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1, with the non-single opposite sex to maintain a “safe interval”, something as far as possible oral communication, do not leave traces on the social software, good for both sides, but also good for family harmony. Help fix the pipes, weChat for comfort, watch a movie late at night, you do what his other half has to do, what do you want his partner to do?

2. Don’t ask questions to get answers, so many of the answers are to take care of your emotions, not the other person’s real thoughts.

Observe the other person’s behaviour and know the real thing better than asking it clearly. Such as sprinting, don’t ask the girlfriend upset, listen to her voice ups and downs to know.

“Practice social skills—-19 social subtleties that make you connected”

3, something directly said, don’t try to send “in”, not unexpected in the next few decades.

Do you send “in” I also want to return “in”, and then you say “ask you something”, I say, “you say it”, how to waste time ah, are adults directly a little bad?

4, the goal is best not to be open, at least no one will laugh at you.

Many people will spend a lot of time, making plans, once they have a goal, they are anxious to tell the people around them, and even on the social platform “post as proof”, friends and family out of encouragement, will be all kinds of words of congratulations, this is what they want to achieve.

“Practice social skills—-19 social subtleties that make you connected”

They feel that: open goals – to achieve goals

Because the congratulations of friends and family are equivalent to “celebrating ahead of time”, they have the illusion that since they have been obtained ahead of time and have the pleasure of achieving their goals, it is not important to work hard to achieve them.

Some people are even keen to set goals, each of which has a short cycle, basically stranded in the early stages of implementation, and then don from time to time;

So don’t say anything between what you want to do or finish, or even when you’re done, because the motivation to actually accomplish something is not to show off, but to do it itself.

5, someone on the wine table drinks high bragging, don’t debunk, perhaps this is his life, the few “high-gloss moments.”

6, do things are not afraid to drill the tip of the horn, the most afraid of shallow taste, you should find out your best strengths and then multiply by the maximum coefficient (time and energy), to get the most considerable return.

7, you must encounter such a scene, you find that others will do so will be wrong, you go to remind others not to care, and then really as you said, you want this time he knows I have good intentions, the result he hates you more!

The advice itself has a preaching component unless you are recognized as an authoritative expert, otherwise, your good intentions in the eyes of others, is the taunting of the high, no matter how you euphemistically, can not hide the “I am better than you” component, no one is feeling bad.

Even if you know the other side is wrong, do not venture to remind, people have a deep obsession, only when he hit the south wall to help you, then to help, he will be grateful to you, this is the nature of nature.

8, the people around you ignore you, do not take you seriously, not you do not do well, but the position is too low, you can not influence others. Don’t always think about the worldly set, human feelings in front of the strength of a vulnerable, see it is good to do, put away the wings to focus on the practice of internal work!

“Practice social skills—-19 social subtleties that make you connected”

9. If your long work makes you feel “comfortable” and you want to make more money, you should consider a different platform. There’s never been a job with more money and less money, and you can choose to eat old books, but the challenges from newcomers and middle-age crises will grow.

In the workplace, it is necessary to retain the sense of crisis, the right amount of sense of crisis can put themselves in a state of learning, and constantly consolidate the core competitiveness, to step by step to win.

10, the right-thinking: do not complain about the environment, but change themselves to adapt to the environment.

People can not change the environment, just like can not choose the native family, everyone is the product of the environment, so, complain about the injustice around, can not make the situation better, only to change their own to adapt to the environment.

11. Want to sell a product, not to sell to others, but to attract others to buy. 

You tell others how good this pigment is, others don’t necessarily buy it; you record it on your phone, you use it to paint the creative process, and then share it on various platforms, the value of the pigment is visually and intuitively displayed, attracting accurate customers who are more willing to pay for it.

12. Don’t speak freely on a multi-person occasion.

Every word you say is easily misinterpreted, and the more you say, the more you get wrong. Smart people like to talk less and listen more.

If you don’t feel enthusiastic enough not to speak, compliment him.

13, do not go out for more than a day, be careful of “house addiction”.

The Internet coupled with a variety of people’s homes, will make a lot of people addicted to the house, and stay at home for a longer period of time, will be more indulgent themselves, become lazy and lazy.

Don’t stay at home even on weekends. My approach is to cancel takeaway orders, go to the noodle shop on the street to eat a bowl of beef noodles; Go outside and walk more to feel the joys of life.

14, “laugher” high people, always better than others mixed up. Laughing on no occasion is not high, is wretched, in a bad mood, low point, but also can keep smiling to meet customers, in the party cold, can use a smile to drive the atmosphere, by the owner of the car scolded and cried, the next second can show a professional smile of the tollman, these are high laughers.

15, understand what you want, see more can help themselves.

The Internet age is full of mixed information, if indulged in their own regardless, everyone is more willing to accept soap operas, entertainment gossip, lively small videos … These can keep the brain producing dopamine, but after the excitement, there is nothing to gain, but also wasted a long time, many people are so day after day, the dream is lost.

Read more information that helps you, TED lectures, professional courses, dry books, can enhance their awareness, help us better deal with life and work.

16, sexual impulses, at home to solve the problem and then come out.

Multi-building husband and wife life, at home, regularly unblock physiological needs, working outside, you can focus on dealing with good people and things, will not be because of loneliness and want to be right and wrong, even if there is, but also the heart is not enough.

17. Don’t drink when you’re in a bad mood.

Many people misunderstand the use of alcohol, which is actually used to “boost” rather than “worry”. When sad want to take a drunken break, often because of drinking to cause new trouble, a lot of drink-driving, car accidents happen.

Choose “green” solutions, such as playing ball, swimming, eating well, doing a push and take, travel;

18, in the workplace, the most should be in a good relationship is not the boss, but direct leadership. Many times, the direct leadership arrangement is the boss’s arrangement, so never report over the level.

19. “Half” your expectations.

Many times, we don’t live happily because we live a bad life, but because we don’t live up to our expectations. So let’s ask, is your expectation set high?

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