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Young people are still very conservative and implicit, clearly in love with two people who dare not take the first step easily! Girls Do you know the details that boys like about you? See the boy like your signal, seize the initiative of love, don’t let this love slip away!

1. I’ll peek at you often.

2. Will try to find your figure in the sea of people, find peace of mind (you can be in a place you often appear and deliberately hide to see if his eyes are looking for a person.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-Boys like your 30 signals”

3. Always walk with his friends and make you think he’s very well-liked.

You please do his thing, even if it is difficult, he will try his best to do it.

When he meets you on the road, he will be pleasantly surprised and then bow his head.

6. Similarly, when you walk past him, he bows his head and dares not to look at you.

He will try to show his talent in front of you. (humour, weirdness, athletic ability, etc.)

He will be very happy when you give him something. And then keep treasured it. 

He will be glad to see you smile.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-Boys like your 30 signals”

10. After school, he will wait for you to leave class, and will walk the same path as you involuntarily. (Because he wants to know where your home lives)

11. When you pass your house, you will look at it unanimously. (Not every boy does, I don’t know)

12. When he saw you talking with the other boys, he would pretend not to care, but he would stare at the boy. When you see it, he quickly turns his head to the other side. If the boy wasn’t his good friend, he would never have ignored him.)

13. He was very upset when he heard you mention the name of another boy. (It’s not him who’s frustrated you care about)

14. He is afraid to let you know that he likes you, so he often shows that he doesn’t like you.

15. He will do everything possible to make you happy when you are sad.

16. When you get close to him, he will avoid it at once. (Not all boys do)

17. When you make fun of him, he never blames you but steals pleasure in his heart (he’s glad you have him in your heart).

18. When you’re not feeling well, he’ll look around for good prescriptions and tell you.

19. When you are, you will deliberately speak loudly to get your attention.

“Subtle signs a shy guy likes you—-Boys like your 30 signals”

20. He will pay attention to your every move.

21. Don’t dare look at you and avoid talking to you, but your eyes are always secretly looking at you.

22 See you will have a heartbeat feeling, will be nervous for you! He always wants to know about you.

23. Seeing you laughing at yourself will also inexplicably giggle see you sad your heart will also appear sad.

24. Every time I come to school early, I hope to see you but you will become empty in your heart.

25. Consciously unconsciously get used to your movements.

26. Will deliberately want to get close to the reason you have thought for a long time to come up with in the heart of ten thousand times before dare to run over and say a few words and even dare not talk to you.

27. He will speak deliberately loudly when you are there to get your attention.

28. Seeing you play with other boys is how not very comfortable will deliberately avoid.

29. Always hope that you can help what every time you have something to help me there will always be a feeling of happiness in the heart.

30. When people ask him if he likes you, I always deliberately avoid saying that he and you can’t do anything ‘never deny or be sure.

Boys just SNR on your performance:

First, it’s cold and hot for you

If a boy just wants you, doesn’t want to fall in love with you, then he gives you the feeling must be cold and hot. Either it will make you feel that his whole world is you, or it will make you feel that his world doesn’t need you.

I really like your boy, please you happy too late, how can you suddenly close, not willing to let you feel cold and hot. Boys like you are whole-hearted, and you are only a speed up, this truth I hope you understand.

You only live on social networks

Have your boy in mind, will often want to meet you, what meals, parties want to attend with you, he will be generous to introduce you to friends and family to know and will praise you in front of friends and family.

Boys who just want to you, but don’t want to fall in love with you, are mostly good to you on social networks. Maybe he will report to you on time every day, will often say love words to you, will make you happy when you are sad, but will hardly ask you out.

As a person is to put into action, if he like always just talks, it proves that he just wants to you, and do not want to fall in love with you.

Third, ambiguous but not together

The biggest difference between a person and just a person is that a person will want to make each other their girlfriend. But just your boy just want to be lonely and bored, find someone to accompany themselves.

He may have very intimate behaviour to you, or even to you some very explicit words, but also just ambiguous, no matter what you do hint, or directly single out, he will pull open the topic, will not break the layer of window paper between you.

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