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Kiss you to hold you, does not mean to like you, may also be just to satisfy themselves.

To please you is not to like you, he may just like the pleasure of hunting.

Pursue you, give you romance, does not mean to like you, you may just be a fish pond in the ordinary little fish.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how to judge if a boy likes you?”

He said he liked you personally or didn’t like you. It’s possible that he doesn’t know how to like a person at all.

There are too many acts out of your hand, you think the other person likes you, in fact, he is just to satisfy their own private desires.

He wants to prove his charm, so do everything possible to pursue you, let you hook up, to achieve the goal;

He wants to find a woman to be his gentle countryman, so be nice to you just to enjoy your feedback;

He’s lonely and wants someone to accompany him, so tell you he wants to be with you.

It’s not because you’re you, it’s because it happens to be you – and, of course, other people who qualify.

Everyone wants to be chosen firmly, not just lucky to be chosen. So, how do you tell if a person really likes you or just happens to choose you?

1, he can’t help it

It’s an instinct to like you. In you, he will appear more can not help but. Panicked, shy, overwhelmed. If he is young, he can’t help but say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing, and if he is mature, he always has a careful test under his seemingly perfect care.

The more confident you are, the stronger your offence, the less you care about how you feel like a receiver, and naturally, you don’t like it much.

So licking a dog is always humble to the extreme, scum man is always a wonderful word.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how to judge if a boy likes you?”

2. He will have low self-esteem

When he pursues you, he seems brave and proactive, but he doesn’t conflict with his inferiority.

His inferiority is manifested in the fact that he is always asking for your opinion, always looking at your face, always making you happy.

Although it is good for your behaviour, his heart is also bottomless. Buy you gifts afraid you don’t like, take you to dinner afraid you can’t eat, he always want to perfectly match your taste, if you don’t do, you will feel very failed.

3, easy to work hard not to please

People who like you are more likely to do something for you, and this “do something” is more likely to make them feel you need it than you want to do it.

For example, when it’s cold, they’re going to take your clothes off and lend it to you, even though you’ve repeatedly pushed back, and when it’s time for dinner, they’ll have to pull you to dinner, even though you’re not hungry.

They won’t give you the right thing to do, and they won’t give you any extras;

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how to judge if a boy likes you?”

4. Think about your heart

“Are you unhappy today?” “Did I just say that wrong?” “The last time I did that, would you think I was too reckless?”

They can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with you, through the emotions you show, and guess what you’ve done wrong, for fear you won’t see yourself.

5, will resonate with you emotionally

This is a very important signal.

Only those who really put you in your heart will be led away by your emotions. On the other side, ordinary people, most of them will only look across the shore at the fire or perfunctory comfort.

You are happy, he will be happier than you, you are sad, his first reaction is not to tell you “not much”, but some do not know what to do, feel lost, but also for their own can not share the pain for you and blame.

In short, you can clearly feel that the other person’s emotions will easily be driven by you.

6, you have curiosity and voyeurism

When human beings have a yearning for something from the heart, they have a desire to explore deeply.

If you have a headache when you look at numbers, you’ll never like math;

If you have no interest in a person, the face has been benevolent, who will take the initiative to ask her what colour, usually love to watch what movies?

So, when a person shows curiosity about you, in fact, in his mind, you are not the same.

7. You can find the other side of him

Most people have a hard time completely controlling their state when faced with someone they like. On the other side, it’s easier to show the other side of yourself that you don’t know.

Therefore, you will see the strength in the bones of the handsome man, the iron-blooded tenderness of the straight steel man, understanding the gentleness and virtuousness of the little girl, the sensitivity of the rational strongwoman is suspicious.

Of course, all this is because they like your behaviour, from the details of the unconscious display to you. Not even themselves found out except you. 

8. Hide your shortcomings from the outside

Although the two people are not happy with each other, the other side again decided to say harsh words, this is not his heart’s true thoughts.

To see what a person really thinks of you, you have to watch what he says when he mentions you to the outside world.

Many couples quarrel, girls scarred, bystanders are uneven, but really let girls and outsiders mention each other, her subconscious or will support each other, trying to exonerate each other: “he did so is also for a reason,” “in fact, I am quite excessive”, “he usually is very good to me.”

9, willing to invest scarce resources for you

See how much a person likes you, not what he gives you, but what he chooses to give you.

Rich second generation a month to give you three thousand dollars living expenses is not unusual, do not give you is also a game;

Poor students all night to chat with you is not unusual, they have time;

Scum men tell you all over the good love words are not unusual, they do not understand anything else, they know how to make girls happy;

What’s strange?

Day Li Wan machine’s work mania pushed off work, spend time with you, called sincere.

Students who don’t have much money, spend all their living expenses on you without blinking, it’s called sincerity.

Usually Only Nono’s good gentleman, for you out of the head to hold uneven, called sincere.

How much a person breaks through for you, how much they love you.

10, take the initiative to talk to you about personal matters

This is because his subconscious wants you to know him, so he can’t help but expose himself.

His past, his ideas, his hobbies, his daily chores. All this, he is happy to share with you. The subtext is: “Look, I’m such a person, would you like to think about me?” ”

At the same time, your comments and suggestions are very important to him, and he will pay special attention to them.

People who really like you are more “personal” than those who have another purpose.

They’ll please you, but the way to please you isn’t the online “buy lipstick, buy bags”, but know that you like to eat spicy bars, so buy a box.

They’ll get to know you, but the way they know you’re not to ask you directly, “Can you fall in love?” Are you married? What are your personal assets? “It’s about knowing what you’re inside, then being willing to savour who you are, and then telling yourself that you have a really good eye.”

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