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People who have loved know that the feeling of loving someone can’t be hidden. First of all, if a girl is willing to spend a long time alone with you, it shows that she is receptive to you. Even if you haven’t been there yet to clearly like your position, you should be in the inspection phase.

So, when you’re with her, how does a girl react to prove that she likes you?

First, she doesn’t mind dating you to a more private place

If a boy always takes a girl to a place where the lights are darker and people are scarcer, normal girls should understand what boys think.

If a girl doesn’t reject a boy’s behaviour, she likes you.

Second, she will care not to do something more than ordinary heterosexual friend relationships

“How do you know if a girl loves you—-if a girl has these five reactions, she already likes you”

For example, she cares more about you than a normal friend. When you are with you, she always nags you not to smoke, not to drink, not to stay up late, to pay attention to the body and so on.

If these are some kind of sentimental words between ordinary friends of the opposite sex, she can tell you like a loved one, because she doesn’t think of you as an outsider at all.

Third, she does not refuse to have physical contact with you

You can tentatively shake a girl’s hand, and if the grip is too obvious, you can also try to grab each other’s arms when you’re lying across the road.

If a girl’s body doesn’t mind contact with you, she’s interested in you.

She wants you to pay for her

Girls who want to draw a line under you always don’t want to owe you too much. So, you invite her to a meal, she will fight with you to pay for the bill, no strong win, she will say next time I please come back to you. In short, I just don’t want to owe you. If a girl wants you to pay for her, she won’t tell you too well.

V. You invited her again, and she agreed happily

If a girl doesn’t like you, then you can successfully ask her out once, twice, usually no more than three times. If she’s actively discussing with you where to go next time when you meet again, it means she has the idea of continuing to develop with you.

“How do you know if a girl loves you—-if a girl has these five reactions, she already likes you”

Like your girl with you, will take care of your feelings, the talk will also pay attention to balance, take into account your dignity. No matter how sloppy a girl is on weekdays, she will become a shy little woman in front of you.

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