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30 days no contact—-Let men pay more attention to you 1

Love is like eating candy, if you have been eating has been eating, one day will be tired, occasionally “broken food” can ensure freshness.

Women in love often IQ will become negative, and constantly pay their own, around the beloved him and live, a moment also does not want to be separated from him, always want to keep in touch.

But for men, the easier it is to get things, but the less you know how to cherish. Gradually you are all good to him, he will take for granted, your love for him after all is cheap.

Don’t be self-moved, love is too full, the faster you lose. The way to make someone love you more focused is not to connect.

Proper inal touch can make love grow better.

Love needs to be fresh, appropriate non-contact, to give both sides a similar space, so that it is easier to arouse each other’s thoughts, but also to promote the development of feelings.

30 days no contact—-Let men pay more attention to you 2, appropriate non-contact, so that each other more sense of space

Two people get along with the need for a sense of space, otherwise live under the same roof, every day for some small things in life, so that only let each other tired, even want to escape, contradictions so accumulated over time.

Even if two people are together, there will still be their own lives, to know that you love this man, he is not your subordinate or your babysitter. He has his own life and needs his own space.

If you understand the proper un-contact, you will give each other room to do what you like and need to do, and make things high-quality.

After busy, because you do not contact, the other side will take the initiative to contact you.

Everyone’s life is independent, love is not all an independent woman, but more can make men admire, more inseparable from you.

Too close to letting people have a sense of suffocation, proper contact, will make men feel that you are not completely non-he can not, so that men will also have a sense of tension, but he will feel passive, afraid of losing you, and cherish.

There is a sense of space, not only can make feelings have a good direction of development, two people get along more easily, but also have their own time to do what they like. Wouldn’t it be a two-in-one?

30 days no contact—-Let men pay more attention to you 3, appropriate non-contact, so that men more active attention to you

To be a woman should have a bottom, not always in love suffer from the loss. The tighter the hand, the easier it is to lose, some things are too easy to get, but do not feel that good.

When two people keep a certain distance so that his heart will have a sense of crisis. Because he’s afraid you’re not actively in touch, if you don’t love him anymore, he’s worried that you’re going to be taken away by other men.

To retreat to enhance each other’s feelings, once the man’s heart has a sense of crisis. Naturally, he will pay more attention to you and find ways to be nice to you, thus increasing his sense of being.

When men have a sense of crisis, women feel safe. If you don’t contact him, he’ll get upset because you’re not connected, and you’ll contact him. 

Love is not a possession, not to increase unnecessary troubles, but two people grow up with each other, progress together, love you do not need to be tired together every day, but the plan must have your presence.

Appropriate high cold some can seize the initiative in love, to understand the man’s mind, do not always think of sticking to each other to increase feelings, and some often counterproductive. Proper non-contact will be closer to the man’s heart.

30 days no contact—-Let men pay more attention to you 4, appropriate infringing, take the time to create a sense of mystery

Don’t connect properly and take the time to build yourself. Women are like flowers, if you bloom, butterflies come from you.

No man is attracted to good women, and when men are busy with their lives and work, you should turn your attention to other things, besides love, you have a lot of things to do, such as better self-improvement.

Wait until the next time you meet, give a man a sense of light, such a surprise will make him think you are smart fresh and attractive, and redefine you.

In addition to love, you must have some of your own life, even if men are not with you, you will not feel bored.

Have your own circle, develop some hobbies, properly don’t connect, but let men want to know what you’re up to. Let a man know that you also have your own life so that he will feel unable to understand you, will be more interested in you.

Nietzsche once said, “Women who make men feel attractive don’t easily show their hearts to others.” ”

Mysterious women with a deadly attraction and mystery tend to fade in close coexistence, so the appropriate inappropriate contact, take the time to build to improve themselves, do not allow themselves only a state of life, to enhance their attractiveness.

The more mysterious you are, the more men want to tap into your charm, the more they will take the initiative to contact you.


The more women rely on men, the more they always contact him and even think that the other side will be moved by their own “selfless dedication.” But such dependence and frequent contact will only make the other person breathless, over time, he will be afraid and tired of getting along with you.

In the face of love, women are more emotional and men are more rational. Love is never all in a man’s heart, and they may want to make a big show.

Tired of being together all day, the freshness has long since been exhausted. Proper inseching gives each other a respite and makes it easier for two people to get along.

Properly do not contact, let men care about you, leave more attention to you.

The mutual attraction of love is meaningful, rather than desperately to please men, it is better to spend a little attention on their own body so that they all the time to maintain a unique charm so that men will leave more attention to you.

You can see, but often what you can’t get is the best. Distance produces beauty, men have strange psychology, so mysterious and excellent you let them have the desire to conquer.

Properly un-connected, let each other have a sense of space, do what they like to do, improve themselves, but more attractive to men.

Don’t keep in touch with him all the time, the occasional “no contact”, but let you more mysterious, let men want to pay more attention to you.

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