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1. Praise your eyes when you meet someone for the first time. Doing so will force the other person to look you in the eye for a little while, but it’s enough to make the other person notice you, which will impress the other person for the first time.

2. When making a first impression, if you can call each other’s names, your relationship will be closer.

“Practice social skills—-25 tips for social psychology”

3. When you talk to a new friend, you can get a complete answer by remaining silent after you ask a question. Because people really can’t stand silent silence, they say much more than they want. (Commonly used when consulting)

4, ask someone to do you a favour, will let him like you more.

5. If you have no purpose, you will fall asleep after 15 minutes of swimming.

6. Do what scares you and makes you happier after the end.

7, our brain will automatically link smile and happiness, if we force ourselves to smile, our brain will think we are happy, and then we are really happy! 

8, people can be identified within a distance of 100 meters smile, it becomes the most recognizable facial expression.

9. If your lost cell phone screensaver is a baby photo, the person who picked it up is more likely to return it!

10. A person’s memory can hold 90% of what he does, 50% of what he sees, and 10% of what he hears.

11. If you want to refuse an invitation to drink, tell them you just take your medicine.

12. A woman’s mind has the ability to perceive and feel danger if your intuition tells you what might happen. Don’t lose sight of that.

13. If you always announce your goals, you are less likely to succeed. Studies have shown that when goals are more talked about, they lose motivation.

“Practice social skills—-25 tips for social psychology”

14. Make yourself believe that you are sleeping well, which will encourage your brain to think you are in good spirits.

15. When you think in another language, your decisions become more rational.

16. Saying dirty words in another language means much less to you than saying dirty words in your own language, Fu SK!

17. Your body is the weakest between 3 and 4 a.m. when most people die in their sleep.

18. People who are easily distracted are more creative, such as looking at the answers and suddenly wanting to like someone who continues to collect. Usually, people with higher IQs and more creativity tend to get bored.

19. The longer your signature, the greater your self-esteem.

20. If an obsession with someone lasts more than 4 months, it is considered a love by the brain.

21. Men will think that women in red dresses look better.

22. Eating chocolate can reduce stress.

23. People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others.

24. When we are busy doing things, we will be happier.

25, appearance plays an important role, attractive women make achievements, people tend to believe that it is because of her beauty.

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