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If we say that apart from the material conditions, shape conditions, single quality, and only choose one word.

That must be self-confidence.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-what qualities attract girls most to boys”

What exactly does self-confidence mean in interpersonal communication? It means not encouraging, not afraid, not caring.

In the face of a strange environment do not encourage, in the face of life difficulties are not afraid, in the face of self-defects do not care.

If a boy can show his self-confidence in these dimensions, it will certainly make girls look good.

1, in the face of the opposite sex self-confidence

Meaning is not humble, do not encourage not afraid, many boys, see wearing exquisite fashion, the height of 175 or more, driving a sports car to live in a mansion gas field strong girls, instantly encouraged.

Start low eyebrows, strange manners, say some strange and strange words, girls are not silly, can see, once you are encouraged by girls to see, that is a big loss of points.

Because we are faced with a less familiar opposite sex, always habitual preconscious, think that the other side is and their own equal object, your lack of self-confidence will destroy this sense of balance, say a little hard to hear, is to make the other side feel you are very low.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-what qualities attract girls most to boys”

2, in the face of the strange environment of self-confidence

This environment means a broader meaning, meaning life scenes, work scenes, entertainment scenes, etc.

The essence is, can you walk into an environment that you have never been exposed to in the past, calm, confident, and do nothing?

Two people travel around the world together, to a strange country

Boys see their parents for the first time

Boys see girls’ friends and so on for the first time

Normal people hesitate or are not at home in the face of strange environments

And confident men will not, this face of the strange environment of self-confidence, to the people around you is a big heart, meaning that you are a reliable man to rely on.

3, is in the face of external obstruction and attack attitude

The concept will be broader, generally referring to the attack by the outside world, as small as a taunt from others, large to be fired by the company, entrepreneurial failure, life is in trouble and so on.

Like I said, self-confidence is always something that gives people a sense of security, and it’s very comfortable to be with someone who feels safe.

We always follow people who look confident, and we always habitually follow the leader when we go out to parties, even if he’s on the wrong path.

Of course, I just said from three aspects, the importance of self-confidence, I will copy and paste some of the previous answers some other qualities, you can see

Believe that most people have been aware of the importance of the face, there is not too much emphasis, so Miss Su today said not to rely on the face should be how to get the girl’s good feelings.

There is an American girl god once summed up, good feeling this thing is like a switch, as long as you show certain qualities in front of the girls, the corresponding switch on the big open, the feeling of heart will bloom in the hearts of girls.

So that’s the core of today’s story: the premise of getting good is to show the traits that girls will be interested in.

Handsome is simple and intuitive to show.

If you have an advantage, the more you want to make girls feel good about it, the more you have to find a way to show it.

Although a man is not handsome, if the rest of the things are done, but also very good to get 60% of the girls to feel good.

In addition to handsome, there are two aspects worth noting, one is economic strength. The second is the social status/influence/social status/social evaluation, which together can be called the three original attractions, and almost all the traits that make girls feel good in this world are derivatives of these three core factors.

In other words, most of the traits or behaviours that make girls feel good are related to appearance, economic strength, social evaluation/status.

In addition to these three elements, there is another direction in your attitude towards this girl.

Many times these three are complementary, not relatively independent or opposite.

For example, a tidal coat, can not only give your appearance plus points, because of the value and meaning of its brand but also give your economic strength and social evaluation plus points.

“How to attract a woman instantly—-what qualities attract girls most to boys”

Leadership and socializing.

Socially strong, is a very typical addition, Westerners (especially Americans), like to emphasize the concept of an alpha male, meaning that the group leader male, there is a certain offensive, energetic, typical Western AM is Trump, they think such a man is very attractive.

Miss Su felt that although there is no westerner in Chinese social culture such a definition of an alpha male, a group of organizers, leaders, social event sponsors, behaviour advocates, in the actual social can really attract the attention of girls, cause good feelings, girls usually think that a friend, like social men, very mixed men, a little more attractive.

A very typical example is that instructors in university military training, superiors at work, teachers in schools, in the face of their female subordinates, more or less will have some attraction.

So how do ordinary people become leaders in small circles? Miss Su found some Western alpha male traits on Baidu, you can refer to it.

He acted like a leader in every group, and people tended to surround him, listen to his advice, and even consciously carry out his orders, even though he was never given authority.

When walking side by side with others, he is always the one in the middle, and people are used to walking on neither side of him, though perhaps no one has noticed.

He can easily influence the people around him.

He is willing to take the initiative to assume his obligations.

He wants others to agree with him and participate in his plan.

He can often lead a conversation, whether it’s a formal discussion or a table chat.

He never lacks self-confidence, though sometimes it swells to conceit.

He likes to say: I can do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it.

