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1, like a person, take her to do “exciting” things.

The brain often accelerates the heartbeat of the moment, misconsuming itself as the other person’s heart, thus secretly affecting the other person. This is psychologically known as the drawbridge effect.

Want to further develop with a person, then do some heart-beating things together: watch horror movies together, ride roller coasters together, play skydiving together… The more exciting, the better.

“Practice social skills—-highly recommend 24 social skills to connect with others”

2, foreplay doesn’t too much, talk straight to the point.

At the beginning of a conversation, let the other person know what you want to say. An aimless conversation can make people lose patience.

Whether it’s reporting in the workplace or sharing everyday life, express it as accurately and hierarchically as possible.

A thing that can be said in a minute, preferring to say ten minutes. It’s not about sharing happiness, it’s about creating trouble.

3, the film always ends after the climax, learn to get along with people in time to stop hi.

People tend to remember only two parts of one thing, one is the strongest experience in the process and the other is the final experience.

This is called the Peak-End Rule in psychology.

Sheng Xihuaxuan finally dissipated, in happy time moderate restraint, timely pull-out, to retain the beauty of the moment.

People will remember the joy of leaving and look forward to the next episode.

“Practice social skills—-highly recommend 24 social skills to connect with others”

4, don’t forget to give people money.

I hate the feeling that I owe money to others and that others owe me money. Every time someone else helps bring food and print something, they give the money to the other person the first time.

Most people care about money because the uncertainty of what they owe can amplify everyone’s mind:

Did he forget? Should I remind him? Doesn’t he want to give it? Why is this man like this, I’m so angry!

People always think of the bad, a series of question marks, the conclusion must be the worst.

Immediately giving is the easiest way to eliminate misunderstandings and disputes.

5. Have the courage to be hated.

“Platter personality” is not “flattering” in interpersonal relationships. Satisfying the expectations of others is an endless road.

In this relationship, you have only current value, not long-term value.

Learn for your parents, change your travel itinerary for your friends, give up good food to others…

A person always does not get what he wants, the inner part is not satisfied, will eventually be resentful and filled.

Boldly have the courage to be hated, as the head text D says: “There is only one success in this world, and that is to spend your life the way you like.”

“Practice social skills—-highly recommend 24 social skills to connect with others”

6. Stop at other people’s “abstract” answers, and don’t force “concrete” answers.

Everyone has unspeakable secrets in their hearts, don’t cross the border illegally because they are close.

Talked about several objects, how much wages, the other side of an abstract answer, is the “no passage here” sign.

The best remedy for asking inappropriate questions and avoiding embarrassment is not to ask them again.

Mr. Mussing also said: If you ask a question, if he does not answer the question, he will already answer it, no need to ask again.

7, clean and beautiful really works.

Appearance is a person’s business card, beautiful, clean, have a person’s things will make people feel happy.

Even if the face value can not be eaten as a meal, but also to learn to dress up, manage the body, always keep a good fit and refreshing hair.

Don’t take greasy as maturity, don’t take ignorance as fun.

8, don’t give people reason, don’t do can’t get tuition, but also lose the good feeling of things.

People have heard enough.

To change a person, you can only use your actions and habits to influence him.

9, your own value, let you become a walking “magnet.”

The essence of making friends is that each other can meet each other’s emotional needs, interests and so on.

10, learn to pretend to be angry.

Friends get along with each other, and occasionally there will be cross-border behaviour.

It’s not good to be really angry, it’s easier to pretend to be angry than to pretend to be happy.

Pretending to be angry is essentially an act of pettiness that avoids the awkwardness of the scene and the escalation of contradictions.

A little more gentle with thorns.

11. Distinguish between friends and acquaintances.

12, ask people not to give gifts, gifts do not ask for people.

Usually, take into account the good of others, send holiday greetings, birthdays to send intimate gifts.

In asking for people to do things only think of each other, not only their own embarrassment, the other side is not willing to help you. Referring to how the old godfather in the movie did it, it’s a textbook for interpersonal walking.

13. Learn to the trouble and not trouble.

A person who doesn’t want to trouble others generally doesn’t like others to trouble himself. In this case, relationship management is more difficult, we have to avoid trouble.

For most other people who get along well, we can even take the initiative to create demand so that the other person feels “needed”. Actively asking for a little help is the most natural way to close the relationship, but also a relationship preservation agent.

14, pay does not necessarily have a return, really also can not be returned to the heart.

This is the first lesson of adult social life, too many relationships towards the end, are destroyed on the right.

15, the sense of sacrifice brings a sense of debt, happiness can bring happiness

16. Judge whether the other person is interested in the conversation and look at his feet.

If a person is facing you and his feet are heading in another direction, it proves that he is impatient.

It’s best to end the conversation in time, and the votes cast with your feet are the most credible.

17. Be strong is the best social law to protect yourself.

The essence of socializing is value swaps, and when you’re weak, there are a lot of people who turn their backs on you. And when you get stronger, very few people dare to attack you.

18, send friends things, be sure to send the same price in the more expensive.

I’d rather send high-end goods in low-priced categories than cheap goods in high-priced categories.

Sending a 100-dollar book looks much more hearty than a 100-dollar lipstick. 

19, from bad to good, is eye-catching, from good to bad, is the image collapse.

How to meet the expectations of others, we can build a sense of threshold management.

Young people entering the workplace can moderately lower their leaders’ expectations of you. The lead is the peak, when you have fewer flashpoints, the leader’s effect feeling for you will continue to decrease. And the performance is the flat, but the occasionally progressive staff, but will leave a more positive impression.

People are always harsh on the good guys and tolerant of the bad guys.

20. When you need help, the goal is to single out a person.

The bystander effect distracts people from their responsibilities. As the number of bystanders increases, any bystander is less likely to help. This is also the reason why many incidents occurred in trouble but did not get timely help.

The best self-help measure is to point your eyes and gestures at someone in the crowd and ask him to help you immediately.

In non-emergency situations such as work and life, when you need help, you can look at him with your eyes and shout his name: “Hey, I need you to do me a little favour.” ”

21, take the initiative to admit mistakes promptly, more skills than work.

A unilateral and proactive ceasefire is a prerequisite for the end of a war.

Take the initiative to admit their mistakes, keep the damage to a minimum, do not let the reactor explode and then start to recover. Is to let go of others, but also to let go of themselves.

22. When you’re not happy, take a bath first.

Everyone needs a separate space.

Take a hot bath and rush the stress and emotions into the sewers.

23, increase transparency and get along more comfortably.

People are always afraid of being out of the public picture and letting themselves go on crowded occasions.

This is called the Illusion of Transparency in psychology, and we are used to overestimating other people’s attention to their own state, when in fact others may not be aware of your changes at all

The more you care, the more likely you are to make mistakes. Putting aside this illusion, you will perform better.

24, properly expose shortcomings to others to see.

Properly exposing your own small shortcomings will not only not damage his image, but will also make people like him more. This is called the Exposed Effect in psychology.

The disadvantages are lovely, everyone has shortcomings. It’s too late, it’s exposed. Can close the distance between you and the people around you.

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