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Listen to my advice: After breaking up, be sure to make yourself cry. It’s a shame, and if you really lose someone you loved, you can’t cry. Why do I advise you to cry, but I don’t advise you to be strong? Because I know too well everyone’s emotional commonality after falling in love, in a short period of time I advised you to be strong and brave to come out, this is not realistic, and almost no one can do it. But why do I advise you to cry?

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-how did you get through the first night of the breakup?”

Boys, don’t be shy and shy about “crying” this matter, find an undisturbed space, prepare enough water and food for yourself, cry unbridledly after a loss of love, you will experience the inner pressure has been unprecedented stretch and release. But in such a state of crying, you can only last three days at most. Because three days of crying is enough to relieve all the emotional pressure inside. If you go beyond this point in time and still can’t stop the pain, then it just proves that “you won’t control your emotions, you’ve been led away by emotions.” In fact, for most people, a day and a half are enough, “crying” is a very physical thing. Long hours of crying, physical activity will inhibit you from doing so, crying until the end, when your pressure can be resolved and released, there is nothing good value in you to cry. So crying – being able to get you out of the shadow of falling in love faster, and crying for a short time, can maximize the pressure in your heart, speed up your body’s metabolism, and is good for your body’s functioning. After nearly a decade in the emotional education industry, it turns out that people who “cry” after a breakup are more likely to get out of the shadow of love and heal themselves faster than those who stress grief. These people who are in love and have difficulty getting out of the shadows, I find a commonality in these people: “These people, after falling out of love, don’t want others, don’t want to see their own jokes, so calm down and pretend it doesn’t matter.” After the break-up, strong suppression of all their negative emotions, let oneself play the winner after the fall of love. At the same time, these people’s mentality is also contradictory. They think that after the break-up, a short time to let themselves out will appear thin, not enough respect for the feelings of the past. So they show their loyalty by making themselves depressed and negative for a long time. This is a logical misconception that many people tend to make after a breakup: negative and depressed, can you really prove that you are loyal? In fact, it can not prove only yours – lazy. There are a lot of truths, I said it, in fact, you have long known. How can I get my ex to come back to you? Are you waiting for her in the same place? You know it, it’s not realistic. A static self, the former for what reason can convince themselves to repeat the same mistakes with you, with your patience and special feelings, it is far from enough.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-how did you get through the first night of the breakup?” 

When you realize that “what you’ve lost is the best”, you’ll naturally re-examine your relationship. But why do most people choose the former rather than the latter? Because living in the shadow of love loss is very comfortable, you do not need to make any changes, and can even use the reasons for love loss again and again paralyzed themselves, indulge their own depression. In the shadow of love loss, it really hurts and is happy. And to change themselves, enhance the value, for the loveless and lazy people, really do not have the determination and self-discipline to do this. Because it requires a person in the cause to pay more energy to enhance personal value, needs a person to spend financial resources to cultivate aesthetic improvement external image, needs a person to constantly improve the level of thought to expand the social circle. Is that hard? For lazy people, it’s hard to get to the green sky. And all the young people around, in fact, every day in the experience of these, do not feel tired but enjoy it. So you want to understand?

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-how did you get through the first night of the breakup?”

“It was the right decision to break up with you.” So how do you get through the first night after the breakup? Go to the unbridled cry, with the past self, the past good memories, do a heart-to-heart farewell. To let oneself completely fully aware that “this relationship no longer belongs to me, everything in the past can never go back.” Then how do you survive the countless days and nights after the break-up? To love yourself freely, to make yourself a better, better person. Falling in love is a compulsory lesson in your life, and it teaches you not “how to languish” but “how to forgive the past and embrace the future.” “Never let your predecessor be the reason to beat yourself, when you become a better self, get to know a better fate, you look back at that once crying nose of their own, no big deal, even a little funny.” Crying a few times for a failed relationship is nothing to be ashamed of. It means you’re accepting the result and trying to put it down. And the real shame is, so strong, bear not to cry, time and time again with the excuse of breaking up to become the reason to paralyze themselves, such a state seems very loyal and tragic, in fact, the break-up brought you is not a lesson, but the reverse of comfort. In this world, anyone who gives up on you can kill you, will only make you stronger. And really can beat you, give up your — only you. Some people, let you shed a few tears is enough, but really not worth “you for him in the heart silently shed tears for a lifetime.” Finally, love yourself and embrace life hard.

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