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If a girl has the following performance after a breakup, it means that she really put it down:

1. No matter how soft and hard you grind, she won’t ignore you.

When a girl loves you, you can feel that you are the only one, but once she starts to alienate you, she is ready to give up on you.

I think a lot of people know this feeling: clearly want to separate, clearly have done a good job of psychological construction, but just can’t stand each other’s soft grinding hard bubble, coax two sentences to apologize and soft heart, that’s because in your heart or love each other very much, just a little disappointed in each other for a while, such a feeling you may not realize, or realize or do not want to admit that you still love him, in some time we want to escape will let us forget what we want.

But really put down the opposite, no matter how you say, she will not give you a chance to approach her again, you say she will not answer you because she does not expect to rely on three words and two sentences to change you, you are completely disappointed, and even she will because you frequently find her, the initiative to black you.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-what is the performance of girls really putting down after breaking up?”

The person who loves you will confess to you, and the person who doesn’t love you will suddenly disappear. 

2. Treat you head-on.

People who like you look at you differently:

1. Still like you but dare not come near you, afraid you can see the eyes dodge.

2. After breaking up again meet or have a feeling of heart, but has broken up the eyes will unconsciously avoid embarrassment.

Some people say they don’t want to compound don’t want to see you don’t like you, but the behaviour is very honest, will unanntasly let you notice her existence, because like you will cover up their hearts.

That break-up has put down your people can face you with a normal state of mind, see you will not have to dodge, very frankly like ordinary friends, and even take the initiative to say hello to you to ease the embarrassment.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-what is the performance of girls really putting down after breaking up?”

3. A new relationship.

Girls really love a person when the eyes can not allow sand, will not because of better empathy, break up can not let you down, will not start a new relationship, she will spend a long time to digest themselves.

But once the girl put down you, it means that the heart of the position empty, began to accept the new love shows that you are no longer important in her heart, start a new relationship is also wants to transfer the painful memories of the past accelerated to forget you.

In fact, a woman loves you and does not love you look you can see at a glance, love you girl in front of you will become weak, do not love you girl in front of you will become strong.

If girls have these manifestations, you won’t fool yourself anymore.

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