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In fact, as long as two people really love each other, boys are not so easy to let go of.

From a big data perspective, the rapid release of male groups after a breakup comes from four main reasons: (1) boys’ emotional concealment is deeper (2) the two sides have different degrees of nostalgia for feelings (3) boys are more rational and objective, and it is easier to cut off the low-available nostalgia (4) the emotional rhythms after the break-up are different

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-why does it take a long time for boys to let go after breaking up?”

1, boys’ emotions are more hidden, in fact, boys are born an actor. They subconsciously hide the excessive emotional changes that come with feelings – because society doesn’t welcome them. Therefore, a mature boy, after breaking up more or less in front of the crowd will be fearless and strong, as if not sad.

However, in fact, after the break-up of the pain of the boys are also a lot of people, but their pain has been digested by themselves.

2, the two sides of the feelings of different degrees of nostalgia, there is also a situation, that is, the break-up of boys is in fact a long-planned intention. He’s been in a relationship for a long time, he’s tired of you. Losing freshness is also good, no longer love is good, in short, they have long felt that this relationship can have nothing, but there is no suitable opportunity and reason for you to break up. There is a great probability that they will move on to you in the relationship is a hidden heart, will also sympathize with you, will also feel that you are struggling to retain the look is quite pathetic. But this can only delay the break-up time, after all, can not change the fact that he broke up with you sooner or later. And the longer the break-up drags on, the more free the boys will be after the separation. All he has to bear is the disappearance of inertia, but he will no longer miss your past feelings, will not think about the details of it, will not be reluctant, not to look back.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-why does it take a long time for boys to let go after breaking up?”

3, boys more rational and objective, easy to cut off the low access to low nostalgia men will treat feelings less unnecessary a lot of fantasy, is a typical “pragmatist.” Imagine if most of the star-chasing clans are little girls? They know that they may not meet their favourite idols in their lives, but that doesn’t affect them spending time and investing a lot of emotion in their idols. But boys are the opposite, and when you ask them if they like female stars, they say they like them – but they don’t see a few willing to spend time on their favourite female stars. Therefore, a lot of boys, will not waste time and energy on the less available person, as long as the boys feel no play, it will really cut off the love of her. And after the break-up of you, in fact, in a considerable period of time, in a way, for him is “unable to get” – because for his default break-up is no longer a play, never want to make up with you.

4. Different emotional rhythms after a breakup may be the most common. Here’s a detailed description: “Boys break up after the mood, and girls break up after the emotional rhythm is different, or even the opposite.” Many girls who have lost love should have experience: the beginning of the break-up, their own pain to die to live, boys do not care, and so on their exhaustion, though, to start a new life, perhaps boys have come back to ask for the compound.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-why does it take a long time for boys to let go after breaking up?” 

This is the typical “emotional rhythm error between men and women”: boys often get the first feeling after a breakup is not grief, but freedom. That is to say, when you spend all day in Iraq, the boys are actually enjoying the sense of freedom brought about by the loss of love.

1) Stage 1: The source of this sense of freedom during the period of freedom is their strong self-confidence. They thought that if they lost a tree, they would change the whole forest;

2) Phase 2: Finding New Huan. They quickly enter the role of a hunter and begin to look for new joys in their surrounding circles. However, through a large number of data and consulting experience, after the break-up of boys tend to find a satisfactory girlfriend in a short period of time the probability is very low.

3) The third stage: an empty lonely period of efforts fruitless, beautiful fantasy fragmented. He finally began to face the fact that he was lonely, very anxious, but no one shared with him.

4) Stage 4: Nostalgia for the previous term of office, the current life of the uneasiness, will make him miss the past well. So your fond memories are now officially at their peak in his mind. He began to miss you as a person, miss the past bit by bit, slowly sketching out your outline, and even want to compound. The above four reasons fully and fully explain why boys seem to be more likely to be relieved. The reason you think they’re going to come out faster is just an illusion of worldliness. To be more precise, boys do seem to be more likely to let go than girls at the beginning of a breakup, but in the middle and late part of a breakup, when few people pay attention to the relationship, their nightmares really begin. And you do a good and bad process in the relationship, in fact, sooner or later will be presented in the boys’ memories, so you do not have to be sorry for this, not to mention have a lucky mentality. The impression you end up giving him must be the one you deserve, good or bad, just a matter of time.

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