking up”

Tell me a case:

This is a ten-year marriage, girls strong character, often ignore the feelings of the husband, do not know how to respect the husband, resulting in the husband away from home, never care about the two.

Can you say your husband doesn’t love you? Husband still loves her very much, after all, up to ten years of feelings.

The reason for leaving home is because my husband is very depressed ah, he has a heart knot, ah, the heart is not happy ah, away from home is more like a protest, as if to say to his wife: “It is you as you to me I will leave home.” “It’s like a demonstration.

If a man really doesn’t love his wife at all, just get divorced, why should he leave home?

Therefore, as long as the heart of his heart knot, reasonable change and communication will naturally play a good effect.

As I have said before, there are some problems in the character of girls, often ignore the feelings of the husband, do not know how to respect the husband, this is the man’s heart knot, he needs to release ah, this time you let him feel that he is respected by the attention, slowly his heart knot will be opened.

So, first of all, I open his husband’s defence line from communication, I first helped her write a letter of recovery, here I only intercept the first paragraph:

“Actually, I don’t want to contact you, because I know to say anything to you, you will hate, I know you hate me, even hate me, now want to come, become a woman hated by her husband, I live is really a failure, if I failed to bring you the life you want, what qualifications do I have to ask you more?”

Doesn’t that sound very comfortable! Imagine a man who hadn’t been respected in more than a decade, and suddenly how it would feel to hear that?

It’s like a heinous person who speaks to you every time, but one day suddenly helps you, you will feel very surprised, that’s the truth.

If every next day, you communicate with men and get along, know how to respect each other, care about each other, that man’s heart knot is not a little bit of you unzipped.

Moreover, there is a certain emotional basis between you, he saw your change, the next day will continue, you say he wants to fall in love with you again, there is no other choice?

Therefore, do not always give up lightly, feel that does not love is not love, there is no possibility of recovery, think men are very desperate.

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