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My answer is yes. People are finally emotional animals, even the computer has a recycling bin, to prevent us from regretting, not to mention I am a person with flesh and blood, how can say break up, on this person everything selected, deleted? If it is a girl’s proposed break-up, we must first consider whether it is a “true break-up” or a “fake break-up”. “Fake break-up” need not say more, she did not really want to break up, but the recent lack of security or freshness, in the test of your sincerity and the extent of this relationship to pay. Let’s focus on, “true sexual break-up” after our girls, are what kind of state, mentality, how do you recover. First, the initial break-up: love loss syndrome (1-7 days) In fact, this last time, sometimes also varies from person to person, I am talking about the common situation of lovers. During this time, that’s when all the emotions that I mentioned came in. And whether or not we offer to break up, will go through such a period, unless, break-up for her, is a kind of relief. This time is our most vulnerable, most want to save, but also the most resistant time.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-after breaking up, what does a girl feel, and will she think of a boy?”

And this period of our, often from the sadness of love loss, the transition to a “self-motivation”, the brain subjectively strong, driving the feelings of perception of a stage. We will think of our predecessors countless times, when we think of the previous relationship, tell ourselves, I can do it, I can, I am not away from him can not live. This time, what you need to do is not send a circle of friends side to tell her that you are doing well, that will only be counterproductive, stimulate her desire to win or lose: you are so good, I want to live better than you. It’s about: breaking down her superficial self-confidence and strength. If she was originally in a weak position in this relationship, you can tell her, “I don’t remember where to put it, can you tell me?” Now I know, the original has been you take care of me, I always feel that I do for you … is to care for you, but in fact, I have not done enough, perhaps I have to adapt to a period of life without you, how have you been lately? Find a suitable reason to start, and then not only show weakness, raise her position in this relationship, but also subtly remind her of what you did for her before, to show that she is still in transition, to guide her to think about this period without you, in contrast to the previous. If she was originally in this relationship is in a strong position, you can tell her: “I did before … in fact, I want to make you happy, did not think to screw up / I want to do before … did not think that did not make / I did …, you did not notice, also did not tell you, now there is no chance.” In fact, I also think a lot of this time, you really change a lot of me, but I do not know, in contrast, I did too little for you, but after the break-up, we can also be friends, I will certainly be a good friend, after all, we get along so long, I think I still know you very well.

Make the other person realize that you may have been too dominant in this relationship before, so that you ignore your feelings and some behaviour, breaking up is not your fault, but your shared responsibility.

The establishment of new goals after continuous self-healing (1-3 months) This stage to find us to recover the boys will be more, but difficult, people have just come out of this feeling to bring harm to themselves, you have to pull people back. But why do boys want to save more at this time?

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-after breaking up, what does a girl feel, and will she think of a boy?”


So, this stage, you can do, can only slowly advance, but one advantage is that she has passed the emotional very ups and downs stage, as long as you do not suddenly break into her life, you have to compound with her, then you can have very good communication, and smoothly start the recovery of every step, communication is right, your compound progress, will also be quite fast. Next, to you these want to compound but can not start the men, some practical steps to save, I also do not want to see more female students because of the break-up regret, boys also have such an idea has been indifferent, the last two people have given up, the situation, hasten to read, according to their own situation, take action, don’t let me worry. 1. Review the situation, see your current emotional connection after the break-up, you are either indifferent or on the face of the dead skin, you said let us girls take you how to do. Be sure to look at the six ways, listen to the eight sides, think clearly, when you break up, she is what kind of emotional state, you are now what kind of a relationship. If you break up, there is at least one side of the mood that is more intense, suggest first apologize, and then no matter what the other party replied to, give each other a calm time, think about this and later how to resolve the contradictions. If the break-up is relatively calm, this is also a more dangerous signal, perhaps she and you break up this matter, think very clearly, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you still have contact information, you can from time to time according to her dynamics, give some care, but not excessive. Of the above two points, the most important and most important point is: don’t let the other person know you want to compound! Don’t control your emotions. 2. Create new forms of interaction and get along with each other

After the break-up, you go to contact her, be sure to always remember to remind yourself that you have broken up the relationship, in some things, pay attention to grasp the degree of concern, and the distance between you. When necessary, you can use “push-pull tactics” to communicate with her. For example, some small festivals (don’t be a too ambiguous festival, you know), you want to give her a gift, but afraid of her misunderstanding, and you estranged, it can be said: “Recently xx festival is coming, I bought you a gift when you receive, don’t be too surprised ah.” This is a small gift to commemorate us to become friends, if not your heart, you do not abandon ah, I just see, feel quite appropriate, buy it. It’s the side that tells her that I have no other mind to buy this gift, and I know our current relationship and that I don’t have to spend a lot of thought on buying a gift, and you don’t have to be burdened.

“Being strong after a breakup quotes—-after breaking up, what does a girl feel, and will she think of a boy?”

 3. The nature of trust and the confusion of relationship boundaries

On the other side it, do not show their own excessive emotions. Wait until you sit down with your friend’s identity, what troubles she encountered in life will run to tell you, even if she appears around the new opposite sex is not afraid, stabilize your position is. And to this “friends above, lovers are not full” state, you wait for the opportunity, ready to take the position. To tell you this, if we haven’t learned it yet, we can only have a 1v1 battle. In fact, feelings, we girls are usually more emotional but does not mean that some truth and what you say, we do not want to listen, but your communication skills are not right. If you’re really willing to learn a lesson and work with this girl to solve all the next emotional problems, then practice it quickly, but if you think she may not be happy with you, then please stay away from her life and give her a chance to start over. In fact, in this question, you can first ask “what do girls feel”, I think you have seen the nature of your close relationship. We girls themselves, generally speaking, there is a relatively strong “self-healing” function, will digest a lot of emotions. She doesn’t tell you, doesn’t mean she didn’t think about you, as long as she affirmed thwantswant to save the words, does not need to ask more, action is.


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