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Falling out of love is just stripping you out of one person’s other half of the role, and all you need to do is stand up again and be an independent, strong and complete person.

Breaking up is not terrible, it’s terrible to be tired of the pain and not thinking about change. All the shadowy places in this world must be accompanied by the existence of light.

Each in the break-up chooses to use the time to get through, in the lonely struggle of the warrior. I believe that there are efforts to get better. I am, and so are you.

In a long time after the break-up, I made a re-plate and finishing of myself, but now can be lightly loaded on the road. Getting better after a breakup is nothing more than rebuilding self-confidence and character repair.

First, self-confidence reconstruction

“External change”

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-have you tried to be better after breaking up?”

For more than a year, Land has been losing about 25 pounds, back to the weight of college time, back to the eyes of others thin, the future will continue to maintain their own body and external. The current weight of 56 kg, the target weight of 52.5 kg, hope to have muscles and lines in the future. Recently still feel fat to burst the shed, weight loss is really an addictive and happy thing.

External change is actually the easiest way to improve self-confidence, whether you have been broken up, single or not, beautiful or not, I hope you can maintain the whole mental state of strength. You don’t have to have vests and abs, but be sure to stay vibrant, radiant and smile.

The original intention of getting better maybe because someone, something, maybe broken up, maybe to make someone regret it. But no matter what the beginning, when you insist, you will understand: we try not to live to be what others won’t, but to follow their own hearts, what life, want to be what people, all these are the driving force behind our efforts to move forward.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-have you tried to be better after breaking up?”

You have to try to get better, but it must be for yourself, and most importantly, you have to keep working hard.

Falling in love with sports

In the past, in the process of grinding with one’s own inertia, the movement that will eventually continue is part of life.

At the beginning of the break-up, I also ran around the road for a while, more in venting emotions, so as not to affect the work. But I’m sorry because I am a quick forgetful person, the impact of love loss on me is too short, so running did not stick down. Hahaha.

This year’s outbreak, finally put running, yoga on the agenda, to maintain their own rhythm walking on the road, but did not adhere to. I hope summer can pass quickly, keep running in the morning, don’t let me become a coal ball.

Running is the loneliest sport, running taught me is restraint, do not give up, is dead in the end. Over and over again to refresh their own records, the original many things I can do. Yes, I can. It’s not that hard.

Keep studying and working hard.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-have you tried to be better after breaking up?”

Economic independence, to obtain more personality independence, is also part of the rebuilding of self-confidence. Although the work is hard, the rest of the time can also get real relaxation, every day before going to bed is the mind of today’s thinking and the vision of tomorrow. Lost carefree freedom, but gained the right to say no to many things. There’s hope, there’s hope, there’s anticipation, and although it’s accompanied by occasional pain, it’s really great to keep going. 

Second, character repair

More and more active, like their current state.

Break-up is a good thing, I have always believed that only into the relationship between the character is a person’s real character, there is a saying, people always leave the worst side to the favourite person. This is definitely an immature performance. A mature person should leave the best and most patient side to the person we love the most, which is what we call emotional stability.

After the break-up, I read a lot of character books, but also seriously reflect on the feelings of countless details. In fact, at that time in the feelings of mutual attacks, complaints and accusations, now think of no emotion. What was left to me after the final break-up was precisely the superior advantage of my predecessor: persistence, self-discipline and not giving up. Unknowingly being influenced to be a part of my character, this is the best gift this relationship has ever given me. Thanksgiving and blessings.

Thirty-three days out of love has a very classic line: “Every relationship do not deny each other’s efforts, separation is not a person’s fault, even if in the end you seem to be the most seriously injured person, that your former lover also suffered the same amount of pain, either before, or after.” “The failure of feelings is definitely not caused by one person, we can’t decide what the other person does, but we can do it ourselves. In the feelings of failure, accept their own vulnerability and imperfection, allow their own sadness, give themselves time to adjust and buffer. Accept the influence of the native family on our character, carefully analyze their own character defects, to find the true self. Learn to communicate nonviolently, learn to tolerate the shortcomings of others, learn to operate feelings, and avoid the same thing happening again. You must have the courage to choose, but also have the courage to bear the fearless.

Love is not a refuge, if you want to go in and take refuge, you will be driven out. In a happy relationship, both sides must have the ability to love themselves and love others. Adjust your state to meet better feelings.

Now can do a rational analysis of things, channel the mood of friends, is no longer that cry, advise honey to break up the impulse little girl.

The last and most important point is

Learn to put it down

Put down early like, the sooner the better, give up the obsession and expectations of each other, accept a person’s life. Once looked at the loss of love for thirty-three days, think that such a short time to put down, must not be true love. But when I used 21 days of running thinking, in exchange for a moment of thinking and relief, only to understand that we sometimes just can’t let ourselves go. Sudden changes in habits, instant loneliness, fear of losing the ability of their loved ones, fear that they will never meet such a favourite person, these emotions affect us out.

Learn to accept the fact of separation, to find their own independence, is the first lesson after the break-up.

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