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The other day, one of my female friends broke up.

She asked me to help her make a plan for her recovery by looking for me to watch the ball. So for 90 minutes, she spent 45 minutes reminiscing, 45 minutes complaining, until the last three minutes of injury time, she asked me what to do.

I told her, don’t contact me first…

Before I could finish, she cried… In the big football bar, she was crying alone.

She told me that if she didn’t get in touch, the other person wouldn’t forget her.

“How men deal with breakups—-from a man’s point of view, what do men think after breaking up”

After listening to her, I was silent…

So today, let’s have a good chat, what exactly are the men thinking after the breakup?

After the break-up of men will generally go through three stages, if you can understand the idea of these three stages, it is actually a lot of problems will be solved.

Stage 1: Excitement period

Men in love more or less will be the control of their girlfriends, although they do not say, the inner desire for freedom is not weakened at all.

So, and women’s sadness is different, this period of men will be like a wild horse.

There may be a star and a half of pain, but the thought of their own regained freedom, will instantly out of the shadow of love, and even secretly glad that they finally left you extremely bored.

In the film “Former Strategy 3”, Meng Yun and Yu Fei two brothers after the break-up, a tangled pain, a big slug, but they all chose to immediately release themselves, nightclub revelry, bikini parties, dating software fancy blooming the second spring of life, to celebrate the “golden single period” and start a new way of girl.

The film, which claims to show men see themselves and let women know about men, perfectly shows the difference between a man and a woman breaking up.

“How men deal with breakups—-from a man’s point of view, what do men think after breaking up”

So, the more you go after him at this stage, the faster he runs.

Because in this period of time, men often lack the ability of rational and objective judgment, not only will you feel very annoying and annoying, but also your mistakes and shortcomings will be infinitely enlarged.

Because at the moment, he just wants to enjoy the comfort without feelings, quickly escape the unhappy mood to enjoy HAPPY.

Rest assured, however, that this sentiment will not last long, followed by the second phase.

The second stage: the period of reflection

After enjoying my single life, the man’s negative feelings in the relationship have slowly calmed down, he will begin to objectively reflect on this relationship and the original break-up behaviour.

So, like the girls who have now broken free of the emotional vortex, they are now shrouded in the shadow of love loss.

I have a brother, always feels that the girlfriend is too considerate, wants to break up and afraid of his girlfriend dead beat. It took a week to finally make up your mind to break up with your girlfriend.

To his surprise, the other side did not die, not even a phone call asking why.

The girl accepted the matter very calmly, only on WeChat concise and powerful back to a “good”.

As a result, this guy the week before also glad that his ex-girlfriend so happy to agree to the request to break up, the next week began to sit restlessly, not only at home holding a mobile phone over and over again to see the two people chat history, but also continue to harass me:

“Hey, you said she was so happy, isn’t there a dog out there?” Laozi won’t be green, will he? ”

“She shouldn’t be such a happy person, do you think she didn’t love me at all?”

“Why didn’t she come to me?” She’s comfortable after the breakup? ”

“You said she wouldn’t have a new love, did you?”

“Isn’t the tone a little heavy when I say breakup?”

“What does this circle of friends she just sent mean?”


The man, who was celebrating his return to singles a few days ago, is now in a completely different state.

So at this stage, men’s psychology has begun to change, but the length of this stage will vary from person to person, most men after reflection will soon move on to the next stage, that is, the period of nostalgia.

Phase III: Nostalgia period

“How men deal with breakups—-from a man’s point of view, what do men think after breaking up”

At this time, men find a person’s life, as if not as interesting as imagined, they seem to go back to the past beer bubble noodle days.

So when men release their pressure and really calm down, they will begin to miss the days of two people.

When men have a relatively objective understanding of the relationship and the outcome of the break-up, those two people together little by little will now be like a storm, especially those good memories. (PS: Except for all kinds of fuss after the breakup)

So this time is the most intense time for men’s compound wishes, they recall the past at the same time on the girl’s current state of life is also full of curiosity, curious to what extent?

Let’s go back to the guy above who broke up, he started inviting people out for dinner and drink when he entered the third stage, do you think he managed to get out of the shadow of love loss? 

No, he just wants to take the opportunity to hear from his ex-girlfriend.

Hearing that the other side is not a slump, but more and more beautiful, and even went to the baking school to learn how to make Western dessert, he suddenly felt that the original initiative to break up their own is simply a silly X, so can’t wait to add back his ex-girlfriend’s WeChat.

Therefore, the chances of a couple compounding at this stage are more than 80%, because this is the time when a man’s compound intention is strongest.

Maybe a sister came forward and said, “He broke up with me, I cried and asked him to compound, and he agreed, and he said he wouldn’t hurt me anymore.” ”

Don’t worry, I’m going to say that.

First of all, we need to know that once men mention break up, in fact, the idea of breaking up in their hearts has been brewing for a long time.

I once asked a male seminary participant, who said:

“I broke up with my girlfriend, and that night she was drunk and cried and called me and told me not to leave her. It was winter, and she said she was alone in the street.

So, I did not say two words to find her, with a coat tightly wrapped in her arms, to help her wipe tears, warm hands, and told her I will not leave her, let her not hurt themselves.

But, you know, I was just treating her as a sister, I was hurting her, and I felt guilty about making her suffer. There’s not a little bit of male or female meaning. ”

So girls, do you understand?

This kind of back is only a trace of mercy of a man, if the number of times, he will not care where you cry, and such a recovery is not effective.

A lot of people think that as long as he came back to me then I was to recover success, big mistake, the real recovery is that you repaired your relationship outside, he was attracted to you again.

And after the above three stages, a man will be easily attracted to you, because his curiosity has reached its highest point, the desire to compound is the strongest.

So, girls, please give men time for these three stages of transition after the breakup.

We all know that the reason for the break-up is that two people can no longer get along, or one side is really unbearable to the other.

To put it another way: the other person is so tired of you that he doesn’t want to have any more contact with you, and even a glance at you makes him so disgusted.

So what should you do to reduce your boredom at this time? Of course, it’s avoiding, leaving. That’s what we call disconnection.

When a person has a good feeling and interest in you, he will naturally contact you. Therefore, disconnection is the cornerstone of rekindling his interest in you.

If you hit the moth up again and again, if he is extremely disgusted with you, then you can only make a heroic sacrifice.

And the break is to avoid the front, so that both sides have a buffer and respite, calm each other down, to minimize the contradiction.

This is the importance of disconnection!

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