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Off-site love is really too testing.

First of all, too sticky people can’t.

And it’s so far away that it doesn’t stick.

Happy when no one around to share, sick can only drink hot water to go to the hospital, something want to tell him a bitter comfort, he saw the reply, our side may have been resolved.

But it’s too sensible to stick to people, and it can’t be.

Contact so little, slowly the feelings inevitably fade.

Gradually a lot of early and good night also lazy to say to each other, a thousand words back to say “it’s all right”. What’s the difference between being single and being single?

Finally, carelessly, people far away in the sky will be taken away by others.

Therefore, can make off-site love into positive results are high “love business” people.

“30 days no contact—-does long distance love need daily contact”

Today we talk about how to have a successful off-site relationship.

First, fully express your emotions

The biggest drawback of off-the-go is that two people can’t see and touch, except for a small number of times can video, most of the time, communication can only be limited to language and text expression.

But if you can’t match the expression and movement, a lot of times the language expression is easy to run away from.

Not only boys get not allowed girls to be really angry or petite, but girls also very difficult to feel that boys have not listened carefully, is not the heart to reply.

For example, boys are stupid, girls want to say, “I’m really going to be angry with you.”


“30 days no contact—-does long distance love need daily contact”

If in the face, frown and stomp, pinch his ears to bite his teeth, are petite, the boy is likely to apologize for mercy, hold ahead, it would be good.

But just say it or write it out, even with humming sounds and cute expressions, boys maybe because they can’t see the expression, subconsciously have a kind of “Oops really angry?” “The loss of patience and the impatience of “how angry again”, the reply may not be so patient.

As a girl looks, I’m angry before I’m angry? Why is that?

One after another, both men were angry.

Boys would have been difficult to accurately interpret girls’ emotions, no expression, movement can assist when more headless.

Don’t tell him why, he didn’t realize, and in the end, it was the girls who worked hard.

Fully communicate, put their own feelings and needs clearly, this is the right operation.

For example, if he makes you angry, don’t just tell him “I’m angry” and tell him “why” and what you want him to “do”:

“You didn’t answer my phone, you didn’t reply to my message, I’m worried you’ll think, you don’t reply I think you don’t care about me, so next time if there’s anything you can’t answer the phone, send me a loving expression to let me know you’re okay, okay?”

Second, the establishment of multi-faceted contacts

Out of step, less contact, low quality, which is the biggest characteristic of off-the-ground contact.

How do you crack it?

First, agree on a fixed contact time.

In this way, the two sides can be arranged in advance, to avoid the situation is always right, things delayed can also be said in advance.

For example, not less than five times a week video time, every day before bed must contact, time to get, say what today, happy and unhappy. If it’s too late, say a few sweet words and good night.

Second, the pace of life as far as possible synchronization.

For example, this time are chasing a play, all play the same game, are on Saturday morning sweep, afternoon supermarket shopping. This will not only make the two people feel very close, but common topics and communication time is also much more.

Third, make good use of the advantages of off-the-ground

Less contact is not very sweet, but the other way around is also a good thing ah:

One, no one cares about you.

Second, save time for other people to fall in love,

Make a wish list, write something you want to do but haven’t done, think about him but when he’s away, pick one on the list.

Fitness, swimming, mountain climbing, camping, exhibition, reading, watching movies, learning to cook, planting flowers. It’s over or he appears and leaves him alone, hanging him for a moment in a light float:

Meet again, or in the video, pack yourself up and give him a shock: “Ah this woman looks good again / Get new skills, am I going to be crushed by the rhythm?” ”

Next is the time for boys to turn around the girls, either he also desperately to become excellent catch-up, or he becomes sticky, to prevent girls too good to be dug up by the wall feet.

Fourth, meet is essential

No matter how happy the line is, all can not fall in the real love is not secure. Everyone still has to seize every opportunity to meet.

Can agree on how long must see once, so that early can be planned, not easy to suddenly cool the situation.

It’s a trip to pick an intermediate location far away.

Every time we meet, don’t be gray-faced, with negative emotions, try to be romantic, have a sense of ritual.

Dress up well, strive to meet on the stunning, pick a good-looking romantic restaurant, pub, hotel, romantic dinner, take out the prepared sexy robe, roll smooth sheets.

Of course, if you can, or go to the boys in the place, see where he lives, study and work, meet his colleagues and friends, as far as possible to participate in his life.

Understanding him, perceiving his life, and preparing for future topics are certainly some of the reasons, but most importantly, to declare sovereignty.

A lot of off-the-ground foot a big background is the man’s side, no one knows far away in the sky there is a “real girlfriend.” When the girl finally found out, people had been there for a long time.

So let those around him know early that he has a girlfriend, limit his chances of cheating in public opinion, and put pressure on women who want to get close to him.

As you’ll see, I’ve emphasized many “good appointments”:

How often to contact once, when to contact, make an appointment not to lose your temper, make an appointment after must not commit a crime.

Because the biggest obstacle in off-site love is the anxiety caused by uncertainty and insecurity.

And the sense of ritual brought about by “good engagement” can reduce anxiety and increase positive expectations.

When the couple in another place is very clear that there are two hours to call and chat, another week to meet, another year can end off-the-land, it is not easy to have such a strong confusion, anxiety, and instead ready to meet the beautiful vision and expectations.

“Hope” is an important source of human well-being.

So don’t forget to discuss your plans and thoughts about the future with each other:

In which city to live, the family should have a large bookcase and floor-to-ceiling windows, keep a dog that does not lose hair, go for a walk by the nearby river in the evening.

Who doesn’t want such a happy and comfortable life?

When you can reach an agreement, you can play down the present pointless little dispute, down-to-earth to the common good life efforts. I wish all off-site love a success.

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