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A basic logic: “Like” is expressed in front of you by inner feelings that drive external behaviour. To put it enough, people can pretend. It can be said that any “like your behaviour” you see a boy doesn’t necessarily mean he really likes it. He can talk to you on the surface and work the other girls in his back. You think a boy likes you, maybe he doesn’t like you much at all. You think a boy doesn’t like you at all. So it would be foolish to just stare at his external performance and judge whether he liked it or not, and only by capturing his inner psychology could he judge whether he really liked it.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how does a boy really like your performance” 

As a multi-year emotional aid practitioner, I also often and the field of bull discussion, summed up 5 points into the boy’s heart, accurately judge whether he likes your skills, help you put aside the appearance of the essence, help you emotional road without injury. Full text without advertising, you can rest assured to eat.

1, Self-disclosure Self-exposure If a person does not intend to “self-expose” you, it proves that he does not intend to have an emotional beginning with you. Psychologists (Jourard; Derlega, Li Linying, etc.) believe that making the true self known and understood by at least one important person is psychologically healthy, necessary for a self-fulfilling personality, and a prerequisite for building intimacy. To be clear, even if you are a signal tower, receive a signal that he likes you, provided that he has to send you a signal first. Specific performance: In bypassing the strangeness stage: he will always pay attention to you, brush the sense of presence in front of you. For example, comment and like on your social account. In the process of building familiarity: take the initiative to chat with you, ask about your interests, tell your story, etc. In the stage of decreasing intimacy: express your likes, thoughts, and even flirt with you

People still do something when they are at risk because they care about success with results. So the frequency and depth of his “self-exposure” are one of the indicators of how much he likes you. A person who really likes you, even if he doesn’t admit it, you can still feel his likes in detail. I’ve liked a saying for years: “I like this kind of thing is not hidden, even if I cover my mouth, or run out of my eyes.”

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how does a boy really like your performance”

2, Inferiority feels inferior

Specific performance: psychological: willing to tell you all happy, unhappy, not afraid of over-drafting their own mystery, but afraid of your rejection, disgust, cold. Behaviour: want to intersect with you, but also afraid to disturb you. Want to show you yourself, but also afraid of foreign phase. This kind of psychology is contradictory while trying to restrain themselves, while not being able to restrain themselves. When you’re in his sight, you may not feel strongly about his likes, but once they disappear out of his sight, he feels anxious, wants to see you, contacts you, and makes up for his emotional loss in this way.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-how does a boy really like your performance”

3, People-pleaser, please

Specific performance: to you: be careful not to upset you, will not ask you. But in the face of your demands, he will not refuse, but if he can not help you to complete he will feel guilty. To himself: when faced with a choice (such as who quarrels with whom), even if he is in charge, he will put it down first. When faced with a decision (such as where to go and what to eat), he will first ask for your opinion and respect your opinion. To someone other than you: It’s me, I said it. This kind of flattery is really like you, put your feelings first. When a very opinionable boy, in front of you there is no opinion, except like you, there is no other reason.

4. Empathy Empathy MRI study found that the gray mass in the lower and lower cytological regions of the lower frontal and upper frontal leaves of a woman was larger and that these areas were closely related to mirror neurons. In other words, women are more athletic than men, a difference that exists from birth and lasts a lifetime.

Note: By using common feelings to enhance this feature, you can also determine whether the boy really likes you or fakes like you. Especially mouth said like you, but you face negative emotions, he either pretend not to see or hideaway, then doesn’t hesitate, give him a set of diamond star punches, sends him away. Don’t ask me why I know so well, because I study all the time. 5, Moody’s emotional essence of love is actually hormones and dopamine. Hormones: the body’s self-secretion, it on the body’s metabolism, growth, development, reproduction, sex, libido and sexual activity and other physiological activities play an important regulatory role.

Dopamine: Dopamine is a neurotranserductive substance, the brain endocrine and human lust, feelings related, it conveys the message of excitement and an open heart.

“Like” is an emotion produced by hormones and dopamine, and if he can’t generate emotions because of you, what do you like?

Specific performance: reason clearly know when simp is not right, but emotionally still can’t help but want unlimited to be good to you. Reason clearly knows that you rejected him, but emotionally still want to gamble, trying to let you open your heart. Reason knows that frequent contact can be annoying, but emotionally you still want to get close to you and get all your information.

But don’t forget, when a person realizes to restrain their love, in fact, this time already like each other. It is because of these emotions and irrationality that a person’s likes seem so rich and hierarchical.

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