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1. “If someone keeps talking, you can’t plug in at all, drop something to the ground (keys, pens, etc.), you bend over and pick it up and start talking.” In this way, you can unwittingly interrupt the other person and not be discovered by him. ”

2. “Before the interview, arrive at the interview location early and chat with strangers outside for 20 minutes. This will make your brain feel familiar with the environment and give you more confidence. ”

3. “If you suddenly think of the ugliness of N years ago and feel humiliated. Stop and think of the man who saw it, can you remember the shame that happened to him? Probably not. Similarly, no one will remember your moments of shame. ”

“Practice social skills—-What skills do you have in your life”

4. “If you have no motivation to learn the same skill (a musical instrument or a foreign language, etc.), tell yourself: Well, I’ll sit down and learn for 5 minutes. A lot of times, you end up sitting for more than five minutes. Even if you only sit for five minutes, it’s better than not trying. ”

5. “People will connect you with the adjectives you use on others. This phenomenon is called “unconscious feature transfer”. That is, if you say that a person is sincere and kind, people will connect these traits to you. If you’re always saying bad things about others behind your back, people will also link these negative comments to you. ”

6. “If you feel like someone is looking at you, you can look at your watch or where you’re wearing it. If the man is looking at you, he will also subconsciously look at his wrist/watch. “Another way is that you can yawn. Then see if the man yawns the same way. If he did, he might actually be looking at you. Because yawning is contagious. ”

7. “If someone wants to make a fool of you in front of a lot of people, you can be very polite to him, which will stop him from doing this behaviour or make him look silly.” ”

8. “If you feel like your boss is going to fire at you during a meeting, sit closer to him. It’s very uncomfortable to say bad things about someone close to you or to get mad at him. Results? His tone maybe a little softer. ”

9. “The best way to learn and remember something is to explain it to others. When you explain to others, you try to be as lean as possible. This will help you remember important points and important information. ”

10. “If you have procrastination, but there are tasks that need to be done urgently. You can think about it before you go to bed. This will prepare your brain mentally for this and begin to plan a route to the task. So when you really start doing it, it’s a lot easier. ”

“Practice social skills—-What skills do you have in your life”

11. “It’s a fun little experiment, when you’re talking to someone, pick one of the words they say. Every time you say the word, you nod or do something positive. Then you’ll find that he starts to say the word a lot. ”

12. “If you want someone to be honest with you, but he only says a part of it to you, keep silent and look him in the eye for a while.” ”

13. “If you’re nervous before activity or action, don’t bite your nails or smoke, try chewing gum, our brain is weird, and when we’re eating, it feels like we’re safe. ”

14. “If you’re a little anxious right now, eye contact makes you feel stressed, you can try looking into the middle of each other’s eyes. It also makes you look friendly and confident. ”

15. “Low mood, unhappy?” Try fake laughs to make your brain think you’re really happy. The human brain and body intersect at the same time

16. “There is a psychological phenomenon called the Franklin Effect. Specifically, when you find someone to do you a little favour, it will make the other person like your psychology. “Those who have helped you are more willing to help you again than those who have helped you.” “Don’t be the man in the middle.” When you go to an interview, try to get your first or last one in the interview. Because people remember head and tail more clearly, many people in the middle tend to blur. ” 

17. “Try to remember what’s around you, look around, close your eyes and imagine what you’ve just seen, then open your eyes to see how much you’ve only got right and how much you’ve got wrong.” This will enhance our memory and imagination. ”

18. “If you’re looking for something, try looking from right to left. Because if you look left to right according to your habits, your eyes will automatically skip something. Looking tired in the opposite direction, but you can notice more details. ”

19. “If you ask a question and you want the other person to agree with you, nod slightly when you say it. This is psychologically known as the mirror effect, and if you send a positive signal, people are more likely to approve of you. ”

20. “By doing things that speed up your heart together, make other people feel good about you. Obviously, you two still need to have something in common, and this one you can develop slowly. If the other person has always only treated you as a friend, and you want to break through, you can try to move with him, watch horror movies together, ride roller coasters together and so on. Because at this time he will have an accelerated heartbeat, and his brain can easily speed up the heartbeat of these activities to you, thinking it is because of you and his intimate behaviour. ”

21. “If you want someone to calm down. You can express your feelings for them and describe them in a degrading way. I can see why you are so angry. You have reason to be crazy. The world also annoys me. They will accept the recognition they want, and they will accept this decreasing emotion and become calmer. ” 

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