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1, thank you, will be “thank you” instead of “thanks.” There are many people or things worth thanking, and “thank you” refers to each other, the other side can feel your sincere feelings.

2, go out or over the air-conditioning curtain, if there is someone behind, you can help pull the door, support the curtain. (If you want to put down the air conditioning curtain, look back and see no one behind you, lest you hit someone else)

3, when others find their own help, if it comes to their own bottom line, to decisively refuse. Hesitating makes the other person think there is a chance and then keeps convincing you.

4, when eating with people, if you have to talk, first swallow the food in your mouth and then talk. If a person talks while chewing food, the image is not very good.

“Practice social skills”

5. When eating, if you want to sneeze or blow your nose, turn your head or leave the table. Air is circulating and too close to spreading germs.

6. When several people get together to talk, pay attention to the person who has been left out (the person who has little or no words) and guides them to join your topic. 

7. When you’re with the other person, don’t always probe to see what others are doing. For example, look at other people’s mobile phones, look at other people’s computers. Curiosity is too heavy to make the other person feel that their right to privacy has been violated.

8. Don’t make fun of others without a bottom line in public. The joke also depends on the object and occasion, sometimes the other person’s heart is not happy, but because of the emotional appearance does not care.

9. Don’t try to persuade others when you have an unnecessary argument with them. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that he’s done something wrong, and the more he argues, the more he defends his point of view.

10, meet their acquaintances on the road, you can take the initiative to smile and say hello, perhaps later become friends.

11, others help themselves, remember to express their gratitude, you can give a little snack or small red envelope and so on.

12, go out to dinner, if the other side said casually, you can choose a few dishes before asking each other’s opinions. (Casual is not really casual, just don’t know what to eat for a while)

13. Use someone else’s items to be cherished, because you don’t know how much they value his items. It’s heart-felt to see your favourite items “abused” by others.

“Practice social skills”

14, others do not want to share things for you, do not keep asking, will make the other side feel very uncomfortable.

15, ordinary friends together to buy single milk tea, ordering and so on, it is best to order even if the money is even good, immediately transferred to the other side. On the other hand, the other side may be in the way of bad feelings to take the initiative, but the heart may always be thinking.

16, when delivering sharp objects, such as scissors, fruit knives, nail scissors and so on, it is best to the sharp side towards their own (first control their own in the safe range), because do not know in the handover process, in the end, will be what kind of situation, easy to hurt people.

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