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There is no need to judge, if a girl really to your heart, as long as you do not like her at all, then you have a big probability together. What you really need to judge is whether she has a good feeling for you. In fact, girls have a good feeling for a boy, the performance is obvious. 1. When two people chat, if you don’t have a topic, she will definitely look for it. This is the only thing that makes it easier to tell if she has a good feeling for you when it’s a matter of chatting. Imagine if you were chatting and suddenly you didn’t know what to say, and if you didn’t look for a topic at this point, you two would be able to say good night to each other and go to bed. So if the other side is willing to talk to you about the topic, although this topic you do not necessarily pick up, she as long as the efforts to find the topic, it means that she actually wants to continue to chat with you. By this time, you are actually quite boring, but the other side is willing to talk to you to explain what? It means the other person likes you!

“How do you know if a girl loves you—-how to judge whether a girl is interested in a boy?”

2. Express yourself. Girls like a person, in fact, there is a strong desire to express themselves, the performance is that words will change a lot, very willing to express their ideas and knowledge through various things. Of course, I think most boys probably won’t find out. So think about it, when you’re after a girl, what you say the most is not what’s wrong with you. Yes, in fact, you say what’s wrong with you, is to tell each other, I also want to know what’s wrong with you, let us know each other better! So when girls express this, they are willing to communicate more deeply and closely with you.

3. Pay more attention to yourself in your eyes than usual. It’s easy to understand that whenever there’s a place for you, she can’t help but want to get herself into a more perfect state. Many times, they will even refuse to meet you because they are not at their best, when the boys may feel – hey, this girl does not like me! More seriously, the other person maybe because of this kind of thing and you deliberately angry, strange horn, girls are so strange.

4. You will find that she will always appear in your circle of life. If it is a girl, when she saw this sentence, suddenly understand, whether they like that boy. Think carefully, you as an ordinary boy, there is no special place, but why have nothing to do with you, will always appear on your side, you will meet, she will often appear only you can solve the problem, party you both present, all kinds of. You think it’s a coincidence, or you just think of each other as your friends? How can, no one will be so idle, she is because you will do so, and even some of the opportunities are people to take the initiative to fight, but you do not know anything.

5. There is always a mention of what you like in your mouth. If a girl already likes you very much, she will always mention things about you in her daily life, but you are very difficult to find this, she is also very difficult to discover. This requires the observation of a third party, at this time, the other person is actually further and your life, you really think a girl will like those things you like? It’s not because you like it that you know it, you just want to learn. Understanding and learning are not about having more to say with you. 

6. Maybe quite concerned about your dynamics Oh, anyone who likes a person can’t help but pay attention to each other’s every move. Even if forced not to want to, will also think, when their nerves will be extremely sharp. You have any changes you can’t find yourself, and the other person can find them. You have something you can’t feel, and the other person can feel it. Because the other person wants to know what you’re doing, but they just miss you. Of course, even if girls have all kinds of reactions if you don’t give some feedback. The other person will have such doubts. Don’t you like me? So you can’t see that she likes you even harder. So if you find out that the other person likes your performance, feel like you’re doing it to the other person. And if you don’t know how to express your heart, you can express yourself like a girl when she expresses her heart. And each other to make contact, create contact, deepen contact, so that girls and you got closer and closer, two people have more topics to say, more opportunities to meet. Then if you are valuable enough, the other person’s good feelings will be translated into love, even if the other person has not yet to be together, but also because of the performance you give and reconsider you. 

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