He has a high frame, a high profile, and is very proactive in taking the lead.

He speaks in a low voice and tries to avoid speaking too fast with excitement to weaken his frame.

He has a higher frequency of positive body language than a normal man. (e.g. low-frequency arms crossed, high-frequency palms up, and unconscious hands standing between the waists)

He is used to looking down or directly into each other’s eyes when talking.

No matter how tall he is, his waist is always straight.

Experience is rich

Human beings have a little elder worship meaning, regardless of men and women, if the elderly coupled with a wealth of experience, will directly give girls a shock, and then into a girl’s worship of you, this sense of worship is close to what we call good feelings.

If you can have a certain degree of awareness in many areas and can be well expressed, dating will leave a better impression on girls; If you can talk about anything, but the level involved is relatively low, it’s no use.


Pre-selection means to be selected by other girls in advance, this is quite interesting, if you have quality girls themselves like, then some girls will be particularly fond of you.

Because it implies: this is a good man so that so many women will like him.

So some men will inadvertently reveal that they are very popular with women, dating a lot of sisters-in-law, to improve their own value.

Of course, if not properly operated will also be considered fancy, but reduce the score.

Show your stability

I’ll just say three practical tips on this topic:

1, learn to slow down your body movements and the speed of speech, you can refer to the movie godfather and 007 in the hero, or the British drama bath blood gang (push bath blood gang).

2. Solve the problem instead of leaving it to the girls

3, and girls face-to-face chat when reducing the use of words, such as Enn ah oh that, in the content do not talk about their unfamiliar areas, do not talk about the privacy of others, do not say anything bad behind the scenes.

Take the interest of selling

Similar to playing, a few hobbies actually suggest that you are a healthy social person who is passionate about life and has taste and financial strength.

What kind of hobbies can bring good feelings to girls? Two categories: the first is and girls share a common interest, common topics, the second category is generally recognized by society with a high threshold and high value of interests.

For example, fitness and basketball can reflect health characteristics; hobby bungee-like to show good economic strength; like to play golf to show rich and tasteful; like cats and dogs to show love; love to play the piano instructions are very elegant, high-profile; these are some common concepts of social identity, when you show these hobbies to girls, the corresponding impression will naturally enter her mind, good feelings follow.

For example, Miss Su himself is an ant lover, but I never tell any girls I raise ants, because this hobby basically does not reflect any positive characteristics, and even some girls will feel sick … So like these generally less recognized hobbies, try to hide it.


The mystery is in some ways similar to what stability can bring to a girl.

My advice is: never put their own situation out of the whole, nothing left, retain 30% of the advantages, slowly show to girls.


Sweet talk and detailed care

Women really like men who can chat.

Overbearing, decisive, decisive

Although this is not very good, most of the girls have a desire to be conquered, leading the gene, which is why the overbearing president of such a popular text and film and television works, girls too like to be crushed by men in all aspects of the feeling.

My advice here is also straightforward:

1. Make your own decisions as much as possible and don’t leave your choices to girls (especially on dates)

2, say what you have to do, don’t water

3, do not hesitate, do not repeat, do not admit mistakes, to maintain the consistency of words and deeds


Powerful sexual ability


In particular, I would like to point out that giving a gift does sometimes get a girl’s affected, but not all women have too many emotional reactions to the gift, and the emotional response weakens with the frequency of gift-giving, simply put, if you give a gift often, the girl is used to it. 

Miss Sue suggests that gifts should be as delicate as possible, and then not too often.

Relaxed, happy and optimistic attitude to life

Like self-confidence, a relaxed attitude to life implies that you are a healthy, high-value man, and no one wants to live with a man who suffers every day and likes to complain.

Aggressive and proactive

That’s right, a little bit aggressive, it’s going to make girls move, but it’s not about the physical attack, it’s about whether you’re actively attacking and actively promoting your relationship in the course of your relationship?

Did you take the initiative to hold hands and kiss her to make her your woman?

This is called offensive.

Of course, not all girls like aggressive men, and when you find out that the other person hates the behaviour, you have to get back in time.

The ability to listen

There is a bottom line that rejects women

Some men in the face of their favourite girls almost will agree to all their demands, which in a certain way implies that you are a no bottom line, low-value men, to the other side of the obedience, do not know how to refuse.

After a long time, they’ll think you’re too easy and they’ll lose interest in continuing to hook you up.

Believe that Miss Su, in the face of unreasonable demands of girls, bold to refuse, but will let her more respect for you.

Emotional drive

If you make a girl cry for a while and laugh, for a while it will be as dull as water and her heart beats faster.

Then it’s easy for her to fall in love with you.

Aesthetics and taste

Simply saying is to live as much a refined, high-powered life as possible, which suggests your financial ability and class.

This will make girls feel good.

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