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1, You want to let the people around you, your lover more listen to your words, more dependent on you, you do not use education, command to say, but with encouragement, praise form to say, but to seize the details to praise. For example, You want your boyfriend to turn off the game, you can say: “When will it be finished?” Can you leave a time for me and you this handsome guy to live in a two-person world? There is such a good-looking boyfriend, good-looking, I can only watch him play games, I am too difficult. “He’s absolutely happy to bloom, and he’s coming over with a smile.

“Practice social skills—-what are the practical psychological skills in international communication?”

2, if a girl and you get along, constantly with their hands, or laugh, constantly cover their mouths with their hands, indicating that the girl’s heart is interesting to you, want to maintain a good image in front of you if you are interested in her, you can consider further development. 4、

3. Want to influence others quietly, let others follow your advice to do things, or trust you completely, when you talk to them, say what they want, and make a way that as long as they do it or trust you, they can get what they want. They’ll think you know him and you’ll help him.

4, a lot of people and other people’s safe distance is 1 meter, if you contact with him, your distance shortened to 0.5 meters, indicating that his heart is good for you, want to be close to you or even have an intimate relationship, you can further chat with him, make some physical contact, such as your distance is expanding, indicating that his heart is very repulsed to you, very annoying, you need to leave or enhance their feelings in his heart.

5. If you and a girl are chatting, her hands keep playing with their hairtail, or their hands are wrapped around their hairtail, indicating that your chat content is a bit boring, not she is interested, you need to change a new topic of interest to her.

“Practice social skills—-what are the practical psychological skills in international communication?”

6, if a person in the speech, has been looking into your eyes, did not leave, then it means that this person is very likely to lie, because normal chat, everyone will have missing places, need to recall, in the memory, the human eye will move away, look to other places, the full gaze is the expression of the heart, afraid of being found, so want a good disguise.

7, when a person looks at you, more than 3 seconds, must be a point in your body attracted to him, let him have a strong desire for you, want to do some intimate behaviour with you, if you do not have this awareness, be sure to pay attention to protect yourself.

8, daily life is always frequent wink people, this kind of mind is more, the mind is more narrow-minded, it is easy to doubt people, other people’s things are not too concerned about attention, so, if and this kind of person has the task of handover and the handling of things, it is best to directly explain.

9, when talking and communicating, always like to suddenly loudly tell their own views or stories of people, the heart is most confident in themselves, and like to listen to good words, and others boast of his words firmly believe, this kind of person is often difficult to listen to other people’s suggestions and criticisms, so, and this kind of personal exchange, must pay attention to their own language and art, can boast not to refute, otherwise, it is easy for him to be regarded as an enemy.

10, do not go too close to the group of popular people, generally speaking, the more popular people in the group in fact the deeper the mind, the better at hiding themselves, the more serious the defence of people, they show that others want to see.

11. When you talk to him, his hands keep rubbing back and forth, which is a way of self-calming, with the effect of comforting himself, indicating that what he is saying now is a lie, his heart is afraid of being exposed so that the body will subconsciously calm himself. 

12, people will be particularly vague about what happened in the middle, before and after what happened is more impressive, so, interview, performance, want not to be ignored, must not be in the middle of the court, must be forward or back.

13, we generally a normal response to the negative are directly say the negative results, not to deny the matter in question. If you ask him, “Did you smoke today?” He said, “No smoking today”, deliberately repeating the problem is the expression of heartlessness, 80 percent of the possibility is that he is lying.

14, want to know if the person you asked out is not interesting to you, your feelings can go further, you can try “cup effect”, drink, inadvertently put your mug close to her cup, if she did not immediately remove their own cup, indicating that she is still interesting to you, your feelings can be further heated up, if removed, then you are not interested.

“Practice social skills—-what are the practical psychological skills in international communication?”

15. When you ask him something, he tells you that he doesn’t know, but when he speaks, his eyebrows go up, indicating that he already knew about it, and probably more, if you want him to say what he knows, you can suddenly remain silent, staring at his eyes all the time, and many people will end up resisting the pressure because the heart will know all the things.

16, if you are more afraid of the upcoming interview, performance is more nervous, you can go to the venue a day in advance, familiar with the terrain, how to enter, how to enter, where to carry out and so on, and finally can chat with the people around you, so that you can be familiar with the upcoming events, the brain will relax a lot of things with impressions. In the same way, when you’re going to a completely uncooked meal and party, you can get to know the people who are there in advance and have familiarity in your heart.

17, want to let people like you also like, must create more opportunities to meet, the more times you meet, the easier it is to have a feeling of like, this is a “more look effect”, psychologist Charongz experimented to show participants the opposite-sex photos, 20 times, 10 times, 1 time, and then ask participants to evaluate their love of the photo person, the results show the most photos, the most popular. 26. When a person speaks to you, his tone is lower and slower than usual, indicating that he is now extremely sad and helpless, at this time you can give appropriate comfort or encouragement.

18, really happy smile, the facial expression is very rich, especially the eyes, eyes will squint, the corners of the eyes will appear fine lines, the corners of the mouth will be raised, if the shape of the eyes does not change much, it is false smile, cope with just, you have no much interest.

19, want to invite others and afraid of being rejected, do not directly ask them whether they want to come out to play, there is no time to come out to play. You can ask her directly whether they want to go for coffee or a movie and give them a choice, not a decision.

20, want to maximize the chance of others promised to help you, you can use the small is a big way, first put forward a small favour to him, and so he helped you, and then slowly put forward other help, generally help you once, will be willing to continue to help you. Can also first put forward a big favour, and so he refused you, you put forward you want him to help, generally will not refuse the second time, because he felt that he has rejected you once, embarrassed to refuse the second time. 

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