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Is there really no room for men to break up? How do you save a boyfriend who’s determined to break up?

1. Women break up emotionally, men break up rationally.

Although not every man after breaking up is absolutely irretrievable.

But after so many years of emotional counselling, there is a benchmark judgment:

Women say that break-ups are often meant to release the emotions of the moment, while men say that break-ups are long-planned rational thinking.

Rome was not built in a day, nor was its feelings indifferent overnight.

A woman’s “do” stems from insecurity, I sent a circle of friends who said coldly he did not take the initiative to care about me is not concerned about me, the weekend also accompany my friends to dinner do not accompany me is not concerned about me, angry also want to argue with me right or wrong is not love me.

“How men deal with breakups—-How to save a boyfriend who is determined to break up”

So, to “confirm” that he still loves you, under the influence of emotion blurted out: I have had enough, let’s break up.

Then you see his panic and his hands, knotted to explain to you, buy you a gift to please you, get a satisfactory answer.

But is this really over?

You know, a man’s heart is actually more sensitive and fragile than you think, and every girl’s work will increase his uneasiness in this relationship.

Wait until too much, the sense of disappointment accumulated to a certain extent, you mention the break-up, found that he readily agreed.

At this point, it’s your turn to panic.

Because a lot of times, breaking up is just your emotion, but it’s his decision.


The parties do not feel that as long as enough love, will not be separated, even love too hard too bigoted, but will give each other too much pressure, leading to a relationship fall apart.

Can be biased too many people so, insecure, once into a relationship, began to suffer from loss, always afraid of losing, so try to grasp hard.

In psychology, this personality trait is called anxiety attachment

Suffering from loss, get the brain to make up for all kinds of lost scenes, with the way of possession to express and understand love;

Strong sense of dependence, want to keep in touch with lovers, want to know where ta is, what is doing, with whom;

Sensitive and suspicious, always feel that the other side do not love themselves enough, a word did not say right is easy hysteria;

“How men deal with breakups—-How to save a boyfriend who is determined to break up”


Like to test feelings, commonly known as “doing”, serious or even accustomed to a conflict on the break-up, but the purpose is not to break up but to enjoy the other side to retain their own panic look;

Accustomed to sacrifice-style pay, but this kind of pay is often self-moved, but not let the other side recognize.

Low sense of security of feelings, strong dependence, too hard to cause the other side in this relationship too tired.

He loves you, you also love her, but unfortunately, love occupies almost 80 percent of your life, you ask the other side to put 80 percent of your life into feelings, this and his career, life, the family have appeared contradictions, can not get along, so separate.

Many times, break up is not because the other side is “really love you”, but you face feelings too much blind bigotry, lost their own.

3. The only consequence of trying out how much gravity a table is crushing it

Using break-up as a bargaining chip to test feelings, is too many people in the relationship made mistakes.

Breaking up is a great hurt to feelings,

In fact, their essential purpose is not really to break up,

May just take this to vent dissatisfaction, expect the other side to lower their posture to save themselves so that they feel more love;

Maybe it’s just a test of the thickness of their feelings because they’re convinced that “the people who really love themselves can’t catch up.”

4. Love needs to be sustained, not consumed

To have a relationship is like running a bank account.

Every time you do the right thing, travel together, prepare gifts for each other, encourage each other, are for this account to make savings;

Every time you do the wrong thing, do it for no reason, get emotional hysterically, you’re consuming this account.

Unfortunately, too many people do not understand this truth, the “true love” as a 10-50s medicine, thinks that once the feelings are generated, the account of love can be insuperable.

People who have the wrong expectations of love are also destined to be hurt in their feelings.

“How men deal with breakups—-How to save a boyfriend who is determined to break up”

Just two points about how to recover

1. Just broke up, the most taboo way is to die and fight.

The last-second crying to break up is you, the next second crying to the compound is also you;

Breaking up emotionally is impossible to compound emotionally.

Moreover, just broke up with him, in a period of anger against you, frequent contact can only make him think more about your bad side, but not helpful to save. 

2. The emotional level (secondary attraction) and the rational level (de-escalating contradictions) are two-pronged.

The correct way is to start from the two levels of sensibility and reason.

Emotionally, first, give this relationship a cooling-off period, do not contact frequently, but through the circle of friends and intermittent chat, more to show the advantages that you attracted him at that time.

For example, he always boasts that you have long legs and you can sunbathe all over your body, and he thinks you can cook well and sunbathe more of your new dishes.

In other words, let him feel your strengths, get out of the disgust as early as possible, and derive emotions that you don’t want to give up.

Rationally, we must first recognize a problem.

This is not a break-up caused by a period of emotion, but the accumulation of contradictions, the need to draw silk peeling to ease, do not expect a short time to do.

Recognize seriously really to re-plate this relationship, think about their own mishandling of the place, not only to save but also for the future of the emotional road more smooth.

“How men deal with breakups—-How to save a boyfriend who is determined to break up”

If it was because you were too much to break up, don’t always struggle with when to compound before you address your emotional shortcomings.

Because he is a rational break-up, even if you have a reluctant mood, but the thought of compounding will still be because of the same problem quarrel, to repeat the mistakes, he will not come back.

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