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1. Read his body language. It’s important to see if a boy likes you, to what extent he likes you, and to read body language. Interestingly, body linguists believe that women can express their feelings to men in about 52 body languages, while men have only about 10 body languages that express good feelings toward women. Here’s a look at all the body language for reference: He’s always looking at you. He even picks eyebrows when he looks at you (this action only lasts 1/5 second!). Besides, he probably didn’t realize he was always looking at you.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or not?”

He always wants to be close to you. Being close to the opposite sex is a strong signal of good feeling. Look at the direction of his hands, feet and legs. If it’s toward you, then subconsciously he might like you. He began to pay attention to his image. He began straightening his tie, flattening his shirt, smoothing his hair, or tidying his shoelaces. This and male birds in court with females to show their prestige is a truth! Look at his sitting position. If his sitting position is full of masculinity, then he may want to make a good impression on you in this way. If he likes you, you’ll find that he rarely leans toward you, or even leans toward you and looks at you. When he’s next to you, he droops his shoulders, which proves that he cares what you say. If he deliberately twists your shoulder while sitting, he must be interested in you.

2. Pay attention to his eyes. As mentioned earlier, if a boy is interested in you, he will always look at you, and sometimes even make you feel a little squinted. He might try to look at you, but if he’s shy, he’ll turn his head the moment you look at him. There’s a good way to tell: stare at his face for four seconds, then look elsewhere (four seconds is enough, it’s too long to be a little weird), and then look back – if he keeps eye contact with you, or enhances eye contact, it proves that he’s interested in you. If his eyes fall on your mouth, then he is 100% good to you. If he had looked at you a little, he might have had a little bit of fun with you. But if he stops making eye contact and starts looking elsewhere, he may have nothing to do with you.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or not?”

3. Shy boys will sneak at you, which is different from not liking you. If he likes you, even if he is shy, he will continue to peek at you! Be patient! It’s not interesting to look at boys you don’t like. At this point you can quickly look away and look around, pretending to look for someone. When he’s next to you, doing something or making a joke that makes people around laugh, he’ll see if you’re laughing too — which means he’s trying to make a good impression on you. If he likes you, his pupils will get bigger. Of course, it’s not easy to observe, and if you do, it makes him feel like you’re staring into his eyes. But if you stay with him for a long time, it’s easier to see.

4. Listen to what he says. If he likes you, he’ll be a little nervous and try to get close to you. Generally speaking, he will begin to talk about himself. Most of the time, men feel like they have to show themselves first, especially when there are other men around them. Judging his interest by speaking. It doesn’t really matter what you say, the key is the way you speak. So try to get close to his shoulder, or he’ll look for opportunities to hug you, say hello, express feelings, or find other excuses. On the other hand, you can also see how he reacts when you touch him, try to slide your hand over his neck, or hold his forearm, and slide his hand with his fingers while laughing. If he likes you, he won’t refuse or even take the opportunity to hold your hand. On the other hand, if he’s nervous or immediately moves his hand away, prove that he doesn’t like you. If he’s shy, he might start a little surprised by what you’re doing. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, you need to keep watching his next behaviour patiently.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how to judge whether a boy likes you or not?”


5. Watch if his attitude towards you is different from his attitude towards others. If he really likes you, he will show “protecting” your gentlemanly behaviour. He might pull the chair closer to you, put his hand behind your chair, or put his jacket on the back of your chair, or even dress you when you feel cold. Some boys may deliberately flirt with other girls to attract your attention. Because they want to know how you react and judge whether you like him or not. (Yes, I know it sounds weird, you might even get annoyed or a little confused and give him up!) Fortunately, if you look closely, you can still tell if he did it on purpose, and if he’s just trying to get your attention, then you’ll secretly watch your performance while flirting with other girls. You can also pretend to go to the bathroom, and if you leave and he doesn’t flirt with other girls, he likes you, not anyone else. Or you can pretend to leave and have your friends take a look at it for you. 

6. See if he suddenly likes what you like. For example, if you tell him about music you like and he doesn’t know anything, he’ll ask you to recommend some related bands. Or he’ll take the time to find a performance from your favourite band, or even propose to see it together. You mention to him your favourite TV show, and he’ll watch it on purpose, and tell you that the show became his favourite, and discuss the plot with you, all these details prove that he likes you.

7. See if he is nervous. Whether it’s natural for him to laugh, whether he’s sweating a little, or whether he’s exhaling deeply to overcome stress, or if he’s quickly turning his eyes when you notice he’s looking at you, maybe like your performance. If he deliberately wants to make a good impression on you, it proves that he is trying very hard to win your heart, you can also respond appropriately.

8. Look at his friends. If his friends know he likes you, they may deliberately joke about him while you’re there, hinting at his affection for you, and wondering if you like him. So watch his friends perform for themselves — they are

Not deliberately turning to his strange smile, or making a mysterious appearance. If his friend tells you that the boy likes you, but you don’t see any other signs, then you have to be careful.

9. See if he’s joking with you. A boy who likes to make gentle jokes about you may be a sign of liking you. This is especially true of young boys. As long as he doesn’t do this to every girl, it proves that he’s trying to win over you with his humour. Of course, if he’s not joking properly, you should ask him directly. Let him know from the start that you are worthy of respect.

is a strong hint of like you. Note: If he’s a good friend of yours, then his compliments don’t necessarily mean like you. Not all boys are good at praising girls. So even if he doesn’t praise you, don’t worry too much. 10. See if he’ll notice the “other men” on you. For example, if you have your father’s smell of water behind your beard, he might notice it and ask you, “It’s not the smell of water behind your beard!” But don’t let him mistake you for another boy (not your father). You can use this method to deliberately wear some boy’s T-shirt to see how he reacts.

11. If he is always chatting with you online, it may mean that he likes you. But he may also spend a lot of time browsing the web, playing games, and not have time to chat with you. Even if he chats with you every day, don’t think he really likes you, he may just be talking, or even he may be bored. You should refer to some other behavioural synthesis analysis. If he always ends up “kissing” in a text message or email to you, that doesn’t mean he likes you. He might just see you as a good friend, or it might just be his habit. If he says, “I know a secret you don’t know,” it’s probably that he’s playing a guessing game to get your attention. But of course, it could be because he did find something interesting

12. Keep an eye on whether he suddenly appears in your situation. If you always meet on the same occasion, then he may be deliberately creating an opportunity to meet you. If that happens in the short term, it may be accidental, but if it always does, then he did it on purpose.

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