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Break up, teach you 5 tricks to let men change their hearts.

If a man ignores your hundreds of begs, you should stop begging.

It’s not that you watch him break up with you, it’s that you’re going in the wrong direction, and then entanglement just increases the man’s resistance to you.

It’s not because you love so much that you get results before you think about these questions:

“How men deal with breakups—-how to recover the boy’s heartless breakup”

1. What was your original intention to get men to change their hearts?

Is it because you pay too much is not willing, or you and he when really happy, do not want to miss?

2. What is the real reason for his break-up with you?

The reason for breaking up is not that you quarrelled so simple, feelings will not be because of a quarrel is gone, really let the man decide to break up with you, must be you in the process of letting him down too many times caused.

Can you accept his change during the break-up period?

After a break-up relationship, even if you make peace, the relationship pattern will change accordingly, can you accept to re-establish your relationship pattern?

If all of the above questions are clear, it will be much easier for a man to turn his mind to you.

 You think it’s hard for men to change their minds because you don’t know what men think, I might teach you differently from other teachers, and I won’t teach you specifically to say those words, because everyone’s reasons for breaking up are different.

But no matter why you break up, only when your cognition improves will you know how to get men to come to you.

“How men deal with breakups—-how to recover the boy’s heartless breakup”

To get your man to change his mind, you must have these thoughts:

A lot of girls will feel that the break-up has been so long, did he forget me? Has he come out? Did I lose my chance…

The longer you break up, the less confidence you have to let men change their minds, but in fact, the first time you break up is not the best time to let men change your mind.

Because the break-up mood is still, he is more serious resistance to you, this time soft words, apology, begging … it will only calcify his dissatisfaction with you.

During the time he had just broken up, his communication with you was completely closed, and he avoided your weakness in a cold-war way because his perception of you was negative, and at this point, you were a man of his faults.

So a lot of people will find that how you retain and ignore your man, after a period of break-up actually take the initiative to add you WeChat, because men break up after a very obvious emotional period.

When his resistance to you is over, the next step is to reflect on yourself, and when you are in pain, he is reflecting on his own mistakes. Don’t feel that breaking up only you are in pain, men in the relationship even if the pain, will not be the same as a woman to show their emotions.

Only when he is no longer deeply concerned about your contradictions will he begin to wonder about your state, this time many girls will find that he actively added you WeChat, or he will look at your social account.

Let the man’s heart change whether or not to succeed, never tied to the length of time of the break-up, but lies in the way you deal with the break-up,

If at this time you are still begging him not to respond, then be sure to stop

So how do you recognize a man’s psychology after a breakup? through his conduct.

Generally speaking, men break up into two broad categories: immediately delete the contact and retain the contact.

Men who delete contact information immediately have three mentalities:

The first: break-up emotions are too intense, passionate break-up, this kind of break-up is mostly emotional-led, the probability of false break-up is very large so that men change their hearts is also simple;

The second: habitual behaviour, if you quarrel with each other will delete your contact, that means he is closing your communication channels, habitually avoid you, calm down a day after the probability of contact is very high;

Third: He’s gambling with you, making you sad by deleting them to prove that you care about him and that there’s a good chance of a fake breakup.

“How men deal with breakups—-how to recover the boy’s heartless breakup”

As long as your break-up does not involve principled issues, men for the first time to delete you, the probability of false break-up is very high.

Two kinds of men’s psychology keep in touch:

The first: your residual value is too high, the other side greedy for your residual value;

The second: his determination to break up is very strong, but put down you are not a thing you can do at once, keep your WeChat, but will not respond to you, on the one hand, is torturing your heart, on the other hand, is hanging you, and you bet.

What a man’s psychology is like, through his performance after breaking up, can analyze how likely it is to get him back to you.

 3. Taking the initiative is fundamental to getting men to change their hearts.

If you’re asking a man to change his mind, he’ll ignore me.

I’ve already done this, what else am I going to do?

What am I going to do to make up for him… Such doubts indicate that your method has a low success rate.

Because you let the man’s mind to change his mind is still stuck in the pandering, always feel that they are not good enough, the other side is not good.

In fact, your approach has always been passive.

You’re following his emotions and his response. If you want the other person to change your mind, you have to turn passive into active. Let him treat your feelings rationally, and at this point, all you have to do is raise the threshold for breaking up.

Women who can’t let men go are good at attacking, and this is when you can convey this to him:

I know you choose to break up has been very resistant to me (common, let him know you understand him);

Just want you to know that everything I do doesn’t hurt you, but also really love you, I have done a bad job, you say it, no matter what we do in the future, at least you will be a little more comfortable (to guide the other side to produce emotions).

We have been together for some time, my heart has always been yours, I thought I was working hard for our future but did not expect you to be unhappy, have your day, I am giving the future hope (to raise the threshold of the break-up) after the break-up also hope you can be good.

Express your attitude to feelings, let go, or you can show some aggressiveness, such as:

If you keep refusing to communicate with me like this, we won’t be better, why can’t we make it clear?

You always think I’m hurting you, but don’t you find out that my starting point is to be able to have you later?

Active is not to let you take the initiative to talk to him, but to let the other side take the initiative to consider your relationship, the use of the break-up threshold to let the other side weigh and your breakup of the advantages and losses.

Push your relationship into a position where he can’t give up, and his decision to break up will loosen. 

 However, many girls may also find that the other party Mingming added back to WeChat, or will reply to your WeChat, or will not take the initiative to contact you, it seems that you have reached a re-link, but just do not know how to communicate.

This time you have to do is to establish a framework, do not because you have been re-connected on the initiative to contact each other every day, also do not think that the other side will ignore you, you still have a relationship.

You can update some of your life photos in your circle of friends and let them know your status.

At the same time, you can also take the initiative to talk to him about your feelings, you can let him know that you have been thinking about your break-up this time.

But don’t be soft.

You have to use a predecessor’s identity to talk about the past, do not talk about your contradictions, it is best to say some of the moments he moved you, there is a kind of thing is the best sense of human right and wrong.

After the chat, you can use the attitude and he communicates, do not give yourself the burden of the girlfriend, the man is most afraid of the ex-girlfriend caught the previous contradictions, to let him open and your date, you must first let go of the past feelings.

Only if your attitude is not humble, you can let go of your feelings, do not give him any relationship pressure, can guide him to take the initiative to approach you.

5. Provide value for him to come back to you

Men will not and only force themselves and good girls together, he needs is the intersection of practical action, so many girls say every day to find men to chat, why he just don’t return?

Because he knows that you are looking for him is to let him change his mind, except for the words come and go there is nothing else, he will reply to you?

Let a man’s mind change must not be separated from the actual action, even if you are off-site love, to seize the opportunity to have some intersection with him, work, study, or let him enjoy your residual value to bring him the convenience.

For example, you can ask about his life situation, recently busy, you can provide him with what help or you can say accompany him to some of the good places you found to relax…

After providing value, you can properly shout hard, shout tired, petite, to reward can be, for the next time your intersection to do a good job of paving the way.

When you enter his life and take up most of his time, a man will get used to your presence, and even if you don’t make up for it, he will take the initiative to “kidnap” you with intimacy so that you can stay with him and not miss you.

All in all, let a man turn his mind, analyze his psychology from his behaviour, according to the other side’s ideas, guide him to take the initiative to approach you, then you take him must take nine steadies.


The world’s most inconceivable thing is the feelings of people, you think his words are useless, but never thought he could hurt you, just to cut off their own thoughts on you.

Therefore, there is no solution to the man, only did not find the right way of the predecessor, the man’s affection is never relying on your humble, happy long-term love, are equal.

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