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1, like to find you to chat, and basically recover quickly, talk is definitely no less than you.

2, like to give you praise, occasionally especially serious praise you.

3, will give you a gift. 

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-boys like your top 15 signals”

4, will be happy to help you, basically, you find him he is free.

5, will like to make fun of you.

6, will be a little can’t help but think about you.

7, one-on-one meeting will be a little afraid to look you in the eye, some nervous or shy.

8, will not like to get close to you boys.

9, will show that he usually does not have that side, such as lively and delicate, fewer words change more.

10, will be in the crowd can not help secretly looking at you.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-boys like your top 15 signals”

11, will not be able to help protect you, take care of you.

12. It will show the difference between you and the other girls in your words and deeds.

13. Will look for opportunities to meet you or create a chance encounter.

14, will like to mention you in front of others, give you a nickname.

15. Will cherish what you give him or something to do with you.

In short, they’ll do things that nature doesn’t do very well, and make you think wow, that’s who you are. So you’re going to do irrational things.

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